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Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch)

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We bring to you Johnny Storm aka “THE HUMAN TORCH” from Fantastic Four ¼ Statue! We will be making the FIRST EVER complete team of the Fantastic Four characters in ¼ Scale Statue form. Big thanks to David Barruz for the beautiful sculpt and Salt & Pepper Studios for helping produce. Human Torch comes Pre-Painted including art box, base print, and packaging with black foam and velcro straps. Production time estimated about 6 months after prototype print is done and will be shipped from China factory. Edition Size Total is 40 Pieces Only. Colored renderings are used as a reference only and are not necessarily production final colors.

All total prices below EXCLUDE shipping and paypal fees. If purchasing whole four character set, the base of each character will join together to form one diorama as pictured (similar to Prime 1 Studio Turtles).

Send Preorder Deposits thru PayPal to as gift or if paying as goods, then add 4.5% PayPal fee on top. Put in notes exactly which version and option, if any, you choose. Send me screenshot of your deposit made thru message to confirm your order.

Balance PLUS shipping is to be paid upon item delivery. No shipping cost estimate yet until closer to delivery date. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Thanks for your support! PM me if any questions.


1. Human Torch Regular Normal Body Version with Partial Flame Effects (as pictured) - $675 if purchased by itself / $625 if purchased as set. (Deposit is $175 for both individual or set purchase)

2. Human Torch Exclusive Clear Body Version with Fully “Flame On” Body (not shown in sculpt renderings) - $750 if purchased by itself / $700 if purchased as set. (Deposit is $200 for both individual or set purchase)

heretherebebooks  asked:

1, 6, 8, 14, 15?

thank you for asking!! 💓

1. my top 5 favorite songs 

ok!! these are not in order because i love all of them!
- red and black/abc café
- drink with me
- one day more 
- original french cast version of red and black because disco!enjolras
- at the end of the day 

6. one scene that makes me smile/laugh

oh god uhh the wedding scene!! always makes me happy because all the actors get to have a little bit of fun dancing haha!! when i saw it on the west end, johnny purchase was twirling around and having fun haha

8. which sentence i would use to describe Les Mis

honestly just take the brick and rip it to shreds nothing matters anymore

14. a song that never fails to make me cry

drink with me!! when i first heard the song, i immediately felt a connection to grantaire’s verse (i didn’t even know he was grantaire! i almost couldn’t see the stage haha) and i just!! all these failed revolutions, or rebellions, all aimed for a better world, for liberation, and how many of these are we aware of? how many rebellions were lucky enough to be recorded even though they failed? even now, we are still pushing for equality, yet how will we know if it’ll even make a dent in human history? how many revolutionaries, modern or not, fear death may destroy the work they made to make earth a less shitty place? anyways, im gay and emotional  

15. what i would say to Victor Hugo if he could hear me

you’re about to catch these fists you fucker

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when I began the creative process of this album, it was with a goal in mind of giving the listener an honest view into my thoughts, opinions, and the way my mind works. As i previously stated, I titled it 11 because of the meaning of that number and what it represents.
– balance, vision, strength, fulfillment, renewal –
amongst a few other things that seem to describe who I am and where I am best in this chapter of my life. not only physically; but mentally and spiritually most of all.
in my humble opinion, this album is greater than and unlike anything I’ve ever released in the past. and i, along with my entire team and family, am extremely proud of it.
if there’s anything I’d want you to take from this project, it’d be peace, empowerment, love, and enlightenment. that’s the message here. to everyone that was apart of this in any way shape or form, I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.
hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!

blessings! xx