johnny's diner

  • Johnny and two bit at a diner
  • Waitress; omg are you johnny cade?
  • Johnny; yes
  • Two bit; well i am.....
  • Waitress; I knew you were johnny because of how attractive you are and sweet i mean you anamazing hero...
  • Johnny; well Thank you doll
  • Waitress; like omg what are you doing here you could be like getting girls i mean your hot and a hero
  • Two bit; umm i would like to order
  • Waitress; like i know this is a lot to ask but please take me out my parents would be so happy i mean theirs no one here with you so how bout i just eat with you?
  • Two bit; fuck you two im leaving, find a ride home with somone else.*walks away mumbling* wow hes so rude
  • Dallas;*walks in* two bit the fuck did you just say about my sweet honest pure cinamen roll.

i was inspired by this comic by @alientitty hahaha

i’d like to think johnny is like me and literally refuses to ingest pepsi, no matter what the circumstances are. gyro offers to take him to lunch at a small diner, but johnny knows they only serve pepsi, so he makes gyro stop at mcdonalds so he can buy a coke beforehand… that kinda thing… i really hate pepsi

bonus comic! road trip!!