johnny lizard

Spider-Man finds his allies (Captain America, Daredevil, Thing, Human Torch and others) have been taken out-of-action and as hostages by his enemies. 

(Spoiler: This is actually Peter Parker’s bad dream about his wedding anxiety). 

- Amazing Spider-Man Annual v1 #21, 1987

I got 2nd cat, my sister found on some facebook group someone giving away a cat and she was the first to comment on it. Obviously i think atleast what she said then to the owner about me helped her get him. His name is Kylo i was going to name him Gat but then remembered my mom has a lizard called Johnny Gat (i named her yes it’s a her not he hahaha) anyway and my sister since she found the cat in a way decided from few names that Kylo was the best. Options were Kylo, Vhenan, Gat, Thane, Jaal, Anders and Solas.

late night spideytorch blogging

So I’ve made no secret that I’m toying with a longish Fant4stic/TASM crossover fic (remember the time agarfield wanted mbj to play spider-man’s love interest because you couldn’t pry that fact away from me with a crow bar) - I’ve been playing with two slightly different timelines and I think I’ve settled on one, which means this original intro is prooobably getting cut.

But I’m fond of it, so here it is:

“Try this on.”

The shirt Reed held out was grey, lumpy and slippery at the same time, and had a really horrible neckline. Johnny looked at it, then back up at Reed and said, “How about you try it on?”

“He already did,” Sue said, fading into sight just behind him. She was wearing her own ugly lumpy sweatshirt. “Put the shirt on, Johnny, we need to see how it holds up to your powers.”

Reluctantly, Johnny took the shirt. It had a weird texture, a little like tiny scales. He wrinkled his nose.

“Does it come in any other colors?” he asked.

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when put under too much strain or when poked with a very sharp object, johnny may ‘pop’ into a number of tiny johnnies, who must be gathered all up together in order for him to reform out of them. the intelligence of an individual tiny johnny is… rudimentary, lizard-like. loud noises provoke interesting reactions from them.