johnny is a loser

the signs as chris evans' characters
  • Aries: Lucas Lee (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)
  • Taurus: Curtis (Snowpiercer)
  • Gemini: Steve Rogers (Captain America/The Avengers)
  • Cancer: Narrator (Playing It Cool)
  • Leo: Colin Shea (What’s Your Number?)
  • Virgo: Jake Wyler (Not Another Teen Movie)
  • Libra: Harvard Hottie (The Nanny Diaries)
  • Scorpio: Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four)
  • Sagittarius: Cary Baston (Opposite Sex)
  • Capricorn: Jensen (The Losers)
  • Aquarius: Mr. Freezy (The Iceman)
  • Pisces: Mike Weiss (Puncture)

anonymous asked:

i dont wanna sound like im rushing you or anything like that bc i know ur probably really busy and all that but when you get the time, can you pretty please make a friends to lovers AU with johnny from nct? i really love your AUs so much and i love your writing <3 <3

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  • you and johnny are the only two Losers who would get angry @ crane games outside of some old supermarket and would stand there for t h r e e hours trying to win some stuffed toy that you could buy for like two dollars
  • but you two are way too competitive to give up 
  • which is why you both realize that the other person is even there when you both run out of coins and turn around and go “hey, do you have coins to spare-”
  • and then laugh because,,,,gosh this is kinda dumb,,,,but also maybe two heads are better than one????
  • so after scoring some coins from a passer by you both go to the crane and you’re like “ok,,,whats ur name??” and he’s like “johnny” and you’re like “OK JOHNNY WE ARE GONNA GET THIS STUFFED BUNNY EVEN IF IT KILLS US”
  • and he’s like “HELL YEAH WE ARE LETS DO IT!”
  • ,,,,,,,,,,you guys lose
  • but you also talk shit about how all those games are made by con artists and how the crane is obviously slippery and that you two won’t be fooled by those kind of games again
  • and it’s like yeah you lost your games,,,,but a great friendship has bloomed because now you guys know each other and are totally gonna meet up again to hang out
  • that or,,,,,,break that promise about never playing crane games again because the next time you see johnny
  • you guys are in front of anOTHER supermarket playing anOTHER crane game
  • and it’s like ok ok you both said these games were scams but that doesnt mean scams cant backfire,,,,,,,,right
  • you actually end up winning once and johnny whines about how it’s just good luck and you just look up at him and stick your tongue out because haha johnny’s got no skills ~~~
  • and johnny ruffles your hair playfully and is like i hAVE skills,,,you just got lucky
  • and it’s like,,,,,you guys have that playful teasing friendship and it’s fun you guys get snacks and play games,,,sometimes you go to the arcade or to a fair 
  • and there’s going to be like a summer carnival near your town that you and johnny are siked to go to because the gaMES,,,the RIDES,,,,the HAUNTED HOUSE
  • which you were going to both go into alone,,,,but when you’d gotten outside of it you’d basically frozen with fear
  • and johnny had tried to tell you it was probably nothing,,,,but you couldn’t move so instead he was like “we can go together, but the person who screams the most has to buy the other person as many hot dogs as they want. and just so you know i want like five.”
  • you’d nodded,,,but you didn’t know if you could actually take it
  • and once you were inside,,,even behind johnny’s broad shoulders you could only shake at the dark, eerie silence and scary decorations
  • and johnny talks out loud,,,,saying that this place isn’t even that scary??? all this blood is just ketchup-
  • but then a couple of ghosts jump out and johnny is a bit surprised,,,but you’re,,,,,,basically clinging to the back of his shirt and you’re like johnny,,,,,this isn’t fun,,,,please
  • and johnny has never heard your voice so small and scared and he turns around and carefully pulls you into his arms and he’s like “ok, just trust me - ill get you out”
  • and you don’t know what to do but to listen to him,,,one hand wrapping around your waist while the other comes up to hide your eyes 
  • and walking through the dark,,,even with things jumping out at him and weird noises coming from everywhere
  • he holds his own fear in and just keeps you super close
  • until you’re out of the haunted house and the employees are like hope you had fun ^^ and johnny finally lets you go
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,i ,,,,,,,,,thought we were going to die
  • and johnny tries to crack a smile and jokingly flicks ur forehead and is like ahhh come on, u know i wouldnt let us die in there
  • usually you’d grumble at him for being touchy,,,but suddenly his being,,,his closeness is everything you want
  • and without thinking you walk right back into his arms and you’re like thank you,,,,muffling your words in his shirt
  • and johnny is shocked,,,,but also,,,,he cant help but feel a small smirk grow on his lips and he’s like “hey,,,,,you owe me your life,,,,,,,,,and those five hot dogs.”
  • you pull back and you’re like johnny please,,, and he leans in,,,kissing you quickly and he’s like “fine, ill take my winnings in kisses too.” 

how johnny gat is supposed to be perceived:

  • super tough
  • sex symbol
  • the biggest badass to ever live
  • kills for fun

the actual johnny gat:

  • does house work and cleans up after all his messes
  • loves christmas and birthday parties
  • rescues kittens and funds the animal shelter for 10 years
  • kills for fun (with friends)

I’m never gonna get over how Johnny holds the current land speed record for befriending Kanda.

It took over 190 chapters for Kanda to even call Allen by his actual name, let alone smile at him–and then he smiled at Johnny twice after hanging out with him for like, three days.

Forget the Heart, forget Apocryphos and the Noahs, forget literally everyone else: Johnny Gil is clearly the most powerful force in the series. If he had fifteen minutes to talk with the Earl, he could probably convince him to not destroy humanity.