Hey!Say!JUMP & others giveaway

Hello everyone!

As you can see in the title above, I’m giving away all my HSJ goods I have on hand, except shoppics and the such. The reason why I’m giving it away? I’m not really in the fandom anymore, and tbh, Johnny’s Entertainment was like the first chapter of my life. But now, it’s time to move on. Secondly, I was planning to sell all of them away and earn some money in the process, but it’s just taking too long and I really need space in my room. And why not give them to people who can actually cherish them? 

EDIT: I’ve added some of my Arashi stuff in. Thanks.

Below are the stuff listed, plus some magazines:

  1. Hey!Say!JUMP JUMP World Album (TW ver.) 
  2. Hey!Say!JUMP Super Delicate LE A 
  3. Hey!Say!JUMP Magic Power LE A 
  4. Hey!Say!JUMP Over LE B
  5. Hey!Say!JUMP Hitomi no Screen LE 
  6. Hey!Say!JUMP Arigatou ~Sekai ni Doko no Itemo~ LE 
  7. Hey!Say!JUMP Romeo and Juliet RE 
  8. Hey!Say!JUMP Your Seed/Bouken Rider RE 
  9. Hey!Say!JUMP Dreams Come True RE 
  10. Hey!Say!JUMP Mayonaka no Shadow Boy RE 
  11. Hey!Say!JUMP 2012-2013 Calendar 
  12. Hey!Say!JUMP Asia First Tour 2012 Photobook 
  13. Hey!Say!JUMP 2012 World Tour Live in Japan 
  14. Hey!Say!JUMP 10nin poster (i’m not sure when) 
  15. Hey!Say!JUMP-ing tour 2008-2009 DVD
  16. Hey!Say! 2010 TEN JUMP DVD
  17. SUMMARY 2011 in DOME
  18. Hey!Say!JUMP JUMP World 2012 DVD
  19. Arashi Arafes Poster
  20. Arashi Arafes Penlight
  21. Sakurai Sho AnAn 2010 (cover page)
  22. Sakurai Sho TV Pia (cover page)
  23. Potato 2010 - May 
  24. Potato 2012 - February, March, May, October, December 
  25. Wink Up 2011 - September, October, December 
  26. Wink Up 2012 - February, March, December 
  27. Myojo 2011 - August, December 
  28. Myojo 2012 - November, December 
  29. Myojo 2013 - January 
  30. Duet 2011 - October 
  31. Duet 2012 - March, April, July, October, November 
  32. Orisuta - All from 2011 (KAT-TUN based)

So, what are the rules exactly? Frankly, I like to set a lot of rules or anything, I just hope you’ll follow the steps listed below.

  • Like and reblog this post however many times you want.
  • You don’t have to follow me.
  • I do ship internationally, but Singapore fans are preferred.
  • You’re only allowed to select a one item, or two magazines. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair share.
  • If you’re one of the first to reblog, you have, obviously, a wider variety of choices to chose from, if you’re selected by me.
  • Selected ones have 24 hours to reply to me, in the event if you still do not reply to me, I will select another winner.
  • Spread this to all your Hey!Say!JUMP friends! :)
  • This giveaway will end on February 14th 2013, and the leftovers that are not given away will be donated away.

Please take in mind that this giveaway was meant for jumpers who do not have the items and have no means of purchasing it. If you’re rich enough to purchase them or already own one, I suggest you to ignore this post and give someone else a chance.

That’s all from me, and if anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to drop a question in my ask box.

With that, please enjoy this giveaway and Happy New Year!