johnny glow

The Demon Next Door CH 4

Ten had the male pushed up against the wall and held him up by the collar of his shirt.
“Wow Ten,” The male snickered. “What a great way to greet your friend,”
“I could say the same to you Johnny” Ten shoved Johnny higher up the wall. The black and red waves slowly moved around one another as Ten and Johnny ‘conversed’.
“What do you want?” Ten growled.
“Im here on the King and Queen’s orders.” Johnny responded.
“And what would those orders be?” Ten’s grip on Johnny tightened.
“I was told to rid of the pest that had taken away their son” Johnny’s eyes glowed red and the black waves suddenly rose and shot towards me. Ten’s red wave rose as well and wrapped itself around Johnny’s before slamming it to the ground.
“I see your Akumabi is stronger than before” Ten threw Johnny to the floor. “But it’s still not strong enough to beat me” Johnny chuckled and glanced up at Ten and then at me.
“I know that,” He sighed. “Im pretty sure the King and Queen know too because they also sent me with a message” Ten stiffened slightly at Johnny’s words. “They said either I rid of her and get you home or they’ll have someone from the supreme take her out,”
“The Supreme?” Ten let out a deep breath and glanced over at me.
“Yes, and you know they wouldnt let her off easy,” Johnny stood up. He retracted his Akumabi.
“Im not going to let her fucking die Johnny” Ten balled his hands up into fists.
“Ten you-” Johnny started. He stopped his words as Ten’s Akumabi rose. Fire began to burn on the edges of the substance.
“Tell them if they try to hurt _____, I will personally make the underworld more of a hell than it already is.” His eyes were glowing red again.
“Ten think this-” Johnny began again.
“GO” Ten screamed. Johnny let out a low sigh and nodded.
“As you wish,” He separated out into the blackness before rushing out the window and disappearing. Once Johnny was gone, Ten relaxed himself. His flames died out and the waves retracted. He stared out the window with a dark expression before turning towards me. His face softened.
“Are you alright” he made his way over to me.
“Y-yes…” I mumbled. “I’m fine” Ten pressed his lips together and nodded. He reached out and rested his palm against my cheek.
“I wont let anything happen to you..” he softly stated. I nodded silently. I didnt know what to say. How did one react to this situation?
“Im sorry ______” Ten sighed. I looked down at the floor, avoiding eyecontact. There was silence between us. Neither of us knew what to say or do.
“Ten…” I suddenly spoke up. “I thought you said other demons couldn’t target me,” He didn’t respond.
“I’m sorry.” He looked down.
“You lied?” I stared at him in disbelief.
“____ I-” Ten began.
“No. Ten, even after everything you’ve done, you still have the audacity to lie?!” I interrupted.
“____ please” He tried to speak again.
“Just save it. You tricked me into getting marked. Now I have this demonic root thing in me, my family and friends have forgotten me completely, and worst of all Im stuck with you. You-” This time, I was intereupted when Ten suddenly surged forward, pinning me to the floor. He looked down at me with red eyes.
“Yes,” He said through gritted teeth, “I erased your existence, I put you in danger, I got you pregnant but like you said, you’re stuck with me,” His eyes returned to their brown color and he stood up. “Get used to it.” He held out his hand to help me up. I hesitantly took it and was pulled up on to my feet. I avoided eyecontact with Ten.
“You’re going to sleep in my room from now on…with me,” He pulled me forward and out the door, leading me through the hallway and into his room.

“Get some rest. Its been a hectic few hours.” He let go of my hand and gestured for me to get onto the bed. I did so without and word and pulled the covers over myself. Ten followed suit, lying down facing the other way. He waved his hand and the lights turned off.
“Goodnight” he sighed.

2 ½ months later

I woke up with a start for what seemed like the thousandth time. I looked around the familiar room and let out a low sigh.
“Another nightmare?” Ten groggily asked and sat up.
“Y-yeah….” I nodded.
“What was it this time?” He questioned.
“It was just dark and all I could see were red eyes everywhere…..people were screaming and I felt like I was being closed in on,” I tensed up slightly. Ten reached up and rubbed my back.
“Want to get some air?” He suggested. I nodded and pulled the covers off of myself. Carefully, I got out of bed, putting a hand under my belly. It had expanded greatly over the course of 2 and a half months. It was pretty weird….like everything else. The height of it would come in ½ a month, however, when I gave birth.
“Here,” Ten wrapped an arm around my shoulder, “Let me help you,”
“I got it-” I began.
“_____. Just let me,” He said calmly. I sighed and allowed him to lead me down stairs and outside. Once outside, he allowed me to walk on my own.
“We’ll just walk around the block once” Ten stated.
“Okay.” I agreed.

We walked a couple houses down when Ten spoke up again.
“So _____,” he awkwardly mumbled.
“Yeah?” I responded.
“I know everything has been kind of crazy but what if we talk about some of it?” He suggested.
“Someone might hear,” I knew Ten wanted to discuss our situation for a while. He dropped subtle hints from time to time but this time it was straightforward.
“Its 2am. Everyone’s asleep,” He sighed.
“But what if someone isn’t?” Ten hummed sadly at my response.
“_____, I know you dont want to talk about it but we have to. Someone will end up showing up here for you. We have to be ready for that,” Ten explained. I thought about his words and knew he was right. We had to talk.
“Fine. But start off easy.” I exhaled.
“Okay,” Ten’s tone lightened up, “How about the baby’s name?” I glanced at Ten and could see him smiling.
“I dont know. I mean we don’t even know if it’s a boy or girl,” I shrugged.
“How about I think of boy names and you think of girl names” he smiled.
“What?” I was surprised by how into this he seemed.
“I do boy names you do girl names,” Ten repeated.
“What if I want to do boy names?” I raised a brow.
“Okay. You do boy names.” Ten nodded.
“Oh….Alright,” I replied.

This was weird too. We were actually having a normal conversation instead of being paranoid.