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NCT Hyung Line Reaction: first time calling them oppa

NCT Hyung Line reacting to the first time you call them oppa

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You’ve never called him oppa before, so he wouldn’t have ever expected this day to happen. So here’s how it happens:


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Taeil was cooking dinner for the other members as it was his turn.He was peeling and cutting vegetables when you decided to join in and help him. You lean on the counter and look up at him: 

“oppa, do you need hel-”

You’d quickly stop talking as a dust of pink begins to appear on your cheeks. He’d smirk and tease you saying that he likes it. Throughout your cooking session, he tries to get you to call him oppa again. 


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You two would be at the mall on a shopping spree. You ended up spending all of your money, but you came across a really cute dress. Johnny noticed you staring at it, and decided to buy it for you. You’d happily hug him: 

“Awe you’re truly the best, oppa- ah I mean what”

You’d quickly pull back and try to avoid eye contact. Johnny would just stare at you until he realized what you called him. His eyes would go wide and he would try to get you say it again.

“If you don’t call me oppa again, I’m going to return the dress!”


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You both would be out in a park babysitting the Dream kids. The Dream kids were running around everywhere making Taeyong get a motherly nervous feeling. He kept telling them to stay where he can see then, but they wouldn’t listen: 

“Yah! Kids, don’t go that far!”

“Oppa, let them have fun!”

As he was about to called out for them again, he stopped after realizing that you called him ‘oppa.’ You’d giggle at his cute, shocked expression while Haechan would be making fun of him. Afterwards, he’d tell you that he’d like it if you called him that more often. 


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Unlike the other members, Yuta had been begging you to call him oppa, but you would always refuse. One day, he was in a randomly happy mood so he’d be constantly trying to kiss you. As he was leaning in for what seemed like the 100th time: 

“Why are you being so cute today, oppa?”

before he can say anything, you kiss him. Once, you pull back, he’d be a smirking mess. 

“Now was that so hard?”

Let’s just say you’d be calling him oppa a lot more.


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You two would be in his dressing room. He was about to go be an MC in 30 minutes and he wanted to be with you as you helped him relax. He was even more nervous because the crowd was larger and even though he’s an idol, he still gets nervous: 

“yah, you’ll do great! Just be your cute self, oppa!”

He’d immediately smile upon hearing you. Seeing as to how it distracted him from him nervousness, you called him ‘oppa’ until he was called to go. Let’s just say he wasn’t as nervous. 


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You were studying hard for an upcoming exam you had. Seeing how hard you were working, Jaehyun decided to surprise you with your favorite tea from Starbucks: 

“Awe, Jaehyunnie! You’re the best boyfriend ever. Thank you, oppa!”

He’d smile seeing as to how cute you sounded calling him that. He’d kiss you sweetly and give you your tea. 

“Guess I should buy you tea more often!”


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He was live on V app with Jaehyun and Doyoung. You were watching it with the other members and you noticed that Winwin looked really nervous. You send him a quick message: 

“Oppa, don’t be nervous! You got this! Fighting!”

He instantly smiled at the cute little message you sent him. He only felt a little flustered at you calling him ‘oppa.’ He tried his best not to be nervous and knowing that you were watching him helped him relax. 


woo, I felt really weird writing this because I personally don’t like using the word oppa in english. I just find it a little strange. but other than that I hope you enjoyed it. requests are open. It might take awhile because I have a lot in my drafts right now. also, sorry my tenses are all over the place. 

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