johnny mine

#104 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “One where everyone is at the bar hangin out and when she isnt lookin someone tries to roofie her and van and the lads are well pissed and try to fight the guy??”

Note: I deviated a little bit from the original prompt, and I hope that’s okay?

Warning: This fic contains drink spiking, and discussion about the potential consequences of that.

It all happened so fast. You didn’t have time to process any of it. One minute you were dancing, the next you were lying on the concrete sidewalk out the front of the bar with a boy you didn’t know performing chest compressions. His face was twisted in panic, and he was begging you to breathe. You could hear Evie crying. “Please don’t fucking die,” the boy said. The last thing you saw was his necklace swaying in the air as he pressed against your heart hard. 

Ten minutes earlier you had been buying drinks with Evie when there was a break in good songs. The cocktails were pretty; Instagram worthy. You both turned to rummage through your bags for your phones. After cheering, and taking small sips, Evie spat hers out all over the bar. You laughed. “Oh my god! How can something so pretty taste so gross,” she cried.

“Yeah, they’re not great… Just drink fast!” you suggested. 

“Drink fast?! You drink fast, Y/N. Go on. Both." 

So you did. Suddenly, there were people around you. A guy in a button up white shirt knocked the second glass from your hand. "What the fuck!?” you yelled as he did. Another guy in a red velvet shirt was next to him.

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