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Jawbreaker (1999)

“She’s so evil. And she’s only in High School.”


While i was in Paris i was lucky enough to be able to explore some of the vast underground network that is “The Catacombs” i was underground for about 9 hours which wound up being one of the coolest experiences of my life, seeing human remains scattered everywhere, subterranean rogue art galleries, a library, statues, and murals, that probably took weeks to complete. Rooms that people dug out and decorated themselves, but for now, i’m just posting a small portion of photos from the “Cinema Room”. The Paris Catacombs are an amazing, elaborate, giant, underground museum of history and art. Every room has a story,  Also known as “The City of Darkeness Beneath The City of Lights”.

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Jally hc's plz, thx🤗

- dally likes to put his arm around johnnys shoulder
- johnny is always over at bucks
- once dal found johnny after him getting beaten by his father
- dal has been protecting him ever since
- it took so much out of dal to not beat the tar out of johnnys dad.
- he didn’t
- because he knew that he would just make the situation worse
- dal calls johnny “johnnycakes”
- the only person dal can or would be gentle with is johnny
- johnny cherishes dal with cliche gifts
- dal pretends to think that they are dumb
- but he saves every single gift
- no matter what it is
- johnny was really afraid to tell dal how he truly felt
- dal didn’t say anything like “I love you” to him when johnny told him - dally just played it off like it was no big deal - he said something like “it’s cool man, I like ya too”.
- johnny once stole dals jacket from him
- he didn’t really mind so much since he looked good in it
- at first the relationship was a secret
- but now dal likes to make sure everyone knows that johnny is his
- they kiss alot, mostly in private
- johnny lives for the times when he can be big spoon
- whenever dal is upset or mad of anything, johnnys the only one that’s able to calm him down
- sometimes they talk about their hopes and dreams
- lots of forehead kisses from dal
- dal is so unbelievably happy when he’s with johnny
- but they fight too sometime
- mostly about how johnny wants dally to stop getting in so much trouble with the law
- johnny clings onto dal in public
- dally protects johnny at all costs
- ever since dally saw johnny beaten to a pulp, he has made sure no one will ever lay a finger on johnny
- dal lights cigs for him
- it’s because he low-key doesn’t want johnny to burn himself
- dal gave johnny his saint christopher necklace
- johnny wears is everyday
- sometimes to annoy johnny in bed, dally puts his cold feet on johnny’s legs
- johnny doesn’t really like it
- dal just laughs


Is that?…… Of course he would.

Yep, I just noticed this the other day… granted I’m not exactly an HP fan  but still.