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several sentences sunday!

(In which Johnny and Peter wake up in an alternate universe where they’re married! hopefully I can get this done by spideytorch week)

“Can I play a game on your phone?” Peter asks, and Johnny starts, suddenly self-conscious. He presses his phone against his chest.

“No,” he says, “You’re like a toddler.”

“You married this toddler,” Peter says. Immediately, he scrunches up his nose. “That came out wrong.”

“It sure did, buddy,”Johnny says. He looks back down at his phone. On the screen is a picture of Johnny with his head in Peter’s lap. Johnny’s looking at someone off-camera, laughing. But Peter is looking down at Johnny in a way that Peter never does. His face is open. Gentle.

This Peter of this world must really love Johnny. It’s so obvious.

“Would you look at that?” Peter says. His chin is poking into Johnny’s shoulder. “We really are married.”

“What did you think we were, webhead? Good pals?”

He reaches up and pushes Peter’s head away. It pops right back onto his shoulder, like a nightmarish whack-a-mole.

“I don’t know,” Peter says, thoughtful. He reaches for Johnny’s phone, and against his better judgement, Johnny relinquishes it. He’s been looking at it too long anyway. “Maybe we were both married to other people, but there was only one bed?”

For a genius, Peter’s got some stupid theories. At least Johnny’s weird affair theory only took one or two giant logical leaps.

“What do you think the deal is anyway?” Peter asks. He’s finally pulled away from Johnny, and is looking down at the phone. “My money’s on dreamscape.”

“Twenty bucks says it’s an alternate universe.”

“Nuh-uh, pal. It’s a dream for sure. Or a nightmare.”

It’s the kind of joke they’d make any other day, but on this particular day, Johnny doesn’t want to hear it. He lies back against the table and throws a arm over his eyes.

“Whatever,” he says, “Wake me when Reed’s done.”

Peter hums in agreement, and the only noise Johnny hears afterward are the gentle taps of his fingers on the phone screen.

  • Wade: [sinister voice, holding a portable keyboard] There is a third option!
  • [Vaudeville keyboard music]
  • Peter: There is?
  • Wade: Yes! It involves... murder.
  • [More vaudeville keyboard music]
  • Johnny: That's your option?
  • Wade: [normal voice] Yeah. You guys both had options. I just wanted to have one too.
  • Wade: [sinister voice] Or did I?

All That We Were

Fandom: Fantastic Four (comics), Spider-man (comics)

Relationship: Peter Parker/Johnny Storm

Rating: Teen

Summary: “What do you think the deal is anyway?” Peter asks. “My money’s on dreamscape.”

“Twenty bucks says it’s an alternate universe.”

“Nuh-uh, pal. It’s a dream for sure. Or a nightmare.”

Written for Spideytorch Week Day 3: Domesticity

Marvel Treasury Edition #18 - The Astonishing Spider-Man

(Paul McCartney and Wings’ Band on the Run Album Homage)

Art by: Bob Budiansky and Ernie Chan

The number of people that I ship Darcy with is disturbing


My contribution to the other Big Bang I signed up for; the @spideytorchbigbang in which I worked together with the incredible talented titanstogetherr. My art is to her beautiful, hilarious and just awesome fic Lost Without You.

Thank you for working together with me!

buns134  asked:

For the Fandom thing. Spider-Man. And DC Comics in general.


fav character: Mary Jane Watson
least favourite character: Carlie Cooper (yeah not the most original choice in the world)
otp: Peter x MJ
brotp: Peter and Johnny Storm
notp: Peter x Anyone Created Since One More Day


fav character: Lois Lane
Least favorite character: With DC there’s a lot of characters that just kind of don’t interest me, but I really have nothing against. Im going to say comic villain!Dr. Light though because of the whole rapist thing (he’s not even that compelling of a villain, just an asshole that deserves every bad thing that happens to him).
Otp: Clark x Lois
Brotp: Either any of the bat family chilling together or SuperBat (they work better as friends like in Supersons, fight me DCEU fanboys. Stop making them hate each other as a default.)
Notp: Wonderwoman x Superman and Barbra x Batman