johnny's diner

Do you have a boyfriend?

All it took for Johnny to get you interested was one lame ass pick up line.

okay legit this was. not supposed to turn out like this but. it did. this was originally supposed to be like a small 500 word thing but it ended up into almost 5k like wt fuck me. this has a mix of 4 different requests and like 4 different ideas that were just laying around in my drafts that just weren’t. going anywhere so hoPEFULLY it’s okay and if you see your request in here hopefully it’s okay for me to put it in here ;;;

i hope yall enjoy ;;;

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0 Mile : Chapter 2

Originally posted by musiciscoolio

NCT Fanfic: Bartender AU


Main Pairing: Female Reader x Johnny Seo

(A/N: the above gif has no relation to the story other than I find him rude as heck when he runs his fingers through his hair and I cry)

You fiddle with the ring on your middle finger - a nervous habit.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, you notice it’s only 9:45 am. You had arrived early to make sure you didn’t get lost and to try to calm the butterflies in your stomach.

You cup your hands around the steaming mug of fresh coffee that the friendly waitress poured you as soon as you sat down. She also threw you a wink when you told her you were waiting on a friend before you put in your order - were you that obvious?

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anonymous asked:

#12 from the prompt thing w/ spideytorch, plz & thnks

“I love you” Prompt: “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”

(how did you know i’m a sucker for spideytorch jacket-sharing??)


“Having super-human reflexes has to count as cheating!”

“Just accept that I’m better than you, Storm.”

“Over my dead body!”

Johnny shoved Peter with his shoulder, throwing him off the beanbag. Even as he fell to the floor, Peter managed to keep his kart on the track, laughing maniacally. He dropped a banana peel and Johnny–who had been right on his tail–couldn’t avoid it.

“Mother f–!” he yelled, cut off when Peter kicked his beanbag from his position on the carpet. Peter finished his final lap and jumped to his feet, fists raised in victory.

“I am the Mario Kart King!” he declared. “Bow before me!”

“It’s cheating…” Johnny grumbled, but he couldn’t help but smile back when Peter turned to him, beaming.

“Whatever you say, dude,” Peter laughed. He glanced at his watch and startled. “Oh, crap, we’d better get going or we’re gonna be late meeting up with the girls.”

Johnny groaned as he pushed himself to standing. He shoved his feet into his boots and grabbed his bomber jacket from over his desk chair, then glanced back at Peter, who was in only a t-shirt.

“Bro, where’s your coat?”

Peter shrugged. “Didn’t bring one. Web-slinging uses too much energy, it gets too hot to wear it.”

“Yeah, well we’re walking to the diner.” Johnny frowned. “You’re gonna be freezing.”

“I’ll survive.”

“Uh-uh.” Johnny shrugged off his jacket and threw it at Peter’s face. “Take my jacket, it’s too cold outside.” Peter held it in his hands.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, man,” Johnny said. “I always run hot anyway.”

“Oh I know exactly how hot you are,” Peter said, wiggling his eyebrows as he put on the jacket. Johnny attempted a sexy smirk, but couldn’t hold back his laugh. He threw an arm around Peter’s shoulders and planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Hell yeah you do.”

  • Johnny and two bit at a diner
  • Waitress; omg are you johnny cade?
  • Johnny; yes
  • Two bit; well i am.....
  • Waitress; I knew you were johnny because of how attractive you are and sweet i mean you anamazing hero...
  • Johnny; well Thank you doll
  • Waitress; like omg what are you doing here you could be like getting girls i mean your hot and a hero
  • Two bit; umm i would like to order
  • Waitress; like i know this is a lot to ask but please take me out my parents would be so happy i mean theirs no one here with you so how bout i just eat with you?
  • Two bit; fuck you two im leaving, find a ride home with somone else.*walks away mumbling* wow hes so rude
  • Dallas;*walks in* two bit the fuck did you just say about my sweet honest pure cinamen roll.

i was inspired by this comic by @alientitty hahaha

i’d like to think johnny is like me and literally refuses to ingest pepsi, no matter what the circumstances are. gyro offers to take him to lunch at a small diner, but johnny knows they only serve pepsi, so he makes gyro stop at mcdonalds so he can buy a coke beforehand… that kinda thing… i really hate pepsi

bonus comic! road trip!!