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I like to know how Johnny thinks of jack and give him some motivation on his goals and visa versa for jack.

My Headcanon (please don’t take anything i say as law or something): 

Some of my thoughts are nitpicked from Gena’s Samurai Bravo Musings

All this starts off with Jack thrown in Johnny’s timeline/world of course. 

At first, Johnny would honestly think that Jack is just a pretty boy. (He’ll probably hang out with him at first because Jack reminds him of Squint Ringo, his favorite actor) Then maybe confused as to why he isn’t as annoyed with him as he is with his other companions. When he finds out that Jack is very popular with the ladies, he’ll go into investigation as to why and finds that Jack is actually really cool. But THEN when he learns that Jack has super talented fighting skills??? Jack is now someone Johnny strives to be (but he’ll never admit it to himself because Johnny’s the only hunk in Aron city right??) 

Linking back to where Johnny’s a huge fanboy for Squint Ringo. 

Can you imagine how he’ll feel about Jack, when Jack is like 10x times more hotter, skilled, brave and overall FUCKIN GREAT HUSBANDO MATERIAL??? They would be really good friends at that point but I bet what tips him over into crush zone is that Jack (in all his GLORY MIND YOU) actually likes his weird antics and thinks he’s a very interesting character. (Johnny will take any compliments, but coming from Jack? That’s a lot of taken in) I think the fact they both are “out of the norm” is what makes them mesh pretty well too.  

But in canon, Johnny actually knows that he has problems with intimacy and he pushes people away because of it. So Johnny would have a extremely hard time admitting that he cares about Jack. Johnny also has issues with his self-esteem, so internally he’ll be too much of a coward to ask Jack for a date in fear of rejection. He genuinely likes being around Jack, why would he risk losing that? 

But of course in Jack’s perspective, when he meets Johnny, his first thought would be that Johnny would maybe friendly enough to show him the way of his world he’s temporarily stuck in. He’ll see Johnny’s antic very amusing and his regards to women as a very strange custom (noting himself to not follow it because of the painful repercussions of it). He’ll have a lot of weird adventures with Johnny that doesn’t quite make sense but he finds himself actually having fun with whatever Johnny is up to. And Johnny attracts A LOT OF THAT if you know him. (He relaxes a little when he realizes that for whatever reason Aku hasn’t affected this timeline, probably because of Bunny if you read the Grimdark Johnny Bravo Theory)  Jack does see that Johnny putting up this mask of Bravado as unnecessary but when Johnny does put it down for those few times/seconds, he finds him quite endearing. He’s sharp enough to know that Johnny is interested in him romantically from the way Johnny makes some exceptions for him (or maybe A LOT haha). But Jack can’t really do anything about it, he’s always had to move on, and he knows that eventually he’ll have to go back to defeat Aku. But somehow the thought of never seeing Johnny again twinges him in a unexpected way but he’ll have to push his feelings away for his destiny. Jack thinks that Johnny will probably forget about him eventually and move on with the numerous ladies he’s attracted to that day. (that doesn’t make Jack feel any better though) 

I think that’s about it! It’s pretty sad but yeahhhh… 

  • Coach Oop: We are going to choose team names. Guerra?
  • Isabel: we will be called Gryffindor.
  • Johnny: Really? Not Slytherin?
  • Isabel: Slytherin are the bad guys, Jhonny.
  • Johnny: I know. Ok, we will be Voldemort.
  • Isabel: He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? I wouldn't do that.
  • Isabel: Ok, seriously! You really shouldn't be saying that!
Loved You First





“i was the only one who loved you from the start”

The sharp sunlight pierced through my closed eyes, causing me to screw them shut even tighter. I covered my face and shifted in bed only to find someone lying next to me. I smiled at the blonde boy who was sleeping soundly and ran my hand over the exposed skin of his toned chest and stomach. His eyes fluttered open at my touch.

“It’s too early for this,” he groaned, running his fingers through his tousled hair, a wide smile apparent on his face.

“It’s never too early, Jaehyun,” I said giggling, sheepishly. Quickly brushing my hair up into a messy ponytail, I climbed on top of him. “Thanks for letting me stay the night.”

“You showed up at my door crying, what else would I have done?” asked Jaehyun, playing with a lock of hair that had fallen loose from my ponytail.

I flushed. Those panic attacks never go away, I thought. I actually thought I was getting better. But this one came out of the blue.

Jaehyun smiled and pulled me down for a peck on the lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, hoping to elongate this moment for as long as I could. Jaehyun wasn’t going with that though; he broke the kiss and slid me off of him.

“We have class.”

I pouted. “It’s literally the second day of university. I’m not going to end up on the streets if I miss one day.” Jaehyun shrugged and slipped into a t-shirt before heading to the bathroom.

“Come back!” I whined, wrapping the blanket over myself again.

“Go and change into your clothes or we’ll get late,” Jaehyun called from inside the bathroom. I rolled my eyes. He was like this.

“Why can’t I go in my pajamas?” When there was no reply, I huffed and left his apartment to get to mine, which was right across from his. The house was empty, meaning my roommate, Jennie, had already left for university. I dragged myself to my room and slipped into an understated outfit of a t-shirt and a pair of boyfriend jeans. It was what I wore almost every single day ever since I moved here two months ago.

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“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” Movie Review

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is the 5th and (supposedly but probably not) final adventure in Disney’s wildly successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and starts Johnny Depp once again as Captain Jack Sparrow, as well as his usual crew, Javier Bardem Captain Salazar, and Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa, with two new additions to the cast in Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario. In this installment, Henry Turner (Will’s son from the end of At World’s End) is seeking the trident of Poseidon, the only thing that can break the curse of his father’s ties to the Flying Dutchman; but he can’t do it alone, and so he enlists the help of the once great Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew, as well as Carina Smith (Scodelario), a very smart young woman who has studied the stars all her life and holds the key to finding the trident: the map no man can read. With Captain Salazar seeking revenge against Jack for something he did long ago, and hot on the pirate’s trail, everyone must rush to find the trident before time runs out.

And that’s really the main problem with this film. The time is all there, all of it that they need. There’s no real sense of urgency or stakes to most things that happen in this film as it constantly breaks the rules that the franchise itself established way back in Curse of the Black Pearl. As any good storyteller will tell you, your hero and villain should want the same thing but approach getting that thing in two separate but workable ways. Here, the villain wants to hunt down Jack to kill him, but we’re not really sure what Jack wants at all. He’s just kind of there, trolleying along, letting things happen to him instead of him happening to the plot of the film. It’s like his arc was meant to be a subplot but he’s more of a lead character and the juxtaposition of those two things don’t work.

And speaking of the plot, although it’s not nearly as unnecessary or pointless as the franchise’s previous entry, it remains fairly convoluted and messy. There’s just a bit too much going on, and what ends up being very little of it is actually relevant to the task at hand. It tries to jumble so many different subplots you forget sometimes which one is actually supposed to be the central story, and that’s a pretty glaring issue. At times it seems that Henry’s search for the trident is the main story, then at other times it seems that the pursuit of Jack by Captain Salazar is the main story, and then there are two other subplots occurring with the pirates being hunted by the English Navy and something happening on Barbossa’s end (which I won’t spoil because this review is spoiler-free and it actually ends up kind of being the best actual plot point of the whole thing). Continuity is also basically thrown out the window here, as the franchise shows less respect and adherence to its own mythology and history than even the ­X-Men franchise. It certainly feels a tad more necessary as it wraps up a few plot threads from the original trilogy, but others are either re-written or just left by the wayside entirely. It is also, admittedly, a funnier movie than On Stranger Tides, but some of the jokes just go on for far too long (like the notion that because a woman is smart in this time period, that must mean she’s a witch). The film also is sometimes visually enticing, but at other times fairly visually lazy. Occasionally it looks as if the effects aren’t finished and yeah, CGI Johnny Depp actually looks worse in the film than in the trailers (which is insane considering how the de-aging process has gotten so much better now – you saw Michael Douglas in Ant-Man).

The performances for the most part are fine, with the usual crew filling in the roles they’ve had for a number of years, but Brandon Thwaite feels a bit underutilized here; there’s a truly great performance in there somewhere but the material he has to work with just won’t let his talents out, and the same goes for Javier Bardem. In fact, aside from maybe the inciting incident, Brandon Thwaite’s character could have been left out of the film entirely and I don’t know if it would have felt any different; that’s how little he has to actually do. The script and the dialogue they have just feels beneath what we’ve seen both he and Bardem be able to do before. Geoffrey Rush does well for what they give his character to do, but the standout here is Kaya Scodelario as Carina Smith. She’s able to carry a lot of the messy dialogue on her shoulders and elevate the film to at least a semi-believable level, but the script is just so bogged down that even she struggles sometimes with actually elevating what she’s given.

And then there’s Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. He certainly provides a lot of comedic gravitas and innate humor to the film as he bumbles around mostly drunk a lot of the time, but that’s the thing about the character; every writer since Black Pearl has misunderstood Jack as a bumbling idiot with a couple of good ideas who gets luckier and luckier the more things happen to him. But he’s not like that at all. I re-watched Black Pearl recently and Jack is an intelligent, methodical, precise pirate who sometimes acts like a bumbling idiot to mask the sheer level of intelligence he actually has. And occasionally he gets drunk. In the original film, he was a pirate to be feared, respected, and wary about. Now it’s as if there’s no more to him than a couple of quick ideas, a lot of face acting, that run that he does (you know the one I’m talking about) and a few bottles of rum. I have no problem with him bumbling around and acting like an idiot, but that is exactly what it should be: an act. The humor that the character provides should not come at the expense of who the character is, and that’s the biggest problem I have with what the writers have done with him. I miss Johnny Depp as a serious actor, a non-character actor; nowadays he just does all the same shtick in different films, and every character is a different iteration of Jack Sparrow. People forget that he was nominated for Best Actor for the first film because it was such a departure from his other characters like in Donnie Brasco, or even as recently as Black Mass. It was so out of left field, lighting in a bottle, that Jack Sparrow. Now he just does all the same stuff and gets a giant paycheck for it. After Black Pear, it was like we lost the actor Johnny Depp. Now we just have the character Johnny Depp.

I know it sounds like all I’m doing is bagging this film down; I promise you I’m not. It just has a lot of baggage on its shoulders and not enough shoulder to carry it all. This film has some genuinely good ideas, but they’re left as just shadows of good ideas, and never explored to the point where they could redeem most of the issues this film has. There’s some fun to be had (a couple of the action set pieces are pretty cool, especially one with zombie sharks), but ultimately, while it’s certainly better than its predecessor, and feels the tiniest bit more necessary, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales doesn’t feel like it’s even part of the world that Gore Verbinski created with the original trilogy, and doesn’t come anywhere close to capturing the magic, excitement, fun, or intelligence of the original film. It’s just…okay.

I’m giving “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” a 5.2/10.

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Also friendly reminder that Amber Heard is a piece of Shit who was arrested for Domestic Abuse. Never had a concrete story about the alleged “abuse”, and even the body guards said that they had to take her away from Johnny cause she was hitting him.

So this kid, Johnny (….sigh, oh Zack) is clearly the child of Vegeta and a tomato.

Ok, I stand by my previous description except that Johnny Tomatohead is apparently the ring leader of this game and Scarface is the quiet, brooding best friend character.  Not too far off.


“Yeah Johnny?”

“This is a Final Fantasy game, right? What’s the kid from Pokemon doing here?”

“Looks like he’s gonna fall on your head so that you can unreasonably hold it against him and be his antagonist for the first couple chapters before finding a common enemy that’ll bring you together, after which you’ll be good buds who maintain a friendly rivalry, Johnny.”

“That’s what I thought, Scarface.  That’s what I thought.”

Oh no! The midair breaks!  They’re not working!!

Mysterious Dark Magic kid is named RJ and I can’t even complain about that one.  Good job, Zack!

Alright, you know what?  Poor form, Max.  You just smashed that kid’s nose into his brain and you don’t even look the least bit concerned.  When he holds a grudge against you, I’m not even gonna call it unreasonable.

Scarface is named Stephen.  Another good name.  Not that I’m biased or anything.  (better with a V)

Alright, it’s official.  I love these guys. Can they be our main characters instead?

I swear, if he wakes up in bed (and black and white) again… 

Left or Right

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Johnny Storm x reader x Steve Rogers

Background story of how Johnny was initially jealous of Reader and Steve’s friendship when they started dating.

A/n: sorry this was a little later than expected

Genre: Angst, Friendship, Romance

Rated: Everyone

Warning: swearing, slight angst

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You and Johnny had met when you were one of the workers for the space trip he was going on. After the whole ordeal, you were recruited to SHIELD. Working as an engineer at first, then an agent.  You made sure to keep in touch with Johnny, hearing about how the cloud had altered the fours DNA and gave them powers. However, contact with Johnny had slowed from an everyday thing to about twice a week when you met Steve Rogers. Steve and you had really hit it off from the start, you giving him an air of friendship while he gave you a sense of protection. When you went on missions, if Steve didn’t go with you then he was always talking you through it. If he did go on the missions, he was always there to protect you when you needed it. He was your best friend and you were his. After a few weeks, Johnny had come to visit you and you two had a heated moment. You two had sex and after that, you two started going out. You brought Johnny over to the tower a lot, always playing games with him and watching movies on the couch. When you and Steve would rough house or wrestle or even have a friendly cuddle, Johnny would get so jealous and would sit in front of you and Steve, letting you play with his hair. He was always jealous of your friendship with Steve, so he would always have angry and jealous sex with you afterwards.  You knew Johnny was an easy person to get mad and definitely jealous but you never really understood why.  You remember rough housing with Steve one day and Johnny literally dragging you by the arm out of the room only to kiss you so hard, your lips were swollen then leave the tower. What you didn’t know, though, was that Steve was secretly in love with you. Steve never had that much luck with women and the only woman he ever really associated with was Peggy. He was awkward and he thought that you were too good for him. He knew that he wasn’t that scrawny kid from Brooklyn with lungs that could turn to dust at any given moment and was a walking bag of illnesses. He was as healthy as can be, stronger than any human, faster and somewhat very intelligent. Women drooled over him now and to be honest, it hurt. It hurt to know that nobody would give him a second glance he was still that punk during the forties but would pay to have him ravish them now. However, with you, you accepted Steve not Captain America. Steve knew that you would accept him the day he met you. With your determination and sense of protection of others, he knew you would be the greatest agent he’s seen since Natasha. When you had announced that you were with Johnny, it absolutely broke Steve’s heart. He had fallen hard for you but his shyness had cost him a woman he would die for. Steve learned to cope though and was happy as long as you were happy. Steve wasn’t that fond of Johnny but knew Johnny could give you more than what he could. But Steve was ready. He was ready for Johnny to fuck up. Because Steve would be there for you…and he would take your hand when Johnny had too much pride to.


Original back cover illustration by Jaime Hernandez from Love & Rockets #49, published by Fantagraphics, November 1995. The portrait is one of Jaime’s favorite actors, Lee J. Cobb, star of TV’s The Virginian and featured in films including On the Waterfront (“Johnny Friendly”), The Exorcist, and The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit