johnny myer

Typing: Captain Jack Sparrow (ESTP)

Se - A lot of time I see Jack Sparrow typed as an ENTP and all I can think of is… Why? There are very few characters in movie history as opportunistically tuned with their surroundings as he is. He’s very much in the moment, always looking around, observing his surroundings and making the most of them. He’s also very quick to take action. Take Curse of the Black Pearl for example. He sees Elizabeth fall in the water, takes off his belongings and jumps after her. When she’s not breathing, he instantly goes for her corset. When he was abandoned on the island, he sits there three days drinking rum, making the most of his surroundings, until he’s given the chance to get out. A dominant Ne-user would not use as much time in tune with his surroundings and deciding what to do next based on what’s presented in front of him. He’s quick on his feet, smart, and always using the tangible things around him to improvise his way out. 

Ti - Jack knows a lot more than he lets on. He gives off the air of being air-headed while being surprisingly attuned to the reality of what’s around him, a very strong Se-Ti trait. He feels no need to control  his surroundings. His Ti is a tool to get by and his true intentions and opinions are a mystery to most. He does what makes sense to him and isn’t really concerned if others don’t follow his line of thinking. If his actions make sense to him, that’s enough. His quirkiness and general weirdness are a combination of highly expressive Se and more internal and private Ti.

Fe - Feelings are obviously not Jack’s forte. His expressions of emotions are often awkward and out of place and he struggles with connecting to others on an emotional level. This being said, he does experience a certain sense of attachment to his friends. His plot to take back the Black Pearl and kill Barbossa is largely due to his feelings of hurt and betrayal by his crew.

Ni - As opposed to Ne, Jack obviously uses inferior Ni, which fuels his plans for vengeance. He’s obsessed with the idea of killing Barbossa and having his ship back, and his obsessiveness over The Black Pearl (”STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY SHIP”) is a telltale sign of inferior, undeveloped Ni. His inferior Ni has made The Black Pearl his meaning in life, his ultimate goal. Despite being spontaneous and impulsive he never loses sight of this goal.

If there’s someone who’s 100% convinced that Jack Sparrow is an ENTP after all and is brave enough to take me on this one, go right ahead.