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Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary by legosrcool1000 (deviantart)
What a glorious sight, all of my favorite CN shows meeting one another at the same time! This year will be their 25th anniversary too! Can you find your favorites in this?

Cartoon Cartoons! By drummerboydomo (deviantart)
Cartoon Cartoon Fridays were the best! All your favorite show back to back all night long! When CN actually cared…😕


Yabu Kota 》The Neutral Leader
Takaki Yuya 》The Number One Gentleman
Okamoto Keito 》The Kind Hearted Bilingual
Inoo Kei 》 The Mysterious Attraction
Arioka Daiki》 The Lovable and Funny One
Chinen Yuri》 The Undeniably Cute Acrobat
Yaotome Hikaru》The Creative Mood Maker
Yamada Ryosuke》 The Defensive Ace
Nakajima Yuto》 The Ever Adorable Videographer

‘127, but this is almost too coincidental’ Theory

8th June is Hansol’s 1270th Day Anniversary since he was announced as a rookie.  the number contains ‘127′.

Hansol potentially has an Instagram account, and yes, we’re kind of scared. It seems to be legitimate because his sister has followed him, and she has unfollowed SM Rookies. However, ‘Hansol’ has not been active on this Instagram at all (and we think he would have at least liked a dog picture by now) and it’s possible his sister unfollowed SM Rookies because Hansol isn’t a rookie anymore - she doesn’t follow NCT 127 or Dream either, so she’s clearly in this for Hansol. She follows Hansol fan sites and fan accounts. Howevere ‘Hansol’ has not followed her back yet. Other SM idols have made SNS just before a comeback in order to create hype and popularity for themselves, like Kai did before an EXO comeback - his account was only there to give extra teasers for Call Me Baby, and then it was deleted. (Side note, does anyone have any idea why Hansol’s Instagram icon is Leonardo DiCaprio? We have nothing…)

The 1+2+7 Theory - NCT 127 started off with 7 members, then added 2 in their comeback, and then theoretically, they could match the 127 by adding 1 more member in their next comeback. This is a very popular theory that has been circling around for a long time.

If SM add one more member to make a ten member group, and begin releasing teasers on 8th June - if they release a teaser each day for each of the ten members, plus a final day for a MV teaser, that suggests the release will be 19th June. This is a Monday at the beginning of the third week of June, which is the exact time that rumours have said this NCT 127 comeback will be happening.

That’s a lot of coincidences all leading to the number 127 for this to not be significant. But, we all know that SM is not a company who likes to go for ‘theories’ in terms of comebacks, so it’s also likely to not be significant at all - we just thought this was cool!

EDIT: We originally wrote in this theory that SMTown was 8th of June. We are now aware that it’s 8th of July. Even without that piece, the theory still works. We apologize for our mistake