johnny patch


revised designs for the “fool” and “bogeyman classes of the bad johnnies. 

the bad johnnies are metaphysical entities that inhabit johnny’s mindscape.

fools manifest from johnny’s self-hating thoughts. groups of them inhabit a circus tent near the center of the mindscape. many of johnny’s nightmares take place inside this tent, where they repeat the thoughts that spawned them back to him and parade him around as a sideshow freak and shoot him out of a cannon and all that wacky stuff.

bogeymen grow from johnny’s fears about his own quality of character; grotesque caricatures of him that take on every negative trait he is afraid he might have. they are, in the worst possible way, how he sees himself: a monster. cruel, sadistic, conniving, manipulative, predatory, and they do it all with smiles and laughter. they infest random patches of johnny’s mindscape and reduce their surroundings to rust and mold. were an outsider to enter the mindscape and encounter these fellas, they’d swarm the outsider and gleefully parrot all of johnny’s doubts and insecurities regarding his relationship with that person as if they were fact, all the while being all creepy and Bad Touch


So yesterday was pretty cool - I got and sold my first self-published book. It’s pretty neat. I launched it at a gathering with my other classmates from the Graphic Narratives unit at Melbourne Uni and also had friends and a few people from the local comic community attend, and there was some swapping done. I was a little embarrassed by the fact that many felt they needed to pay me in addition to giving me their comic, but that was also pretty nice at the same time!!!
I only printed off 30 and they are nearly gone now, so looking forward to a second print run!

Almost wasn’t going to come into the studio today, but aughhhg it’s finished. Just one more page and covers to pencil and I can start inking. At this stage… I don’t think it’s going to all be inked by the deadline (which is sort of OK, I only need four pages done to completion for assessment), but at least there will be a full story. No matter what the comic will be finished because I want to sell it haha