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these are some fan accounts i compiled and translated sorry if its not 100% but here’s some other fan accounts by other ppl: johnny speaking w/ chinese fan, english fanaccount (i loved it omg), another johnten fan acct, johnnys predebut pic (lmao)

A. 시카고 컵스 vs 화이트 삭스?
쟈니 컵즈!
태용 (태용 차례에 사람이 없어서 보고 계셨음..) 아 컵즈시구나~
Chicago Cubs vs White Sox?
Johnny: Cubs!
Taeyong: (eavesdropping bc no one was in his line atm) Oh cubs~

ㄴ:혹시 디제잉은 회사에서 배운거에요?
ㄴ:오빠 말고 다른 멤버들도 배웠어요?
쟌:아 그건 제가 관심이 많아서 배웠어요
Op asked if he learned dj at the company and he said yes. Op asked if other members learned too and johnny said it was just bc he had many interest in it so he learned.

어 쟈니한테 좋아하는 향 있냐고 물어봤더니 상큼한 향 좋아한대요!!!!
Op asked johnny what his favorite fragrance is and he said refreshing fragrance.

영호한테 데뷔하고 처음으로 상받았잖아요 어땠어요?하니까 ㅠㅠ 저희애들이 열심히했구나 잘했구나 생각했다고.ㅠㅠ어엉ㅇ엉 그래서 너무 보고싶었어요 진짜 하고 끝났어….
Op asked johnny how he felt abt debuting and receiving first award, johnny said he thinks the kids worked hard and did well

나: 안녕하세요 ㅠㅠ
쟈니: 네 안녕하세요
나: ㅠㅠ 잘생겼어요 쟈니 근데 텐 잘 지내요..?
쟈니: 진짜 잘 지내요
나: ㅠㅠ
쟈니: 그래도 혹시 모르니까 밤에 (텐한테) 연락할게요
Op asked johnny if ten was doing well and johnny said ten is doing really well and he will call ten tonight to make sure

나: 혹시 미국 면허는 있어요?
쟌: 네, 있어요.
나: 네, 혹시 핫도그 마요네즈 소스는 누구한테 배웠어요?
쟌: 그냥 뭐….워…뭘 배웠냐구요?
나: 엄마가 알려준 거에요?
쟌: 어떤거요?
나: 핫더그 마요네즈 소스요…이전에…. 아! 아니먄 제이랑 블루는 아짓 있어요?
쟌: 어떤 거요?
나: 제이랑 블루….
쟌: 아! 있어요! 갖고 있어요. 아직 같이 자고 있어요.
나: 같이 자고 있어요? 한국에서 산 거에요? 아님 미국에서 갖고 온 거에요?
쟌: 어~~~ 한국에서 산 거에요.
나: 아~한국에서 산 거에요?
쟌: 네!
Fan: Do you have your american drivers license?
Johnny: Yes i have it
Fan: By chance the hotdog mayo sauce who did u learn it from?
Johnny: its just.. learn what?
Fan: Did ur mom teach u?
Johnny: Teach what?
Fan: The hot dog mayo sauce…before.. ah, then, Jay and blue do u have them? (t/n: jay is a stuffed white whale and blue is a stuffed blue whale that johnny said he slept with a while back)
Johnny: What is it?
Fan: Jay and blue..
Johnny: Oh!!! I have it!! We still sleep together
Fan: You still sleep together? Did you buy it from korea or america?
Johnny: Yup~ i bought it from korea~