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I don’t know if ya’ll noticed, but during the interview at the Apple concert thingy, some guy in the back yelled “Oppa” to them and a few people laughed. Funny right?
Nah, because the boys were visibly uncomfortable. Especially Mark, Johnny, and Doyoung. Jaehyun and Yuta just smiled nervously kinda like ?? I know some of you people love to say random Korean words for whatever reason here on the internet.. Just PLEASE don’t do that in person, directly to idols! It’s annoying and cringy af like, I can only tolerate Koreaboos so much… Just Stop.

At the event this dude was saying “Oppa Mark!” too and Mark kept looking straight ahead. He was obviously freaked out  cause the dude sounded like a grown ass man and Mark is literally 17 (In Western Countries). At least, that time some people in the crowd told him to shut up.. Doyoung turned around to look at the guy, all wide eyed and probably wanted to say something (ya’ll know how protective he is over the younger members).

You weirdos need to really stop, it’s sad because these idols can’t even say anything back. They are kind of forced to be nice and to keep their mouth shut or else they’ll be labeled as rude. So, taking advantage of that is even more low.

NCT127-Reaction to you calling them oppa for the first time

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Taeyong: You and taeyong were walking around the park when you suddendly saw an ice cream car and you really wanted one.

¨Oh, I want i cream, can we get one, oppa?¨

You never called him that so by you doing so he got really flustered and didn´t know what to do. 

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Johnny: You were really having fun with johnny at the Zoo, there were so many beautiful animals, the best one was the elephants, they could draw and even play soccer you and Johnny were amazed by it, by both of you being  from the States, you both have never seen something like that.

¨wow, look at the drawing the elephant did, Oppa¨

Johnny started blussing and started getting nervios.


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Yuta: Yuta always liked to film you, he would say it was for a ¨project¨ but Winwin already told you that whenever they travel he would watch those videos, you really didn´t mind that since you found it cute, and as usual Yuta was filming you as you make dinner for both of you, you look at him.

¨Can you pass me the tomatos, Oppa¨

He put his camera down and looked at you, He then turned around and passed you the tomates, and continued filming you, little did you know that behind the camera he was smiling so much.

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Winwin: Winwin was having an interview with all of nct 127 members, you were listening to them while you did your homework.

¨there is actually a funny story about Winwin¨ Doyoung says, and you were actually curious to see what did your boyfried Winwin do this time.

¨Well Winwin got called Oppa by someone really important to him, and he couldn´t stop talking about it, even now that is been 3 weeks he stills mentione its¨

¨oh!, he is getting all nervios now¨

¨look at his ears they are red¨

You laughed in your room, The moment you called him oppa, was a really fun expierence to you too.

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Taeil: you have never call Taeil oppa before it was never your thing to call him or anyone oppa, but you were curious to see how he would react to you calling him that.


Taeil looked at you while he was cooking dinner, and smiled a little 

¨soo… i´m your oppa, right?¨

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Doyoung: Doyoung really wanted you to call him oppa, but that was just not your thing, Today he was being so annoying with it, that you ended up calling him like that by accident.

¨why are you so annoying, oppa¨

He would get so shy that his cheeks would turn red.

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Jaehyun: It was a normal day for you and Jaehyun, the two of you would just lay in bed the whole day, doing nothing, like really nothing and out of the blue you just called him.

¨Oppa, I´m hungry¨

He would look at you but then look away laughing shyly, you really made him feel  flustered

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Mark: As you liked to tease Mark a lot, you tried by calling him oppa, in a really cute way, which is nothing like you, because you hate doing cute stuff, but wanted to see his reaction.

¨Mark Oppa, can we go for ice cream¨

you thought his eyes were going to go out of his face because he was really surprise by you doing that.

¨Mark..what?¨ He would ask you even more surprised.

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Haechan: He wasn´t your oppa since you guys were the same age, but Mark told you that haechan sometimes wanted to be call oppa, so you tried out one day and the result was really Haechan like.

¨Oppa.¨ you look at him to see his reaction but he was more like, gif

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I hope when u guys see me tagging “manager oppa” you don’t think its cause I’m a kboo lol “manager oppa” is f(x)’s dearest manager and they called him “manager oppa” since forever. but now he’s nct’s manager and his mom tendencies are adorable

Decadent Dongsaeng

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You x Jungkook x Johnny Seo

Genre : Read and find out

You had always loved K-pop and it was no secret you were attracted to Korean men 27 of the boyfriends you had left you because they were sick of competing with what they liked to call ‘some Korean pretty boy with bangs’ and they shouldn’t have had to. You figured it was time to stop daydreaming and do something about your obsession, put some action to your words. There you were with a plane ticket and an absurd prayer that things wouldn’t go the opposite of what you want. A one-way ticket because you did NOT plan on coming back. The entire plane ride you thought about your friends and your family and what you would be leaving behind over this silly obsession but you didn’t care. It was high time you did something that made you happy. You moved into your cushy, yet super spacious 3-bedroom apartment your own little piece of heaven. You started seeing familiar faces walking past your apartment complex some of which you knew all too good others a little. Soon you found out that your apartment complex and both the dorms of NCT 127 and BTS were within a 3-mile radius of each other. Now that’s not too close but it’s also not all that far either. First it was a collective of short ‘HIs’ and HELLOs to all the members as they passed on their daily commute to wherever. Overtime you developed a relationship with all of the members of both BTS and NCT 127. They came to your house countless of times, ate dinner, hung out with you, played your game console that you hardly ever touched since you moved. They called you their ‘Dongsaeng’ In Korea it is a title or something someone calls you to show proper respect. It made sense somewhat being you were younger than all of them all except for Mark Lee who was your favorite. But the most common of faces you saw more than anyone else’s was Jung Kook and Johnny Seo. You could tell they loved being around you their faces lit up whenever you said anything. Your super corny jokes made them laugh the hardest. They both loved how cute, bubbly, and playful your personality was. It was so refreshing to them, plus your generous kind-hearted spirit and your ability to cheer them up when they were at their lowest. They both loved you and they really wanted you bad but they wouldn’t let you know that until this one night. You invited them over to watch ‘Ratatouille ‘one of your favorite Disney movies. You knew they couldn’t resist some alone time with you. You watched the bag of microwave popcorn turn around and around until you received a knock on the door. You energetically got up to answer it.
“Johnny & Jung Kook oppa so nice to see you guys” You said as you hugged them both at the same time
“You look beautiful Y/N” they say almost in unison
“Thank you guys, how are the rest of my babies doing are they okay ?”
“Well Mark, Taeyong, Do young and Haechan went shopping Jaehyun and Taeil went somewhere so it was just me in the dorm but they’re all good I’m sure.” Johnny Confirms
“Yeah, everyone else is back at the dorm they told me to tell you hi and they love you.” Jung Kook adds
“Aww, tell them I love them too. Okay the popcorn is almost done so go have a seat and make yourselves comfortable. You guys need anything else let me know alright ?”
“Yes, dongsaeng thank you for your hospitality.” Johnny Says
You give him a cute smile and continue doing what it was you were doing before they came in. They both took a seat on the couch leaving a spot in the middle for you to sit. They look at each other for a moment until one of them begin to speak
“Johnny Hyung”
“Yes Jung Kook”
“I don’t know if I should tell you this or not but, I have certain feelings about the dongsaeng we share”
“What kind of feelings?” Johnny snarls
“Dirty, nasty, erotic feelings, I mean my hair has been growing like crazy and I have constant dreams about her pleasuring me, I look down at her she gives me her cute and shy smile that drives me absolutely crazy. Sending me right over that peak making me- “
“Stop……. I believe I get your point.” Johnny interrupts
“Listen I know how you feel but, that’s our dongsaeng our beautiful, sweet, respectable dongsaeng and no matter what urges we have we must respect her got it?” Johnny continues
“Yes Hyung, you’re right” Jung Kook slumps down in his seat like a sad kid who can’t have his way
“But, you have them too right?” Jung Kook questions
“Well of course, I can’t imagine a straight man on this earth who wouldn’t looking at Y/N Dongsaeng”
They both examined you from across the room looking at every detail of your glorious body. Your apple hips, your perfect C-Cup breast, your soft, plush, behind defined by your black Nike compression shorts that just mold perfectly to your body. They both let out a sigh of astonishment at how amazing one woman can look let alone be for that matter.
“Listen uhh…. Jung kook all that stuff I said about respecting her?” Johnny asks
“Yeah?” Jung kook answers back eager to know the rest of Johnny’s thought
“Forget all of it, I don’t think I’ll be able to leave this house without feeling her.”
“That’s what I’m saying, Listen I have a plan but you have to be with me okay?”
“I’m with you.” Johnny assures him
“ I believe we can get her to sleep with both of us at the same time”
“A Threesome?” Johnny Asks
“Yes, and if we just tell her how we feel then she will feel the love in the room and all three of us let our bodies succumb to passion until we all reach our climaxes.”
“Yeah, but when?” Johnny asks
“When the timing is right my friend, patience is key.” Jung Kook says putting his hand on Johnny’s shoulder
“Don’t put your hands on me.” Johnny says moving his hand
“Sorry, Hyung” Jung kook quickly apologizes
You return to the both of them sitting on the couch with coy smiles placed across their faces. And you being around them and knowing them for so long you know whenever they smile like that they are planning on something. Something either bad or good but something none the less.
“Okay guys jig is up, what is it ?”
“What’s what?” Johnny asks pretending to be confused.
Jung Kook’s eyes get wider and wider as he realizes that you’re close to finding out his secret feelings for you. You sensed Jung kook’s nervousness it radiated from him as he sat beside you.
“Jung Kook oppa”
“yes dongsaeng” Jung kook answers
“What’s going on between you and Johnny.”
“It’s nothing” Johnny quickly interjects
“Well if it’s nothing then let him tell me.” You respond referring to the silent shell of Jung Kook
“We should all just start the movie and drop the subject.” Johnny says in an affirming tone
“Okay” You grab the remote and press the play button
“I will find out what’s going on by the end of this movie.” You announce sassily
The movie begins and you have a good time you’re actually enjoying the movie despite the fact you’ve seen it a million times. Your male companions however Jung Kook and Johnny showed no emotion and kept the same straight face on the entire time. It’s like they were trying to concentrate or something which was weird. One of the funny parts of the movie made you laugh super hard and you slapped the thigh of both of the guys next to you letting your hand rest in that same spot. Your touch at the time was like fire to their skin with red glowing flames of lust and orange undertones of anxiety. “Dear god please don’t let her start rubbing our thighs.” Was their silent prayer. It was already hard to suppress the tent in Jung kook’s pants and/or hide it from your view. Slowly, one second after the other they slowly crumbled inside knowing yet not knowing you want them but wanting to make you want them anyway. You move your hands away from both of their thighs and rest them on your lap. Johnny looks past you right over at Jung Kook and he knows that Jung Kook is about to give in. It’s written all over his now pale absent of color face. “Hyung, I can’t take it” he mouths to Johnny “If you say anything so help me god” Johnny mouths showing Jung Kook his fist.
“What is wrong with you two?” you ask getting closer to being fed up
“Y/N we really can’t tell you” Jung Kook says weakly
“One of you are going to tell me something or we will sit in silence until then” you spoke sternly
“Y/N please don’t make us, that will only make it worse “ Jung Kook practically begged
“Make it worse ? what the hell something is really wrong with you two today” you respond
“Okay look, I’ll say it cause I’m the one that swore him to secrecy.” Johnny finally admits
“Y/N look, we have known you for a good five years now and in those five years you’ve done a lot for us and have been so good to us.” Johnny says
“All those nights you stayed up past 1 in the morning helping me with my homework you’re practically the reason I graduated.” Jung Kook adds
“And the way you lifted me up and encouraged me through all that training time I spent. I thought I was never going to debut and I thought about giving it all up until you told me not to and just to hold on a bit longer then the next day I got that call I was one of the newest members of NCT 127” Johnny continues
“You’re like an angel sent straight from the heavens to help us.” Jung Kook says
“A strong beautiful majestic woman that we are so lucky to have.” Johnny continues
“We could probably never do enough or give enough to repay you but, at least let us treat you like the princess you are Jagi, our princess.” Johnny says
“Our Decadent Dongsaeng.” Jung Kook says

With that being said Jung Kook attacks your neck with his soft plush lips leaving small love bites along the way. While Johnny kisses your forehead then your nose and finally crashes his soft lips into yours. His kiss is slow and intimate yet dominant. “Stand up for us Jagi” Jung Kook whispers into your ear. Jung Kook gets behind you and removes your white tank top revealing your black lace bombshell bra. He fondles your breasts while kissing you on your shoulder. He continues to rub his boner against your back side in love with the friction it’s causing. “See what you do to us Jagi” Jung Kook whispers. Meanwhile you help Johnny remove his T-shirt from his long frame. As a token of gratitude, he continues his dangerous kisses starting where he left off which is your lips. Then your neck, the nape of your breast. Then time begins to move slower as you watch his tall frame stoop down kissing you all the way down your stomach to the hem of your shorts. Slowly he pulls them down your long legs kissing his way back up them. They return you to your original sitting position as they sit right beside you only this time both of your legs are rested on both of their thighs.
“Wait” you say aloud
“What” they both answer
“I want to do this in my bedroom” you say
“And I want you two to be naked when I get in there” you add
They both scurry to your bedroom leaving nothing but a dust cloud. You loved their eagerness for you it made you feel like you were totally in control. Which you were and you loved every second of it. You hopped off of the couch proceeded down the hallway to your bedroom. Once you entered your bedroom there were two beautiful naked fully erected men you couldn’t wait to please.
“Are you ready for us princess” Johnny said smirking seductively
“Yes, my filthy princes” You said
An awkward laugh erupted breaking the silence in the room, Johnny then walks over to you picking you up and carrying you to the bed. He lays you down gently on the bed you lift up slightly to unclasp your bra. Johnny ever so gently slides the straps down your arms. Your naked chest exposed to both of them in all of its lewd glory, they gravitate to each nipple like magnets sucking and licking and pinching your nipples making them painfully hard if they weren’t by now. Johnny sneaked further down your body leaving Jung Kook to tend to your breasts all by himself which judging from the level of zeal he didn’t mind being left to such a task all by himself. You could feel Johnny and his long fingers creeping up and down your sides. Such an intoxicating feeling it was. His fingers finally latched around the band of your underwear. Slowly he peeled them off of you, the feeling of the fabric leaving your lower body was almost as arousing as what Jung Kook was doing to you. As Jung Kook continued You felt Johnny spread your legs and blow on your rather sensitive organ. You moaned and arched your back as a response to the unexpected feeling brought on by Johnny’s actions. The next thing you felt was enough to send you over the edge single handedly. A hot wet muscle coaxed you from your opening to your clitoris. “Oh, dear god Johnny” you moaned aloud, you looked at Jung Kook and the expression he had on his face. He felt left out and you could tell. “Come stand on the side of the bed Kookie oppa.” You instructed, you knew that if you wanted something done and you wanted it done by Jeon Jung Kook then all you had to do was call him Kookie. After that he would be putty in your hands. Jung Kook did as he was told and came to your side of the bed. His length in his hand stroking it right in front of your face. As Johnny worked his magic on you, you grabbed Kookie’s rock hard length and kissed the tip of it. His entire body jerked from your action and you smiled knowing exactly your power and what you could do to him. “Please Y/N, don’t tease me like this it’s so painful.” Jung Kook begged. You ceased your torture and began your pleasure greedily taking as much of him into your mouth as you could. Feeling him twitch inside of your mouth was a feeling you weren’t quite addicted to but you sure could opt to feel it again. You looked up at him and saw his eyes roll into the back of his head in total bliss he was. Slowly you moved your head back and forth twice at least three times before you tasted his salty precum leak from the head of his length. “Stop” he says to you gently nudging your head away. Johnny gave your nether lips one last sloppy kiss before coming up from you.
“Who do you want inside of you first princess?” Johnny asks stroking his length
“I don’t know, settle it amongst yourselves” you say curiously, wanting to see what they do.
“Rock, paper, scissors?” Jung Kook suggests
“Best 2 out of 3” Johnny agrees
Jung Kook wins all 3 times and comes over to you he is happy and he wants to express it but he can’t because he is trying to look sexy and cool. Which he is really failing at right now but it’s okay.
“Hands and knees Jagi” Jung Kook demands
You happily oblige and he adjusts you just a little bit so you’re exactly where you need to be in order to please the both of them.  You take Johnny’s length in your hands and circle his tip with your tongue looking up at him smiling. Your facial expression changes slightly when you see that he’s not exactly phased. “I’m not Jung Kook princess” he says. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Jung Kook says feeling offense
“What it sounds like.” Johnny simply states
You take all of Johnny into your mouth savoring his taste letting your full gloss covered lips glide up and down his slicking shaft. He sucks in air through his teeth at such an erotic sight of you giving him this kind of treatment. He moves your hair out of your face releasing those sweet grunts through his teeth. “Ooooh, ugh suck me princess, suck me just like that you are so fucking good.” You finally feel Jung Kook slide into you filling you pretty nice, not as much as you could imagine Johnny filling you but it still feels good. He eagerly snapped his hips against yours. “You feel so good Jagi, so tight”. He suddenly grabs your hips and hits the turbo making you bounce all over the place. He is going so fast and hard you can feel that familiar knot in your stomach. One last super hard thrust back into you and he sends you over that familiar edge. Cumming all over his pulsating length and you try to stand up on your knees in the bed but your thighs and hips give out forcing you right back over into your previous position. “Let me help you onto your back Princess.” Johnny says turning you to face him then laying you down. Once you are laid down he strokes his length one final time and then pushes inside of you super slow. “Ugh, Johnny oppa you I love you inside of me” you moan out. “I know princess, I love being inside of you” he takes his time very slow making sure you’re comfortable, you both watch as his shaft get shinier and more wet looking his length dripping with your sweet juices. Finally, he falls over into you thrusting into you with only his hands supporting him. The constant contact of his pelvis with yours makes the loudest sounds to ever echo through the apartment in the years you’ve had it. “Ugh Johnny oppa I’m going to cum.” He stamps his fists in to the bed raising himself up higher over you in the process, tucks his bottom lip between his teeth and goes faster and harder than anything you’ve ever felt before. Then that old knot tightens back up on you one final thrust back into your heat and that knot is untangled with passion and euphoria. Johnny peppers your face and the rest of your sweaty body with small yet electric kisses. He leaves himself inside of you watching your body twitch every time he gives you another thrust before his length spills inside of you. He pulls out of you and goes and turns on the shower. Soon as the water is warm enough he picks you up bridal style puts you in and washes your body off placing kisses everywhere he touches you. Soon as your rinsed and clean he wraps you in a towel and picks you up bridal style again carries you to your bed and lays you beside Jung Kook then he lays right next to you
“So did you enjoy it dongsaeng?” Jung Kook asks desperately kissing your hand
“Yes I enjoyed it very much” You said biting your lip
“Would you like to do it again?” Johnny asks
“Yes oppa” You answer him
“When?” Johnny asks
“Right Now”

So this is my first time writing something like this for a blog like this I can do virtually anything you ask my ask box is always open and I hope you enjoy this one as well as many more because I have so many more to write


This is my first reaction post, so just for good measure: I am not an all-knowing god, I can’t possibly /know/ what idols think, this is just how I believe they’d react uwu

(NCT is a very large group, so I chose to just do NCT 127 <3)


He would be kinda quiet about it, but would instantly know what was wrong, as soon he saw you writhing and groaning in bed. Without a word he’d get up, run a warm bath and force you in it. While you were in the bath, he’d make you a delicious breakfast (more delicious than usual). He’d insist you spend the entire day relaxing, and would do all the housework himself. He wouldn’t be very talkative, fearing that he’d somehow make it worse, but once in a while he’d send you loving glances to let you know he was there for you.


He wouldn’t hesitate to run to the store for tampons and chocolate to ease the pain - he’d even walk to the cash register with a confident smile planted on his face, thinking “hell yeah I’m the best boyfriend ever, get on my level,” to himself. He’d do anything to make you smile and forget about the pain, telling one cheesy joke after the other. He’ll then put on an anime for you to watch, but gets a “great” idea halfway through it and tries convincing you that making you with someone you love eases pain;

“Hm, I should call Johnny-oppa then”.

*exaggerated gasp* “the betrayEL!”


this poor child would not know what to do, once you told him the reason for your stomach ache. At first he’d try to distract you by initiating a tickle fight, but quickly found out that it only made it worse. He’d kinda avoid talking about it, and act like it was something like a regular stomach ache, but would deeply wish he could just man up and be there for his lady.

“Do you, like, need some painkillers or something” he’d ask awkwardly, wanting to help at least a little. He would probably call Taeyong asking for help, but would then proceed to whine on the phone when the older laughed at him.


You’d feel the pain the instant you woke up, causing you to groan loudly. Johnny, that was laying besides you with his back to you, responded with another groan. For a while you both just laid there and complained back and worth, like a “who can groan the longest” competition. He’d honestly not know that you were actually in pain, so when you told him he’d jump out of bed and apologize, immediately picking you up - princess style - and shower you in kisses while carrying you to the bathroom where’d he’d run you a warm bath (that he’d probably join you in)

“What? You’re in pain and I need to shower before practice. This saves us time” you had to roll your eyes at him, but you couldn’t possibly feel anything but love for your giant care-bear.


At first he’d feel kinda awkward and would be opposed to pick up tampons for you at the store, when you asked him to with pain in your voice. After enough begging he’d give in and do it though. It took him some time but once he realized you weren’t going to get better any time soon, he finally softened up. He’d sing to you while rubbing soothing circles into your skin, while watching some cheesy movie running in the background, that he had put on to try and make you laugh the pain away.


would try to cheer you up with cringeworthy aegyo, and while it did work to begin with, it’d eventually make you laugh so hard it made the pain worse. He’d then wrap his arms around you and cuddle the pain away - insisting he wouldn’t let go until you felt better. It felt like having a little puppy following you around all the time, and you couldn’t help but laugh at how adorable he was.


It would break his heart knowing you were in pain but he couldn’t help you. To begin with he’d try to comfort you with gentle hugs but it didn’t have much effect. He’d suddenly disappear from the apartment and would be gone for quite a while. You got incredibly sad, thinking he just didn’t want to deal with you, but shortly after he came bag with at least five bags on each arm - all filled with various comfort foods and medicine.

“I might have accidently bought the entire store for you - I didn’t know what else I could do” you then spend the rest of the day cuddling and eating the million cakes he bought you.


After you had told him it was “that time of the month” he’d just kinda stop for a minute and process what you meant, not knowing what to do or how to react. He somehow reached the conclusion that a rational and logical approach would be best, and created a list of methods you could try to ease the pain. You tried dropping hints that you really just wanted him to cuddle you, but he’d be so oblivious until you physically dragged him onto the couch. He finally picked up on what you wanted and started petting your hair, making sure not to leave you until you told him to. 


Much like Haechan, he would have no clue what to do, and would end up frantically wandering around the apartment to collect blankets, tea, painkillers and anything else he could think of to make you feel better.  He’d get so panicked that you’d have to comfort him, instead of the other way around.

(A/N I had a lot of fun writing this, I hope you like it too <3 let me know if you have any requests or feedback! UwU)

More than enough

Member(s): Johnny

Genre: Slight fluff towards the ending , mostly angst

A/N: there are tons of Johnny scenarios out there already but we can never get enough of him so ;)


The rain drops hit against the windows as the wind whistled , making a soft and gentle rhythm . It slowly got heavier as you felt the rain droplets flying into your house , causing the floor tiles to get wet in just a few seconds . The lights in the house was flickering and your bed was a mess .

But you couldn’t care less to close the windows , tidy up your room and fix everything . How could you fix everything else when you yourself was a mess ?

Your hair was tied into a messy bun and you wore just an oversized sweater with a pair of shorts . Your red eyes and dark circles could be visibly seen . As though you hadn’t eaten for days , your lips were pale and dry .

He hasn’t visited you since last week after that incident , and you felt like you were going to die .

Grabbing yet another box of tissues , your eyes schemed through the comments on the article .

!! SHOCKING !! NCT’s Johnny has a girlfriend ? And they have have been dating for 2 years . Unbelievable !

“ Ew omg she’s so ugly , is Johnny oppa blind or something .. I really hope they break up soon .”

“ She’s probably only dating him for his popularity and talents , i bet she doesnt love him truly LOL. ”

“ I guess i should be happy Johnny has a girlfriend but … i was expecting someone prettier and better ? But oh well .. we can’t do anything , it is oppa’s choice . ”

Your relationship with Johnny had been publicised to the media last week after both of you were caught on a date at a deserted cafe you thought no fans would be at , but who knew one was there at that day and she just had to blow everything up .

You clenched your chest as you felt that overwhelming emotion take over your body again . Before you knew it , you were breaking down and blaming yourself for even thinking of getting together with an idol in the first place , and also promising him that you wouldn’t get affected when in fact , you would and you were . What’s more ,he was a well known celebrity and idol while you were just a typical citizen and student , who are you to deserve someone so great and talented like him ?

You shut the top of your laptop as you dragged yourself to bed . Covering your face with your pillow , you poured your eyes out once again. You didn’t want to think anymore , you were tired and you didn’t want to think of what may happen next , also , to imagine yourself having to break up with Johnny , was something that seemed impossible for you to do .

“ Y/N … ” you flinched when you heard that soothing and familiar voice . You held your breath as you slowly lifted your pillow up . Infront of you stood Johnny . Like you , his hair was in a mess and he didn’t even bothered to shave . His eyes were swollen and sulky , making your heart ache again as it hurt to see him so upset over something , as compared to the funny and goofy Johnny you knew .

Hugging onto each other tightly , you buried your head in his chest as you remembered how warm it was whenever you did that . You missed him . And as much as you wished he would never leave , Johnny felt the same too . “ I-I thought the company wouldn’t allow you to see me ? How .. How did you manage to come all the way here ? ” you asked softly as you closed your eyes upon the soft rhythm of his heart pumping against your ears .

He sighed as he caressed your head , his hoarse and broken voice replying “ I didn’t care , the other boys helped me and i escaped . I had to see you . ” It was evident that he had also been crying for the past few days .

You nodded your head and silence overtook the room , as both of you held onto each other tightly . Although you wanted to ask him a whole lot more of questions , you didn’t as you didn’t want to ruin the moment .

“ I wouldn’t mind if i lost my job in SM , getting lots of hate from the media or fans , all for the sake of our relationship . I need b>us more than anything or anyone else, ” he said out once again , hands around your waist now .

“ No , it’s not worth it , you worked so hard for so many years with endless training , you have so many fans waiting for you and they all love you so much . I-I’m .. Babe .. Don’t do-”

He placed his lips roughly on yours to shut you up , a sign that he he was getting pissed , and also , he missed how you tasted within the past week without contacting you . You let him kiss you as you missed him so much too .

“ You don’t know how i feel Y/N . Right now , this moment , what i really want is you and you to be happy . Our relationship is more than enough and everything i could ask for . ”

NCT MTL... To like their s/o calling them oppa

I would like to clarify these are our personal opinions and do not reflect the members’ actual feeling towards this issue.

*For this post “Oppa” is being used in the place of a petname, not in the literal use for older brother/older male.

**Oppa or the equivalent in their native language.


  • Johnny - Johnny has transcended Oppa. He is on a different level. He has completely passed Oppa and accepted his true calling of being Daddy. It is what it is.

  • Yuta - Is The Oppa. If you look in the dictionary under Oppa, there’s a pic of Yuta scolding you for using informal language. He not only loves being called oppa, the boy needs it.

  • Jaehyun - Now being an oppa is one thing, that’s just how the honorific system works. But being your oppa is an entirely different ballgame. Coming from his bae, “Oppaaaa” has bypassed the system and moved on to the list of things that make Jaehyun’s heart flutter.  

  • Haechan - Unless he’s hanging out with like, 12 year old kids, Haechan doesn’t often get to hear Oppa. Regardless of age, Haechan would try his best to convince you to call him Oppa and if you ever gave in he’d grow like three new super manly chest hairs.

  • Taeil - Taeil would only accept oppa as the social norm, the same way he’d call you noona if you were older. But he doesn’t much care for it in a casual setting, prefers to just use each other’s names or use real petnames. Oppa is too formal.

  • Taeyong - You would quickly learn that ‘’Oppa” makes Taeyong blush and completely forget where he is or who he is. Whether you were being a lil flirt or just asking the time, something about your voice would end him for a solid five minutes. For his own peace of mind he’d rather be called something else.

  • Doyoung - The way you say oppa gives him a real kick, but Doyoung is such a fluff that he’d start giggling and stuttering every time. You have to reserve “Oppa” for private times otherwise the members or netizens would start to think he was having some sort of fit whenever you were around.

  • Mark - Feels that Oppa can never leave the Brother Zone. And he doesn’t want to be your brother, he wants to be your man. Well he wants to be your small, overworked, underappreciated manchild, but certainly not your brother.

  • Winwin - Just prefers being called something soft and sweet. Oppa makes him feel like an old man, you’d think you’d just called him Ahjussi or something with the way he reacts to it. Like “no no I am not your oppa, I’m your baby please just call me baby.”

  • Ten - Would dropkick the entire honorific system if he could. Not only does he not want to be an oppa, he wants to call his managers and pd’s ‘Dude’ or ‘Bro’. Firmly believes in just being your sweet Ten, oppa is for strangers.  


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