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I want the new POTC movie and I want it now

And don’t you dare tell me to be patient and wait!!
IN AZKABAN!-oops , wrong fandom

I hope when u guys see me tagging “manager oppa” you don’t think its cause I’m a kboo lol “manager oppa” is f(x)’s dearest manager and they called him “manager oppa” since forever. but now he’s nct’s manager and his mom tendencies are adorable

NCT Reaction 

They come home and see you wearing only their shirt, while you’re cooking the dinner (you spilled some food on you, so you had to change into something…)»

caution: funny/naughty reaction (very naughty and dirty, if you are a kid or just an innocent type and you’re reading it, I am not responsible for you) 

I really look forward your feedback this time guys, I hope you’ll like it !!! 


When he arrives at home, he quickly runs to the kitchen, mesmerized by the food smell, knowing already it’s you cooking his favorite food. But when he realizes you are only wearing his shirt, showing off your bare legs, his eyes can’t help but look down… “ Honey, I also made some spaghetti for you, they are a bit long…I forgot to cut them in half…

They are long..yes…” he repeats after you, not realizing he is actually leaning down to see a bit more of that length…not spaghetti’s length, your legs length, of course! “You better keep them standing always long like that, only I can bent them…I mean…” he’s caught on talking dirty by his sudden slip of tongue. You just shut off his mouth with a spoonful of spaghetti, wishing him all the best at chewing a whole! 


He sneaks into the kitchen and takes a seat right behind you, admiring your booty moving while you’re cooking and humming a song, like a sweet stalker he is, because he always loves doing these things quietly…and damn he can’t find words to describe how well it fits you his shirt! You almost get a heart attack when you turn around to pick a spoon to taste the food. 

I’m sorry baby, you looked so tasty…I mean, the food looks so tasty I couldn’t help but to stare at it….at you cooking it!! I know you don’t want to be interrupted while you’re cooking…” he stutters while excusing his behavior. At least he looked sweet, like an guilty kid who asks for his mom’s forgiveness. If it wasn’t for him holding your favorite pillow, you would’ve thrown some food on him for sure!!


 “Hey gorgeous..Wait, are you wearing my favorite shirt?? I bought that from Chicago like ten years ago and now you trying to ruin it with food??” he is mad, of course, he cherished that shirt for almost a decade, but not for you to stain it again with food like you did with your clothes. “Take it off right now!! If not I am gonna take it off myself and teach you a lesson so you would not touch my clothes ever again!” he gets angrier while you beg him to let you go off just this time because actually you are not wearing a bra and how the heck will you continue cooking like that… 

Don’t worry, these big hands are good enough to keep your chest covered. Now take that shirt off right now, unless you want to continue cooking all naked!


”Mmm, it smells amazing baby! What are you cooking for dinner toni…” but he doesn’t finish his sentence because his eyes spotted your silhouette behind his white shirt. You had to wear one of his white shirt, well that because it smelled nice and you couldn’t help it. But that also revealed like everything you were wearing under it, the color and form.. He can’t let you off without playing a bit. ”Don’t you smell something like burnt, honey?” he asks you. Nothing it’s burning, at least looking at your food. 

It’s my whole body you set on fire…How are you suppose to take care of that?” his jokes are really something…You just tell him without thinking to take it off, before realizing your slip of tongue… “Aaah, should I? Right here? You must be really hungry for this…let’s keep it for the dessert then, cause now, I am starving really hard and I need some real food!!” Well…it looks like he was joking for real…or maybe not.


What’s for the dinner tonight sweetheart? It smells amazing!!!” he says out loud as soon as he enters the house, but when he comes to the kitchen and sees your lower body naked…his eyes widen instantly! “I did not ask for legs today, but it can be this time! I can eat them raw if you want me too..” he can’t wait to have a taste of it. But you assure him you are not cooking chicken legs since he’s not very fond of them, instead you made some food from his mother recipes. 

“You silly, do you even know what legs am I talking about? Why did I ever involved with such an innocent girl like you…Come closer, let me teach you some “new recipes” and see if I can awake that sleepy brain of yours…”  Thank goodness for his healing smile that calmed down your nerves after his harsh-somehow-funny jokes…If not he would’ve probably wake up laying on the floor, after being hit with the frying pan…


“Mommy, I am really hungry, please feed me right now!” he enters the kitchen whining like a kid but then he spots your bare legs and your panties almost showing under his shirt… “Oh mo…My God! I remember leaving that to dry on the hanger, what’s doing on you?” you thought he was going to get mad, but instead he looks more than satisfied…It was something he pictured on his mind for a long time and now it became reality! “Guess who’s going to wash my shirt later after I’ll finish you…I mean finish your dish! You, of course! You thought he would let you off this time, but looks like you made a big mistake. 

“That shirt cost me like a fortune, you didn’t see the brand??  I’m sorry bae, but this time you’ll need to be punished!


He runs to the kitchen thinking how did his mom entered his house again, but then he sees you  cooking and quickly cools down…But what the heck are you wearing? His shirt! Only his shirt!! What if his mom trespass his house again!? “Baby, I don’t think it’s good for you to wear only my shirt…let’s put something else on you before my mom will appear, you know she’s full of surprises...” Knowing he is a scared of him mom, you decide to tease him even more, tying the shirt up front in a knot revealing you booty and panties. 

Arrghh, forget my mom, this was please, princess!” he invites you to the bedroom, for a change of clothes, of course…and a change of attitude too, since you’ve been acting naughty, he needs to give you a lesson this time.


His favorite food smell drove him quickly to the kitchen and hungriness made it even harder to resist asking for a bite, like a cute kid he does sometimes. “Can I have a taste of that baby? I am starving…” he looks innocently at you, then his eyes slowly drop down confusing you. You try to figure out what does he really want, since he always acts mischievously. “Can I have a taste of both, then? The one behind you, that you are cooking and this one you’ve been hiding under my shirt! Pleaassee! Ok, I am hungry for real this time…not that I don’t want…” but you turn around smiling, leaving him helpless…he was starving for real!  He could also have a late night snack after that…

For his surprise, his expression brightens instantly seeing you approaching with a full spoon to feed him…he sure loves being pampered and you know later he’s going retrieve your affection!


As soon as he entered the kitchen he saw your bare legs and your panties almost showing off while you were busy running from a corner to another to pick up the ingredients. “Babe, I’m home. Let me help you with that, you know I should be the one ruling the kitchen…look at the mess you’ve done…” he approaches you to give you a hand, your dish already gaining its edible form. But his eyes are elsewhere, he wished to see more of what you’ve been hiding under his shirt. “Look baby, you have something on your face…here, right here, a bit to your right…” he is just playing with you, so as soon you lift your both hands to wipe off whatever you had on your face, he takes the chance to pull up the shirt to make a check-up. 

Ahhh that was it for now, I’ll check the rest later…I’m going to take a shower and come back to eat. See ya!” he runs off smiling and satisfied that you felll for his trick…once again!


He feels blessed by the view, totally forgetting about the food. If this was heaven, he would’ve wished to be stuck with you like this forever. “Honey, you have a bit of grated cheese stuck on my shirt, would you mind spreading your arms like that so it’ll fall off? Then I’ll have a taste of what are you cooking there…” you do as he says, for his pleasure, not realizing the true meaning behind his not-so-innocent way of you taking off whatever you had stuck on that shirt. Because he is always acting cute with you, you can’t resist than to obey his words like they had a magical effect on you. 

Ahh now it feels much better…”he spreads his arms again, after satisfying him with the view of your panties and tummy and just a bit more…Now he wishes his shirts weren’t that longer!! Damn!!