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I Missed You

Johnny Storm x Reader

Rating: T (mentions an unstable family setting)

Requested by an amazing anon!

Author’s Note: I had a plan for this request but when typing it out, it seemed forced when condensed into a one-shot. I hope you don’t mind but I think I’m going to release it in three parts. 

I really hope you like the beginning! 

Part Two   Part Three (End)

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I Missed You - Part Two

Johnny Storm x Reader

Rating: T

Author’s Note: Ugh. I feel like this is too much of a filler chapter. There were so many different directions I wanted to take and this is the one I chose to go with. I’m so stupid. It’s not the best but the ending will be better. I promise! 

Part One   Part Three (End) 

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“Spidey, about before. You know I think you’re the best, right? And not just the superhero stuff. You’re a big brain, too. You should be over there with Reed and Tony, saving our butts.”
“Right, like I’m in their league.”
“Okay, so let them do their thing. You can go work on a fallback plan.”
“Johnny, look at the time. There’s no way I could… possibly… come up with… a fallback plan!” 

(ASM #648)

Respect The Lady

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Johnny Storm x Reader x Steve Rogers (platonic)

Imagine: a fight breaks out between your boyfriend Johnny Storm and your best friend Steve Rogers

A/n: this seems like something that would happen considering how Johnny is a douche bag and Steve believes in respect lol

Genre: Romance, Friendship

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You were sitting at the huge island in the middle of the room in Tony’s tower, eating a muffin while drinking your coffee. Your thigh was getting rubbed by a warm hand, making you feel relaxed and you smiled. You looked over at your boyfriend Johnny Storm. He had a smile on his face as he drank his coffee. You made a funny face at him and turned when you heard the door open. In walked your best friend Steve Rogers.


You jumped off your seat and ran to him, hugging him. Steve laughed and hugged you back while you asked.

“How was your mission?”

Steve groaned and let his head fall back.

“It could have been done quicker if we hadn’t miscalculated the amount of agents that were.”

You gasped and led him to the island, sitting beside Johnny. You held Johnny’s hand and you asked Steve.

“Miscalculated? How did Tony do that?”

“Considering how everything seemed to be encased in very cold metal that disabled any kind of thermal detection in the lower levels of their base, my theory? Underground bunker made by scientists who think they can outsmart me…which they did.”

You turned to Tony and fake sniffled.

“Aw, you poor thing. Someone outsmarted you. So sad.”

Tony rolled his eyes and Steve smirked. Johnny asked you, playing with your hair.

“What do you want to do today?”

You shrugged and thought aloud, looking up.

“Well, I got to train with Stevie today for maybe an hour or two. Then I got to go grocery shopping and get Thor his pop tarts. Then Tony and I are going to go to an important meeting with Fury.”

Johnny huffed and pouted.

“So you can’t do anything we me today?”

You supposed.

“I mean…I guess I could try to cancel the grocery trip to tomorrow…”

Johnny beamed and you rolled your eyes. Tony asked.

“You do know that you don’t have to go to the meeting, right? Fury just needs me.”

“I know, but I’m going on this mission too. What, does he want you to give me a half-ass debrief on the mission?”

‘Uh, excuse me. I can give a perfect brief on the mission, thank you.”

You rolled your eyes and yelped when Johnny lit his land on fire and pinched your butt. Johnny snickered and you glared at him. He quirked an eyebrow up and you rolled your eyes. Steve tensed up and you looked at him.

“So Steve-Ow! Johnny!”

Johnny smirked and you pushed him. He yelped and regained his balance on the stool. Steve pursed his lips and you shook your head.

“As I was saying, do you have anything new coming-fuck! Johnny, quit it!”

Johnny laughed and asked.

‘What? Can’t take the heat?”

“Not when it’s pinching my ass!”

Johnny held his hands up in surrender and shook his head.

“Alright, alright. Just one more.”

He pinched you again and Steve affirmed.

“That’s enough, Mr. Storm.”

Johnny looked over at Steve and you looked at Tony, mouthing

‘These two are going to get into another heated argument. Do something!’

‘Not my problem.’


Tony put his hands up and walked out. By this time, Johnny and Steve were in each other’s face.

“You better learn how to treat a woman with respect.”

“She’s my woman! You don’t have any authority over me, Mr. patriotic.”

“I shall remind you of my status then. I am your captain and you listen to me.”

You were biting your lip as you watched, unsure of what to do. Should you just let the two get the fight over with? Should you get in the middle of them and stop them before Steve decided to break Johnny’s face? You gasped when Steve snarled.

“You’re going to treat her with respect. When she says stop, you stop.”

“I was going to after that last one, asshole. Buzz off and stay out of my business, grandpa.”

Steve clenched his jaw and countered.

“It’s my business when it concerns my best friend, Mr. Storm.”

“She’s my girlfriend, idiot!”

You sighed and greeted Clint when he walked in.

“Hey Clinton.”

“Hey, little bird. Those two at it again?”

You nodded and gasped when Johnny threw a punch. Immediately, they both started to fight. You ran to them, dragging Johnny away from Steve and Clint grabbed Steve. You stood in between the two and yelled loud, stomping the ground and producing a shockwave.

“Hey! Knock it off!”

Steve yelled.

“He started it!”

Johnny yelled back,

“You should learn to keep your nose out of my mother-fuckin business!”

You looked at Clint for support and noticed he was struggling to hold Steve. You started dragging Johnny away and patted his cheeks. He looked down at you and you sighed, rubbing your face.

“We can’t keep getting into these situations. You’re going to get banned from coming here.”


“Shush. Let me finish. Johnny, when things are starting to get heated like that just walk the fuck away.”

You tended to his bloody nose and Johnny kissed you softly. You kissed back and Johnny whispered.

“I’m sorry.”

“Apologize to Steve.”





“Ok, ok! Holy shit, I’m going.”



Sketch Dump—Nov. 14 :)

I usually get really sidetracked while taking notes at school soooo here’s a buncha random things from my notebook and some doodles from today. Mostly more BH6 cuteness, a healthy dose of Tony Stark, and some fabulous Fantastic Four. Plus there’s a Nat and Steve amid the plethora of Tonys somewhere~ And! Playing off my friend dchanberry​’s AU where Hiro takes up an internship at Stark Industries and everything is happy and science. :)

Gotta say, I think Johnny Storm is the best part of this photo set… XD

anonymous asked:

worst and best ultimate johnny hair? theres... a lot of looks. most of them are bad. my personal favorite is when its dyed in usm v2, worst is when its like? mid length and curly somewhere around the #20 mark of ultimate f4. i COULD appreciate the softboy look but he looks too much like troy bolton from high school musical

Oh no, I think we’re opposites on this issue, anon. I don’t like the dyed hair at all and I actually love the curls from 20s…

Greg Land did this one thing for me.

I was thinking I liked his hair when Stuart Immonen was on art but uh it’s possible that’s just because I love Stuart Immonen’s art.

My friend and I were discussing the Fantastic Four reboot and gushing over how cute Michael B. Jordan is and she said:

“Thankfully this time they’ve actually chosen someone hot to play the Human Torch, I haven’t seen the original films in a while but I remember Johnny was played by an Adam Sandler looking guy.”

“Adam Sandler looking guy.”

“Adam Sandler looking guy.”

“Adam Sandler looking guy.”