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could you do some random jally hcs??

- their initials are carved on a bench somewhere
- lots of “jahnny”
- they have their own handshake
- sometimes, dally sleeps out in the lot with johnny
- their not just boyfriends, they are best friends
- johnny kisses dals nose all the time
- they’ve always sorta had feelings for eachother
- johnny got a dog once
- dally wasn’t too fond of the idea but let johnny keep it
- patch eachtoher up after rumbles
- some nights they sit in dals car and have deep conversations
- dal definitely sketches johnny when he isn’t looking
- sharing clothes
- johnny always takes dals
- they are always too big, but he doesn’t mind since they keep him warm
- johnnys clothes are too small for dal but he still wears them (sometimes)
- they are like crop tops on him
- he looks gr8 tho
- dal has a knee high kink
- so johnny always wears them
- especially the ones with bows
- johnny uses cheesy pickup lines
- “you know what my shirts made of?”
- modern! Jally makes eachother mixtapes
- modern! Johnny sends dal memes all the time and dal secretly loves them

@darryandally ;)

me late at night: this is jojo,,i c an use super saturated bright colors and ridiculous clothes and no one can say anything

superduper self indulgent doodle because i wanna draw in eyesore colors sometimes

Pumpkin Patch - Johnny Gargano

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taking your daughter to a pumpkin patch for the first time - Johnny Gargano

Word count: 319+

Warnings: none

You were currently trying to get your six-month-old daughter into the pumpkin outfit. You and Johnny were taking her to a pumpkin patch for the first time and you were excited. You loved pumpkin patches.  “Stay still.” You said even though she wouldn’t. (Y|D|N) kept kicking her feet around, laughing.
“You are too adorable.” You grinned once you got her in the outfit.
Her face lit up as Johnny came downstairs.  “Do you see daddy?” You asked her. She reached her arm out for Johnny.  “My pumpkin.” Johnny said as you passed her over to him.
You smiled. “I think it’s time to go.”

October had a nice breeze and it felt nice out. You were currently walking down the patch looking for a pumpkin you can carve.  “Babe, look at (Y|D|N).” Johnny called you. You turned to see (Y|D|N) sitting on a pumpkin that was the same size as her.  
A smile spreads across your face. “She blends in with the pumpkins.” Johnny said before taking a picture. You walked over after finding a pumpkin you wanted.  
Johnny picked her up from the pumpkin. (Y|D|N) started playing with his scruffy beard.
“I love her so much.” Johnny said, hugging her, kissing her cheeks.    
“Let’s find you a pumpkin.” Johnny put her on his hip and looked at the pumpkins.   “Here’s a small one.” You picked one up that was smaller than (Y|D|N).  
You handed it out towards her.
She grabbed it with her tiny hands.   She instantly tried to put it in her mouth, making both you and Johnny laugh.
“You don’t eat that.” Johnny chuckled, taking it from her mouth. She looked up at Johnny. “Don’t make her upset, Johnny.” You said right as she stuck her bottom lip out.
“Okay, okay. Here.” Johnny smiled, giving it back.

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Feet pressed into the soft canopy of his cot’s flimsy wall, warm, stale beer in hand, John breathed deeply, chest tight like a sturdy rope was pulling him up from the core. His eyes were closed, since the view wasn’t particularly interesting when he opened them. It was just a stained cot ceiling, a sling of netting across the point holding a few of his personal items.

We’ll do it all, everything, on our own, we don’t need anything or anyone.

It wasn’t the sight above that was interesting, however. It was what was next to him. That was worth opening his eyes for, and he did, lolling his head to the right, neck muscles protesting from the long day hunched in the barracks. 

His closest friend, Major James Sholto, mirrored his slack position beside him. His back lay flat against John’s bed, his bare feet also pressed into the wall in hopes of airing them out. He sipped his beer quietly, eyes focusing on an invisible spot above him, square jaw moving under tan skin when he swallowed.

“Tastes like piss,” he said quietly.

Let’s waste time chasing cars around our heads. 

They’d been like this for less than an hour, doing nothing in particular. James had sneaked some beer from the rec hall, which John would have been glad to get himself, but the Major’s soft eyes gleamed with mischief when he said it, and John had to comply. What he’d brought, instead of two, was a whole case, and he and John had been drinking since after dinner.

It was nice, just to lay there. Sometimes they talked in quiet tones, since everyone else on the base was (supposedly) asleep, but otherwise they just drank in silence. 

If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?

“It’s better than nothing,” John replied, turning back to the ceiling and taking a swig himself, the warm froth from the bottom of the bottle sending a little shiver down his sore spine.

I don’t quite know how to say what I feel.

James hummed in response. He didn’t talk much, outside of shouting orders, and even on the occasion he and John got totally pissed together, he still had trouble going on long rants, and only just quipped in short, slurred phrases. John found it endearing and, truthfully, a bit cute.

But of course, most of the time, cute was unwelcome. Instead it was strength and honor and heroism, men dying for it, often on John’s table. But now, in the cot, with the warm night and mediocre beer making them light and comfortable, cute was just right.

John was about to say something else when James cut him off.

“Why’d you do it, John? Come here, I mean. Everyone’s got a reason. I don’t know yours.”

This caught him off guard. Nobody ever asked him that. Now, he found he didn’t know what to say. “I… Er, I actually don’t know. Part of it is because of the honor, I think. Helping people. And I like working with medicine. But the actual being here is… not what I expected. People always patted me on the back and said, ‘Good on you, Johnny! Protecting our country, patching up our boys, you’re a real hero.’ But when they said that, I hadn’t even gone yet, so’s like, why even say that? They never asked me why I wanted to go, so I guess I don’t have a real answer.”

Forget what we’re told before we get too old. Show me a garden that’s bursting into life.

James downed the rest of his beer and leaned a strong arm back to set it on the ground with the other empty bottles. Then he folded his powerful hands calmly and looked over at John, sturdy chest rising and falling gently under his thin, white undershirt. “That’s a fine answer, John.”

“Mmm. Thanks.” He followed James’s lead and finished the froth in his bottle before turning back to James. He twirled the green glass neck in his fingers as his eyes caught something soft and reverent in his Major’s. 

James was a fine man, that was clear. He was strong and smart and handsome, with pretty blue eyes and good structure to his face. He was tall and regal and well put together, but here and now, lying face-up in John’s bed, feet up at an angle, he looked much more soft. More relatable. Breathtakingly handsome, definitely, but kind and available in his nature.

All that I am, all that I ever was, was here in your perfect eyes, they’re all I can see.

Darting his eyes to James’s lips unconsciously before he asked, “What about you? You chase the honor?”

Feeling the weight of John’s eyes, James lingered inside his gaze for a bit before turning back and closing his eyes, searching for an answer. “This is what I’m meant to do, what I’m meant to be.”

It was silent then. John didn’t disagree. He was a perfect soldier and an even better Major. Trustworthy, direct, and soft-spoken to the new recruits who needed a bit of help. 

I need your grace to read my needs, to find my own.

John shifted his sore shoulders and crossed his ankles, heels pressing against the cot. “It fits you. You’re good at it. Helpful and strong and heroic.”

“None of us are heroes yet, John.”

“I know.”

“But thank you.”

“’Course. Cheers.” John swiveled around with a grunt, set his empty bottle down, and brought two new ones back up, toes crunching to find grip against the wall. He handed one bottle to James, who smiled with such respect and tenderness, that John’s heart swelled and dampened out the loneliness lingering there.

I don’t know where, confused about how as well, just know that these things will never change for us at all.

Their fingers brushed over the warm glass.



Anyone wanna do a patch/button trade? I’m dismantling my crust pants cause I’m too fat for em lol and just tryna clear out. I made all the patches but the stop staring one.

So you’ll get:
-ramshackle glory patch
-Johnny hobo patch
-ghost mice patch
-X-ray spex patch
-black flag patch
-mischief brew patch
-always antifa patch
-no war but class war patch
-attack on Titan patch (maybe)
-stop staring patch
-an assortment of buttons
-an extra mystery patch I have somewhere

Looking for a trade of “equal value” lol to start a new vest or sumshit