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NCT - cherry bomb theory 🍒

i was trying 2 uncover anything about cherry bomb but kept hitting a dead end??? like rip it was impossible to create a theory ,,, on a pair of cherries ,,,,, & a bomb ,,,,,, UNTIL.

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“Weird Al” has played:

-Himself but yellow (Simpsons)

-Himself but himself (Johnny Bravo)

-Himself but a Grand Dad (Weird Al Show)

-Himself but the best super hero (Weird Al Show)

-Himself but designed ugly (Sabrina)

-A freaking squid (Billy and Mandy)

-A cross between his 80s self and current self (Lilo and Stitch)

-Himself but CGI (Back at the Barnyard)

-Robot peeps (Transformers)

-Himself but with the second best super hero (Batman)

-A banana spaceman (Adventure Time)

-A brain villain [he was also a certain super hero and a manager] (Mad)

-A pony [which may or may not have made me a brony] (My Little Pony)

-Smart dude (Gravity Falls)

-An actually funny scene in this awful show (Teen Titans Go)

-Banana doctor clown guy (Wander Over Yonder)

-Anyone (The 7D)

-Squidward (Voltron)

-Some guy (Star V.S. the Forces of Evil - not pictured)

-Someone who might have killed someone (Milo Murphy’s Law; main character - not pictured)

-A robot who is quite weird (Uncle Grandpa - not pictured) -A dog (BoJack Horseman - not pictured)

This is why you should love “Weird Al”.

@ sm im still waiting on an ot17 nct life where tf is it like i appreciate all these small ones but i want all the boys together preferably all with natural hair bc that gets me real emo real quick so yeah how ‘bout it boi


Fans worked their asses to buy the fucking album, streamed and promoted the boys and what did SM do? They played dirty. And these instagram famous doesn’t even know shit about NCT. But what did SM almighty do? They fucking gave these people privilages; giving them the chance for fan meets and other events (that is if they get to a certain amounts of likes but still, wtf) while NCTzens actually BOUGHT THE FUCKING ALBUMS AND WENT TO THEIR FUCKING SHOWS. Wrong move, SM. Wrong move.

The boys didn’t spend 9-12 hours of practice to only get this bs. Fans didn’t work extra jobs just to buy and stream the albums. And these non fans gets all the treasure and glory just because they’re famous on sns. No wonder people were a bit overwhelmed why NCT 127 got recognised by them. They were paid to promote. Fucking give SM around of applause, people.

P.S - To those fans that woke up at ridiculously early hours and actually went to the music shows and got sore throats from screaming out the fanchants, I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry they did this to you. Your hardwork will always be appreciated by us. And for the boys? I hope they don’t feel guilty because this is not their fault. SM was the one that did them dirty.


jamming on SO-BANG-CHA 🚒🔥🔥


harrison osterfield as johnny storm 🔥

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