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Thoughts on why GirlBoss was canceled after only one season:

Overall this show did not work because the lead character was insufferable. You can’t make the main character unlikable and expect the audience to root for them…its doesn’t work that way! They failed in trying to transition Sophia into a more mature behaved individual; instead they kept her stunted as temper tantrum throwing, kleptomaniac, who treated everyone in & out of her life terribly. How do you root for someone like that? I know people who stopped watching the series after the first episode because Sophia’s character made it that difficult to watch.

Please note that I have not read the book that this series is based off of, but even if she did or did not comes across like this on paper, the show runners should’ve made a wiser decision in trying to mold Sophia’s narrative into something that was less difficult for the viewers to consume.   

On another note, the premise of the show itself was pretty solid and Sophia’s fierce business grind was admirable. I was kinda looking forward to seeing the development of the Nasty Gal online shop & how she dealt with all of the legal issues that came about in the later years.

That being said, I truly believe the writers really missed a great opportunity here…this show just needed a bit more fine tuning so that we could’ve gotten the “Girl Boss” that should’ve made us feel inspired and not conflicted by.

a list of things that are valid names for your fantrolls:

prized banjos, mumbly squabs, jigsaw puzzle, deluxe hummus, picnic basket the lunchbox, and: unique zodiac the trollboy 

pizazz, jazzbo, scuzzy, jujube, pizzle, huzzas, nuzzle, paxwax, friend, jockey, hijack, jackal, pajama, pickax, kwanza, shegay, quench, jumper, quirky, skybox, joking, zephyr, jimmie, asspal, zombie, jingly, theguy, object, johnny, sadboi, floozy, junker, junkie, eczema, sphynx, gazebo, hesgay, qwerty, climax, whacky, benzol, wheeze, unzips, cervix, hijabs, jerkin, shazam, hazmat, cockup, inkjet, quagga, jungle, squeak, juiced, joseph, squark, chippy, anowon, hubbub, jagger, amazon, kazoos, basque, frozen, bronze, bubbly, fjords, whacko, jetlag, whacks, squegs, jaguar, thwack, zareba, unique, floppy, glumpy, beezer, spritz, bumkin, queasy, flabby, plexus, bupkus, fajita, blabby, occupy, cracky, flappy, wobbly, guffaw, humbug, buckle, frumpy, webcam, brumby, cranky, waffle, vellum, funked, flambe, piffle, teabox, sneeze, sexing, cowman, sexism, crunch, lackey, snuffy, scruff, scurvy, snooze, brunch, shlock, sexpot, crumps, cummer, kayaks, monkey, doozie, paypal, peachy, syntax, common, saxony, muumuu, clamps, shimmy, cloggy, mythic, wabble, clinch, clomps, vulvas, victim, clench, matrix, improv, bitchy, quests, hookup, becket, psyche, sickly, whimsy, pushup, blimps, becalm, heckle, asylum, ionize, magnum, humble, bigwig, wiggly, wimple, torque, thwanky, praxis, wigwag, square, humvee, earwax, sleazy, zealot, mayhem, boxers, babble, toxics, pimped, pimple, bouncy, hacked, pippin, bedbug, queers, expert, exotic, hobnob, stumpy, cliche, myself, clingy, lawful, yuccas, cuddly, snobby, commie, comedy, sticky, french 

just consider this your standard issue grub naming handbook