johnny's garage

Sing Movie Headcannons: Johnny's Garage

•After that last performance and before the New Moon Theater was opened, the group didn’t have a place to practice and perform.
•That is, until Johnny found an old piano in the back of his garage. It was old and untuned, and covered by a dusty tarp, but in fixable condition.
•Johnny called up Mrs. Crawly because she knows how to tune a piano, and they got it back in working order.
•The sound of piano music attracted some of his neighbors, and before he knew it, Johnny was having an impromptu performance for his street.
•This inspired him to turn the garage from a gangster den to a low-cost place to make some music.
•Johnny called up everyone to help him renovate-except Buster, because that koala was more likely to accidentally destroy the garage than fix it, no offense to him- to help.
•Rosita is an Rube Goldberg engineering genius. Using nothing but the tools in the garage, she created a surround-sound speaker system, an elevated stage(with a concrete block in the middle to prevent stomping-related disasters), a backdrop system, and a lighting system. In one day.
•Seriously. Everyone else is in awe and slightly scared of her. Johnny barely recognizes the place.
•Ash likes coming over to rock out for several reasons: the speaker system is great for something salvaged out of car parts, she can fling her quills without worrying about the furniture, and she doesn’t have to think about her asshole ex.
•Meena likes having the option to close the garage door when her anxiety gets to be too much for her, and she likes not having to worry about breaking anything with her stomping.
•Rosita insists on coming over at least once a week with leftovers and cleaning supplies to help Johnny tidy up.
•They hold a lot of concerts, and get a pretty impressive amount of tips.
•After a few complaints, though, they have to shut down the speakers and keep the noise level down after 9 pm.
•Johnny was initially worried about what his dad would think of all the changes, but when he showed him the pictures, his dad just smiled and told him that he’d support him whole-heartedly.
•Gunter has been eternally forbidden from ripping off clothes on the property after The Incident.
•Once Rosita swore she saw a mouse crying into a ragged hat during a concert as Meena performed, but she couldn’t tell if it was Mike from how ragged he looked. He disappeared the next time she looked.
•Meena began taking piano lessons with Johnny and Mrs. Crawly, and guitar lessons from Ash. She’s determined to learn as much about music as she can.
•After the New Moon Theater opened, they still held free concerts at the garage occasionally, but they mostly just hung out there.
•Behind the backdrops, in the “home” part of the garage, one sign of Johnny’s former life still remains: a small punching bag attached to a beam.

If there ever is a sequel of Sing 2, these are my expectations on what it MIGHT/WANT it to have:

• Johnny’s Dad is released from prison after completing his sentence and they have ANOTHER reuniting scene.

• Nana Noodleman performs one more time in the Moon Theatre, before passing away, probably behind the scenes though. Eddie and his family is comforted by Buster and his own “family”, if the theatre family ever stuck around in the end of the first movie.

• Snippets or even some scenes dedicated to Rosita spending some quality time with Norman after he manages to learn how to somehow balance his many hours of hard work to make time for her and his piglets.

• Ash now works in a studio after being hired by someone from a record company – they found her when she had performed “Set It All Free” on the stage. She, of course, writes her own songs for it. In her spare time she visits Johnny in his garage and Meena in her neighbourhood for some chit-chat or inspiration. She goes to Rosita once Lance starts getting back on her quills though.

• Mike and Diana are still on the run but their issue with the bears gets fixed in this movie – please. But before all that, they go through some quarrels which start off small but grow heated, and they’re mainly about what his actions had done to him. A bit of angsty romance between the two:
- She stays for the ordeal but leaves after it’s solved, but she allows him to contact her whenever he needs to. As friends only now though.
- She leaves halfway through the issue, only to come back with help from ending the mouse-hunt once and for all.

• Scenes of Meena with her newfound self-confidence, but she’s still shy and hides her face behind her ears but she’s more likely to sing aloud and on the streets. She works primarily in Buster’s theatre as a stagehand, while the other time she helps out in her mother’s newly founded cake shop in her neighbourhood.