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Agape (Soprano Cover)
  • Agape (Soprano Cover)
  • Elisabeth
  • Yuri!!! On Ice Tribute

Happy Friday! As we enter into the last day of the year, I felt inspired to record a cover of “Agape” from Yuri!!! On Ice. I really am thankful to YOI help make 2016 a little brighter, and for all of you fellow fans and new followers, ‘following’ me into 2017 where I look forward to bringing you new original music and more cover recordings. Thank you for your support. I sincerely hope you enjoy this rendition of Agape. 

I dedicate this recording to Johnny Weir, who said if he could choose one program to skate that would match him from the series, it would be “Agape”. 

Thank you @scaredofthesky for allowing me to use your beautiful art for this cover.


Hot and Bothered | Duke Ellington & His Orchestra

Duke Ellington on piano, Bubber Miley and Arthur Whetsel on trumpet, Joe Nanton on trombone, Johnny Hodges on clarinet, soprano sax and alto sax, Harry Carney on clarinet, alto sax, and baritone sax, Barney Bigard on clarinet and tenor sax, Fred Guy on banjo, Lonnie Johnson on guitar, Wellman Braud on string bass, Sonny Greer on drums, and Baby Cox on vocals.

Recorded on October 1, 1928 in New York.

This transfer is from the metal “mother” record and, because of this, the sound is incredibly clean and high-quality, even for its age.