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I highly suggest you watch Illumination’s new movie Sing. It’s really good and inspiring to me at least?? Also made me think back to my high school haha

ok but amber and johnny’s predebut selves are both equally cute and awkward with their sk8r kid and alternative music vibes, their charisma is nearly the same, this is a friendship i need, possibly an internet segment, get me an amber and johnny show

if one member of NCT bothers u SO MUCH that u wanna say ugly and mean stuff about them,,did you know you can,,,UNSTAN omg if they make it that much of an inconvenience for u to enjoy the group or music just unstan like,, if you’re gonna sit there and make comments about one member and you literally cannot stop yourself from it why bother liking the group i dont understand why make it a bad time for other stans that like that member and the group. if it bothers you that you wanna insult their talents or question their abilities, yet you dont wanna take the time to learn about them, you just wanna sit behind a screen and say gross stuff about them instead then why stan i-

King Ezekiel || Folsom Prison Blues

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I have literally no idea where this came from - but I love Ezekiel and I thought, why not write something for him and see how it goes? Also… I LOVE Johnny Cash!

Prompt: music

Set after Bury Me Here

   “Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman of The Kingdom!” You announce to the continually growing group of people entering the Auditorium. “For those of you who don’t know me, I’m y/n and this is the band I put together for events like these. First song on the list is Folsom Prison Blues by the legend himself, Johnny Cash!” 

You’d been living in the walls of The Kingdom for nearly a year; one of the most capable women with both your keen sense of danger and your enormous heart for people. You were the best musician and best fighter, and because of it, you’d grown incredibly close to your leader, King Ezekiel.

He trusted you with his life. Thinking about the potential of anything coming from your relationship with The King made your heart flutter thinking about it. Just the sight of his smile you so rarely saw made your knees weak, but no one knew that. No one but Benjamin and Henry, your nephews who also lived with you inside the walls. 

  I hear a train a comin

 It’s rolling round the bend

 And I ain’t seen the sunshine since

 I don’t know when

Johnny Cash was one of the few musicians you were fluent in on guitar, and his upbeat music was always a spirit lifter when things got hard. When people needed a place to simply unwind, they found themselves inside the auditorium, dancing jovially through the aisles and wearing smiles of pure joy. That was the impact you had on people– including Ezekiel.

I’m stuck in Folsom Prison 

And time keeps dragging on 

But that train keeps a rollin’

Down to San Antone

  ‘’Zeke!” Jerry called out, leaving behind the remainder of King Ezekiels squad of guards to meet the King halfway. Ezekiel chuckled at such a childlike nickname and turned to meet the other man halfway. “I was just on my way back to the Auditorium-”

  “What goes on in the Auditorium, Jerry?” 

  “Y/n puts on a performance in there when people are bored; Usually does them once a week. She’s right on schedule, and I know you’re really having a hard time over Benjamin-” Ezekiels fingers wrapped tighter around the eagle staff in his hand at the mention of the deceased teenager. “And I thought you could use the time to unwind.” 

  “That’s very kind of you Jerry. I shall go see Y/n now.” 

You were dancing around the stage while dipping your guitar up and down, your voice blaring through the battery operated lapel microphone attached to your jacket as you continued singing. The people who’d come to your performance that day were clapping to the beat of the drum and singing right along - and there were no signs of sadness. Just as you wanted. 

When I was just a baby

My mama told me son

“Always be a good boy and don’t play with guns.”

Ezekiel quietly opened the theater doors and stepped inside, watching your performance from the top of the aisle. There were nearly thirty people both adult and teenagers dancing through the open space, all grinning widely and clapping along to the music. It was the happiest he’d seen his people in a long time. “Our King has just arrived, ladies and gentleman!” You called out, motioning Ezekiel to the stage. “Come and join me on the stage, your Majesty!” 

The older man laughed as Shiva lifted her head, nudging him in the lower part of his back and nearly causing him to fall over top of you as he made his way up the steps. Luckily enough there was a guitar between the two of you, but that did nothing to hide the furious blush on Ezekiels face. “I’m quite enjoying your song, y/n!” He exclaimed. You motioned for the band to continue with the instrumental and turned to face him, flashing a subtle wink. “It’s very uplifting and incredibly catchy.” 

  “Yeah, well we all need a bit of happiness in times like these.” You replied, curling your fingers around the neck of your guitar and continuing to strum the chords. “I don’t know what you’re hiding Ezekiel, but I’m sorry.” He quirked an eyebrow and pursed his lips, patiently waiting for you to continue. 


  “No man as beautiful as you should have something to be sad about.” 

All he could do was stand there starstruck as you slowly stepped away from but continued to sing.

But I shot a man in Reno

Just to watch him die

When I hear that whistle blowin’

I hang my head and cry