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Dating johnny headcanons?

yes!!! omg

-so much handholding
-he’s dead the kid to always be staring at u with awe cause he thinks ur so gorgeous
-johnny is not aLL about PDA
-but in private, he literally just always wants to be snuggled up to u
-or u snuggled up to him
-around 984748484 other fuzzy warm blankets
-this is his favorite thing, fight me
-his kisses are tender, passionate and sweet
-tbh he feels bad always being at the curtis house or ur house when shit goes down at his but ur folks fucking love him like
-“do u wanna stay for dinner”
-“nah i don’t wanna be a bother….“
- “ok so drumstick or wing”
-“if u don’t mind, could i have a drumstick?”
- *gives him both*
- “i said-”
- “i know what u said”
-he’ll go to crazy extents to be there for u or protect u
-there is never a time when you’re walking home by yourself…….. like ev e r
-w johnny, it’s always “buttercup” or “honeybunch”
-“rise and shine buttercup” is his phrase
-johnny will NEVER hesitate to give u his jacket
-like sometimes u don’t even fuckin ask for it, he just gives it to u
-he’s the type to say “hey, i love you”
- just to make sure you always know
- most often while ur doing something random like cooking, or reading or smiling
- but especially when u wake up after a nap together aW
-tbh johnny feels weird saying “i love you”
- bc he rarely has ever heard it except at the curtis house especially from mrs curtis to johnny himself sometimes
- like if he stood over for dinner
- like “ok johnny!! you can always come over if you need to. get home safe, i love you!”
- and he had been beAMING
- so when he says it to u, he really means it from what he can understand about it
-this kiddo loves this girl so much his lil heart can’t handle it sometimes
-whenever he’s at the lot, you’re there to drag him to ur place
- even though he’s reluctant
- “but-”
- or sometimes he’ll yank back and y'all sit down and watch the stars
-he literally loves giving u small kisses on your nose!!!!!!
-where u headed johnny?”
- “i’m going t-”
- “gonna gO SEE Y/N??”
-“USE A RUBBER ;)))”
-“i can never get a word out around u guys can i”
-dally is dead giving him pointers bc johnny isn’t as experienced w sex or relationships or love tbh
- "man tug her hair, girls love that”
- *tugs hair one day*
- "ow wyd”

not yours to take

*requested —> Anonymous said: i honestly love your plots. can i request a fuckboy!yuta? like the jjh one.

Originally posted by sour-satang

author’s note: 2,272 words. 

*mentions of alcohol, drugs and sex. sins aplenty. read at own discretion.*

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bffs ponyboy & johnny as college roommates !
  • ponyboy gets up early to start coffee for them, but he’s clumsy and perpetually sleepy so he kind of always makes a mess
  • the apartment is really small but they’ve decorated it all cute (maybe have a sort of soft green+blue+neutrals aesthetic going on?)
  • ponyboy makes the grocery lists but they go shopping together
  • johnny always gets onto pony for leaving his painting stuff, notebooks, & homework everywhere
  • they both love living together bc it’s always peaceful & quiet (unless the gang comes to visit….)
  • johnny brings home dinner sometimes after work or class
  • ponyboy always has music playing but johnny doesn’t mind bc he likes pony’s taste in music
  • if one of them falls asleep on the couch, the other will always cover them up with a blanket
  • the first time they did laundry together they mixed up all their clothes, so now they just share everything 
  • johnny always has to check the door before he goes to bed bc pony forgets to lock it all. the. time.
  • they 100% take care of each other when they’re sick
  • johnny hung up some of pony’s art on the walls bc he is the sweetest ever & wants to support his best friend’s talents
  • & pony always helps johnny study when he needs it
  • they always say “hey i’m home” when they come through the door bc they’re basically an old married couple
The Friend Zone (Part Two): Alexander Hamilton x Readership

Summary: You had been best friends with John Laurens your whole life, but then you moved to Chicago. Years later, you moved to New York City and got to know him once again, all the while falling in love with his best friend. John doesn’t take that easily.

Word Count: 1733

A/N: I have ideas for other parts to this if requested :)

Part One // Part Two


Two months later, you and Alex were happily dating. That first night was the first of many that Alex spent in your apartment. John had been incredibly cool about the whole thing. You made sure to keep him as involved in your life as possible. He was still your best friend. That wasn’t going to change.

However, you and Alex did your best to keep your private life private for the sake of everyone around you. The five of you were friends first and you didn’t want to ruin that. Any moment you got alone with Alex was a blessing.

The two of you decided to have a movie night. It was Saturday night and it was the first free night that you had in awhile and you were exhausted. Your job at the Times was practically killing you, but it was your dream. You had a great support system to keep you moving forward.

Alex supported you by staying up until two in the morning writing. You slumped against his shoulder with your laptop propped up on your knees while he leaned against the headboard with his legs sprawled out and laptop in his lap. He proofread everything you wrote and you were the person he bounced ideas off of when he got stuck in a case. It was the perfect balance.

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Happy birthday Anna. Love, Johnny.

Pairing : Johnny, Anna x Kyle, Sam x Reader x Lyle x Dean, other sld characters.
Word count : 2,058
Author : Mel
Warnings  : Johnny is just like his dad. Torture mentioned, Cheating mentioned.

Going on a demon hunt. - You can’t outrun me.

‘She’s Leaving, Dean’ 1 year celebration!

Anna blushed as the singing died down. “Happy 19th birthday, Princess.” Sam smiled, kissing her temple.

“Thanks Daddy.” She grinned. When she went to blow out the candles on the cake, the toddler in her arms screamed, waved a hand and the candles flared before going out. She chuckled softly. “How is it my kid is more powerful than I am?” She shook her head.

“Come to Uncle Johnny, you little stinker.” Johnny took him with a smile. “Let your mom have one birthday wish?”

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Okay so YEAH

-dally loves it when johnny explains stuff to him, because no matter what it is, johnny has a nice voice and he loves it and pays hella attention

-okay so my friends and I were talking about it, and despite all of the weird kinky headcanons, they’re so easy going and communicate a lot and it’s cute. Because of Johnny’s abuse, neither of them really likes anything rough.

-modern!johnny would love making tea for dally

-modern!jally where they share earbuds and fight over music choices

-the gang played basketball once, but only once, because they got tired of dally picking johnny up to make baskets

-(inspired by an actual thing) when johnny is upset an dally can tell, he gives him his ring and it calms him down

-they don’t fight. they can’t afford to, not with how much they need eachother, and with everything johnny has at home.

-that doesn’t mean there aren’t disagreements, but when those happen, dally has gotten good at walking off to cool off

-modern!johnny uses military time on his phone and dally is CONFUSEd

-dally is p good at asking johnny’s opinion on stuff, because he really hates him being left out

-dally lOVES smelling johnny’s hair, and johnny loves playing with dally’s hands

Soda imagine Part three- Take me home.

Fandom: The Outsiders.

Paring: Sodapop X Reader, Sodapop X Sandy

Installment: three out of three.

Author: theoutsidersstory

Warning: Post-Smut?, Fighting, Yelling, Swearing, Heartbreak.

Song: Take me Home- Johnny Cash

I’m falling to pieces
But I need this
Yeah, I need this
You’re my fault
My weakness
When did you turn so cold

You sat tangled in your bedsheet- Alone. Your stomach was in a knot and pained with guilt. What should of been a good night between you and soda was a rough, guilty night of intimacy.

You did not feel right at all.

Soda still hasn’t decided between you or sandy and you felt used and tired. Why do you always get caught in this shit? Whenever he and Sandy went downhill he ran to you but, any other time he only loved Sandy.

You cut me down to the bone
Now you’re dancing
All over my soul
I’m falling to pieces
To pieces, to pieces

You ended up at bucks, The only place where you could cool down with a beer without being harassed.You peered around the bar, looking to see if any of your friends were around. Your eyes fell on a beautiful blonde dancing with a blue eyed devil.

Sandy and Soda.

They were laughing and stumbling around the dancefloor in a way that grasped everyone’s attention and would not let go. Soda’s eyes sparkled and he smiled the way he used to when he was with you. You chugged down your drink quickly and ordered another. You kept your total rising as your eyes began to blur and you lost vision of the pair dancing before you.

But I still stay cause you’re the only thing I know
So won’t you take, oh, won’t you take me home
Take me home, home, home
Take me home, home, home

You were stumbling home laughing to yourself. You laughed about how ypu still loved soda. You laughed about the night you spent together and how he looked so happy with sandy and You laughed about how he had a family and how is was oh so funny that all he did was use you. You heard a familiar squeak of a car on your left. Your attention turned to the car and your laughs quickly faltered. Soda sat alone, in the drivers seat with a eyebrow raised and pointed at you- Something he must of learned from Two. He reached over and opened the door as you got in without realizing your actions. 

“Y/n..Are you drunk?” He asked, starring at you with those blue eyes of his,

you giggled in response. “Maybee…”

He groaned before he started driving, once he pulled up in the curtis’s household driveway he leaned over to you, planting a kiss on your lips.

Oh shit.

His kisses were rough on your lips and sent that knot back in your stomach. His kisses changed direction and landed on your neck.

“s-Soda, S-Stop!” You slurred, roughly pushing him away. You then realized the mistake you made.His once calm face turned angry in the blink of an eye. 

“What did you tell me Y/N? “ he growled. “Your my girlfriend- I’m going to do whatever i want with you.” he leaned back into your neck when you smelled the liquor leaking off of him. Once again, You roughly pushed him away. 

“Soda, Stay away from me!” You screamed, only enraging him more.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” He yelled back.

“You! You love sandy and Go on dates, and Treat her like some f’ing goddess then you come over and you expect sex from me when i haven’t seen you in weeks! I can’t do that, Soda!” You screamed.

suddenly, soda exploded.

“What the hell am I supposed to do, Y/n?! I have a child for cryin’ out loud!! I can’t just abandoned Sandy! She won’t let me see my daughter if I do! I can’t leave you either because your the love of my life! Your all i had before this and your all I want! You complete me!”

But you know that this wasn’t true, You seen the way he looked at him baby, You seen the way he smiled at sandy and the way his eyes lit up as she entered a room. He loved Sandy but he almost loved you as much. His feelings were slipping for you and he couldn’t admit it himself. Sandy was his girl. Soda was a father now, and a damn good one. Everything became clear to you. Your eyes met soda’s crying ones and you slowly kissed his cheek before getting out of his car. Soda followed quickly.

“No! Y/N! Don’t do this to me! I love you! I love you, Y/n!” he was screaming in his cries. Darry ran outside and you turned to him.

“Please, Take me home.”

Darry obliged, You sat in his car as it drove down the street, rain gently hit the windows as you turned around to face what you were leaving behind. Soda stood in the middle of the road, his eyes were red and tears streamed down his cheek’s, He was shaking. 

You knew this soda,  Broken Soda is what you called it.Soda acted like this when he lost his parent’s, When he lost mickey mouse and officially - When he lost you.

NCT Reaction (older members) - “They catch you using their razor to shave your legs”

Note: This has a bit of sweet & spice mix(I couldn’t miss some drops of naughtiness of course!!!), I hope you’ll like it! Thank you for the idea anon, I had fun writing this! Also I looked closely at their faces and I seriously wondered if they ever use a razor? Like they have a baby soft skin (well I came across a Kun zoomed-in pic and I saw some unshaven missed spots…it was cute and funny)…But ok, maybe they use it once in a while, just their facial hair might now grow that fast :) 

Taeil: What is this? Are you…using my razor to shave your legs?? Did you ask for permission at least?” he looks taken aback at the picture of you leaning on the sink with one leg stretched till the edge of the bathtub using his razor but his mind already starts making plans…”Can I touch them when you are finished? I miss some skin feeling…I’ll wait on the bed. Ah, and I hope you’ll forget your clothes here…It’ll be more fun for me to see if the rest looks smooth too!” His awkward yet devilish smile hints you clearly at what’s going to happen next..

With Taeil you won’t have the chance to run away because he’s eager to see how smooth your skin has become and if you won’t leave the bathroom without clothes, be ready to see him getting all mad(in a good and bad way=D)!


Honey can I come in…I’m in a hurry and I need to prepare for an interview…” he can’t wait any longer for you since he has to take a shower and prepare to go out, but then he opens the bathroom door just to face you shaving your legs… with his razor of course…”Wait, is that mine?Are you…” he starts stuttering “You’ve been…using that before too?

His mind has gone blank thinking how many times he used it and now you are using it on your legs…he can’t find words to describe the feeling, it’s dirty yet hot and he needs to do something about you…”What about then joining me for a shower, I’ll consider it as repaying me for lending you my stuff??!” You can’t refuse him, unless you want him to cancel his schedule and imprison you the whole day at home!

Taeyong: He enters the bathroom just to see you shaving your legs gracefully using none other than his razor…his precious razor that cost him a fortune, because it gives him a baby skin like and he’s been using just once! Just once but now you are using it on your legs?? “Honey, you better throw that down, that’s dirty!!! Can’t you buy some new ones for you??” he is starting again with his nagging, but you’ll answer him back you want to have a baby skin like his face…

I told you many times not to re-use the thing I use!!” he looks mad while he pulls back his hair and approaches you whispering “Guess I’ll have to teach you some new rules…” Then last thing you could remember was that he took his razor from you and threw it away in the trash bin, while with another hand he wiped your legs with a hot towel..carefully inspecting if you did a good job and kissing the small spots where you cut yourself…the rest is just what you imagined to happen…

Johnny: He just came home from his practice and in a need to hurry up and shower he enter the bathroom without notice just to watch you doing something he’s never seen before…at least not in you! At first he gets surprised seeing you half naked but then he spots you holding his razor …

Babe, is that…mine?? F*ck, don’t tell me…you use that on your…on your…elsewhere too??” he lets out a small curse while suddenly imagining things maybe he shouldn’t but…he makes you flutter at the sudden slap he gives you on your rear.
Sorry, that’s  because you’ve always been a bad kid. Should daddy teach you how to behave once for all and not to play with his personal things?” At least now he has someone to help him wash while he’ll keep his hands busy with exploring how good his job his razor did on your body…Body evaluation time by daddy Johnny is about to start in 3, 2,…


He is always open-minded and knows a lot about these things, maybe more than you, even if he is 100% manly guy. “I thought you were doing laser hair removal, what are you doing with my razor? Is that what you used all this time to look so soft? Oh my god, what am I going to do with you?” You thought he was going to get angry but instead he came with an idea…

What about me doing the rest? Like…I want to see it closer and I promise I won’t hurt you, I use this on my face and you know I never cut myself, I am a master in shaving!” Whatever he’s thinking right now, let him do it! Yuta Sensei knows how to handle this…

Kun: What the heck are you doing??” he bursts into a laughter because the whole situation looks funny..your legs full of foam and your eyes doubling their size looking at him catching you surprised. You weren’t expecting him coming home so soon…”Well I am sorry for scaring you but wait a second, you are using my razor…Omg! Don’t tell me you used it on other places because I am going to check it right now!” Because you’re unable to answer him…he’s going to step forward.

Ok, take that old shirt off and let me inspect the rest, unless you want me to tie you later in your sleep…you know what happens when I get mad? Hurry up sweetie!” Whatever you’ll do, he’ll go mad anyways and by that…you know what it means…

Doyoung: He feels embarrassed as you face him with a “What are you looking at?” mad expression and he just shuts the door because he doesn’t want to get killed, even if you are the one who should be killed right now for using his razor. But he won’t leave the things as you want and he’ll come back. “Let me help you with that, this is sharper than those special one for women (he knows the difference, wow!), you sure don’t know how to use it..” ~

This is a chance for him to grab your inner tight strongly with the excuse of holding you and doing his job…but well, his hand might be travelling a bit to up for this kind of thing and his tongue licking off those dry thirsty lips make him look like he’s not gonna last for too long…Do not get surprised if you’ll come out of the bathroom with half of one leg shaved, because he is in a hurry to give you a punishment for touching his personal belonging without asking him and you can finish shaving your legs later…

Ten: First of all facing you only wearing your underwear makes him feel hot and sweaty, but then he clearly spots his razor in your hand and he can’t leave you alone without an explanation… “Just what are you doing with that? Are you…shaving with my razor?? Do you know I use that on my face? I hate you so much…now how the heck am I gonna shave? I don’t have any razors left..

He’ll get out of the bathroom, but as soon as he’ll hear you stepping into the shower he’ll come back…to join you of course. “Ok, look babe, the deal is you need to do something for causing me this much “emotional damage”…how about you do that thing you know the best? Maybe I’ll forgive you…”  That thing you know the best, well, even he doesn’t know about it but he’s about to find it out…

Jaehyun: He sees the bathroom door cracked open and takes a glance to see why the light is still on, as he clearly remembered letting you rest on your bed and turning off all the lights not too long ago…but then he sees a very sexy picture of you wearing only your panties and doing something…he needs to see closer because he can’t decipher from this distance.
Who said you can do this nasty dirty stuff in my bathroom with my razor?? I don’t recall giving you permission…” he laughs at your startled expression but his teasing won’t stop here…

I remember letting you sleep a while ago baby…wait a second, don’t tell me, are you preparing me something??Ok…I’ll wait for you, I’ll start counting, if you won’t come out in 5 minutes I’m going to take one piece of cloth for every minute delay and of course I’m not going to forgive you for messing with my stuff!” Let the dirty game begin…

WinWin: Oh my god, what is she doing?” he murmurs to himself while he sees you in all splendor stretching your legs as you’re sitting on the toilet lid…”Ahm, ahm…excuse me darling but I think you are using something that’s mine and I would like you to buy another one for me after you finish your time making yourself beautiful…Of course, if you don’t want to waste money, you know that cost me a fortune cause I brought it from a Chinese specialized store, what about you repaying me with something else…you know…my hands are impatient…should I touch your legs first to see if it worth buying that razor?

Si Cheng knows his playful ways to get advantage of this situations and how can you resist him looking like this, waiting for something he might’ve desired for so long??

Chain letter email #32

Little Johnny came home from school one day and went by his mom’s room. The door was open, so he looked in and saw his mom lying on the bed naked moaning and touching herself saying, “Ooh, I need a man! I need a man!”

The next day, Little Johnny got home from school and saw his mom lying on the bed naked with a naked guy on top of her. So Little Johnny ran to his room, stripped down naked, and started to touch himself, while moaning, “Ooh, I need a bike! I need a bike!”