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NCT as things I have heard my friends say

I’m doing this because my friends bet me this would get more than 100 notes within 5 days because she is certain my friends say the stupidest shit ever she 100% right but thats not something I’ll ever tell her

Taeil: *recording video* “I love my friends so much” *Camera turns off* “Fuck you bitches with a million glitter pens”

Hansol: “Whoever says anything stupid will get sent to the kinky dungeon”

Johnny: “Yes the weather up here is nice. Do you know what would be nicer? A little fucking respect around here”

Taeyong: “I may be young but ain’t stopping me from dancing to EXO as sexy as I like”

Yuta: “God they are so hot, it’s a shame that I’m straight!”

Kun: “Of course I killed him the guy forgot about me, like how can anyone forget this handsome face”

Doyoung: “I may look sweet and angelic but under my skin is a hell fire waiting to burn you all”

Ten: “A different dick a day keeps the churches away”

Jaehyun: “My flirting skills are the only thing I have going for but at least there that”

WinWin: “Pro-tip for life, your cute is your greatest weapon use it to manipulate and demolish your friends and enemies”

Mark: “I worked my ass off for what, a lousy dirty muffin”

Renjun: “So what if I like cartoons? They make me happier than you losers I call friends”

Jeno: “I would kill you if I wasn’t so goddamn attracted to you, maybe we should just divorce” 

Haechan: “Do you have time to talk about our lord, saviour and greatest ass of the century, me you fuck trees”

Jaemin: “A friend of mine once said “I would kill you if I wasn’t so goddamn attracted to you, maybe we should just divorce” we’re still together though and now we have a child”

Chenle: “I shall sacrifice the taller guy to satan for a cute ass puppy anyday”

Jisung: “I got scared of my shadow and jumped out my bedroom window out of habit”

I am increasingly concerned for my friends, some of these work well others don’t.

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Translation of ship names: Jojo Part 6 and 7

Hi, imma translate names of Jojo ships used in pixiv (and probably also in twitter). Its time for part 6 and 7! Sorry for the long wait.
k lets go

Part 6
Heterosexual ships

Annasui / Jolyne アナ徐
Jotaro / Mrs.Kujo 空条夫妻
Weather Report / Jolyne ウェザ徐
Weather Report / Hermes ウェザエル
Weather Report/ F.F ウェザF
Homosexual ships
Pucci / DIO プチDIO
DIO /Pucci DIOプチ
Weather Report / Annasui ウェザアナ
Hermes / Jolyne エル徐
F.F / Jolyne F徐

Part 7
Heterosexual ships

Diego / Hot Pants ディエパン
Jonny / Rina ジョニ理那
Johnny / Hot Pants ジョニパン
Homosexual ships
Gyro / Johnny ジャイジョニ
Johnny / Gyro ジョニジャイ
Diego / Johnny ディエジョニ
Johnny / Diego ジョニディエ
Gyro / Diego ジャイディエ
Funny Valentine / Diego ファニディエ
Magent Magent / Di.S.Co くる毛 (which literally means ‘curly hair’ wtf)

If your ship is not on the list, ask me
Wish you luck!

Samurai Bravo/Mchanzo Crossover

Jack: *trembling with cold* I-It’s kinda cold…

Johnny: *takes off his jacket* Here, take my jacket, sweetheart

Jack: *blushes* Oh, Johnny… Thank you

*Johnny smiles and kisses his boyfriend*

*Hanzo looks at Jesse*

Hanzo: Jesse, I’m cold too!

Jesse: Dammit Hanzo, I can’t control the weather!

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(It was funny in my head… Ma english it’s very bad TwT)

The Outsiders Fall HC’s

-Steve is allergic to hay but won’t admit it
-”Nah man, my nose is always this red, fuck off” 
-Since Soda’s birthday is in October, he refers to it only as ‘Soctober’ 
-Dally jockey’s a lot since Rodeo season is coming to an end 
-Johnny is a fucking weather magician and can always tell whether it’s going to be a cold fall or a warm fall
-Ponyboy constantly goes outside to draw the leaves and Darry’s always nagging at him to bring a jacket
-Darry picks up a few shifts at the fire department to bring in extra cash since the cold weather and rain means he has less roofing jobs 


FIRST OTAKON BATCH so Otakon was hella awesome, and it turned out to be jojocon v.3. I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS 🙌🙏👌✨✨ as usual, I’m Joseph and Narancia

>>Passione gang: diegobrandosass/Giorno, ball-breaking/Abbacchio, star-plat/Mista, stoned–free/Trish, flowerbelli/Fugo, lorddio/Buccellati
>>Passione Trio: jcestar/Mista, czeppeli/Giorno
>>Family photo: czeppeli/Johnny, minorians/Jolyne, mysterdote/Jonathan, veggieblt/Josuke
>>Casual JoJo night: minorians/Jolyne, mysterdote/Jotaro, chasingbruises/DIO, diegobrandosass/FF, ball-breaking/Weather Report, stoned–free/Jolyne

special reps for the one guy being my caesar tho, made my lifeee
if you know anyone else, feel free to message/reblog!