johnny ruby

twenty one pilots' songs for different moods
  • Lonely: lovely, johnny boy, screen , forest, ruby, holding on to you, hometown, fake you out.
  • Sad: oh ms believer, friend, please, anathema, goner, time to say goodbye, truce.
  • Struggling to find purpose: march to the sea, implicit demand for proof, addict with a pen, kitchen sink, isle of flightless birds, fall away.
  • Thinking too much: clear, semi-automatic, car radio, migraine, ride.
  • When you can't sleep: ode to sleep, before you start your day, message man, glowing eyes, taxi cab.
  • Nostalgic: slowtown, stressed out, the pantaloon.
tøp theory

What if Johnny Boy and Ms Believer got married ? 
And gave birth to someone named oh I don’t know perhaps… RUBY ? 

Please,take my hand, we’re in foreign land (Oh Ms Believer)
“Ruby take my hand,please lead me to the Promised Land (Ruby)

 Coincidence ?  

Also,in Ruby,Ruby’s mother is referenced (”Your momma painted your room a shade of pink, she said “) which further leads me to believe that her mother is someone we know : Ms Believer. 


[MMD ORAS] Archie Bravo