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I like to know how Johnny thinks of jack and give him some motivation on his goals and visa versa for jack.

My Headcanon (please don’t take anything i say as law or something): 

Some of my thoughts are nitpicked from Gena’s Samurai Bravo Musings

All this starts off with Jack thrown in Johnny’s timeline/world of course. 

At first, Johnny would honestly think that Jack is just a pretty boy. (He’ll probably hang out with him at first because Jack reminds him of Squint Ringo, his favorite actor) Then maybe confused as to why he isn’t as annoyed with him as he is with his other companions. When he finds out that Jack is very popular with the ladies, he’ll go into investigation as to why and finds that Jack is actually really cool. But THEN when he learns that Jack has super talented fighting skills??? Jack is now someone Johnny strives to be (but he’ll never admit it to himself because Johnny’s the only hunk in Aron city right??) 

Linking back to where Johnny’s a huge fanboy for Squint Ringo. 

Can you imagine how he’ll feel about Jack, when Jack is like 10x times more hotter, skilled, brave and overall FUCKIN GREAT HUSBANDO MATERIAL??? They would be really good friends at that point but I bet what tips him over into crush zone is that Jack (in all his GLORY MIND YOU) actually likes his weird antics and thinks he’s a very interesting character. (Johnny will take any compliments, but coming from Jack? That’s a lot of taken in) I think the fact they both are “out of the norm” is what makes them mesh pretty well too.  

But in canon, Johnny actually knows that he has problems with intimacy and he pushes people away because of it. So Johnny would have a extremely hard time admitting that he cares about Jack. Johnny also has issues with his self-esteem, so internally he’ll be too much of a coward to ask Jack for a date in fear of rejection. He genuinely likes being around Jack, why would he risk losing that? 

But of course in Jack’s perspective, when he meets Johnny, his first thought would be that Johnny would maybe friendly enough to show him the way of his world he’s temporarily stuck in. He’ll see Johnny’s antic very amusing and his regards to women as a very strange custom (noting himself to not follow it because of the painful repercussions of it). He’ll have a lot of weird adventures with Johnny that doesn’t quite make sense but he finds himself actually having fun with whatever Johnny is up to. And Johnny attracts A LOT OF THAT if you know him. (He relaxes a little when he realizes that for whatever reason Aku hasn’t affected this timeline, probably because of Bunny if you read the Grimdark Johnny Bravo Theory)  Jack does see that Johnny putting up this mask of Bravado as unnecessary but when Johnny does put it down for those few times/seconds, he finds him quite endearing. He’s sharp enough to know that Johnny is interested in him romantically from the way Johnny makes some exceptions for him (or maybe A LOT haha). But Jack can’t really do anything about it, he’s always had to move on, and he knows that eventually he’ll have to go back to defeat Aku. But somehow the thought of never seeing Johnny again twinges him in a unexpected way but he’ll have to push his feelings away for his destiny. Jack thinks that Johnny will probably forget about him eventually and move on with the numerous ladies he’s attracted to that day. (that doesn’t make Jack feel any better though) 

I think that’s about it! It’s pretty sad but yeahhhh… 

I don't know if this has been done before, but....
  • Looks like they could kill you but actually is a cinnamon roll: Darry
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but actually could kill you: Johnny
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll: Two-Bit and Soda
  • Looks like they could kill you and actually could kill you: STEVE
  • Is a sinnamon roll: Dallas
nct hogwarts!au [yuta]
  • Snake Man™
  • aka slytherin royalty
  • rich pure blood boi and won’t let you forget it
  • quidditch team captain
  • he’s been on the team since first year even tho he lowkey sucked but he bribed his way onto the team 

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johnny as a boyfriend

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  • oh daddy
  • there i did it @jisoodrinkssopretty are you happy
  • anyway here’s johnny!!!
  • he’s literally so soft like i’ve never seen someone so tol and dorky and precious i just love johnny okay
  • johnny as a boyfriend would probably start awkward
  • like johnny is rlly friendly so i think he’d be the type to have a lot of really close friends
  • but when it comes to relationships he’s actually clueless like he has no idea how to ask you out or treat you the way he wants to
  • you work around nct as a translator and hang out w them whenever they go to other countries

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You bought me what? (NCT Mark mafia au)

Hahaha this is going to be hilarious

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It all started on a regular date night. He was coming over for a movie marathon. And this time he had gotten to pick the movies and obviously he chose “The Godfather” and “The Godfather 2″. “So pretty much we are going to watch a documentary film about your life?” you asked him, smirking slightly. It was not known a lot, but Mark Lee was actually a mafia member and not just any member, he was the leader of his own gang. Although he was going to inherit his fathers gang anyway, he wanted to practice being a leader early and started his own. His gangs name was NCT. And it was divided into 3 groups and the members can rotate between those groups and he was going to make more subgroups in the future. The current 3 where NCT U, NCT 127 ja NCT Dream. U subgroup has 6 members Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun and Mark. 127 has 9 members Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Winwin, Haechan and Mark. And finally Dream has 7 members Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, Jisung and Mark. So yea he was the leader of all 3 groups. You always had wondered where the sub names came from, but he just said they where random. And back to the date night thing. After you said that, he gave you a light smack on the shoulder “Is my life really that boring then?”. “I would like to say no.” then you took a pause to think about the things that you had seen “But after the things i have seen, i sadly cannot say that.” Although you and Mark had been together only for 4 months, he had trusted you enough to show you the things he and the members did. Yes, you had witnessed a shooting, a person who owed money to the gang was shot. You were at the headquaters, when he was brought in. He was shot behind the building. Mark was standing next to you as you watched how Johnny shot him. It was a perfect headshot. You had closed your eyes, until Mark whispered into your ear to open your eyes. You had also seen how people are tortured. You where standing near a window and Mark was next to you. You looked inside the window and saw Jaehyun, making small cuts on the body of an unknown man. So in conclusion, his life was far from boring  and safe also. He sat next to you on the couch and you snuggled up to him. He looked at you and said “Uhm, so tomorrow NCT is going to a club, well all of the legal members, to spy on another gang and i thought that maybe you would like to come with me?” “What kindof a club?” you asked looking at him with big eyes.”No, it is not a strip club.” He can totally read your mind , you thought to yourself. “Sure, why not then.” you smiled at him.


You got dressed and did your makeup. You went for highwaisted shorts and a t-shirt that was slightly ripped. Your makeup was natural. You where putting on your sneakers when you heard a car honk from outside your house. Your  mother was sitting on the couch and stood up to look outside the window. “Y/N, Mark is here already.” she said. “Yeah, i heard that.” you said back and left. You got in a fancy sports car, Mark was sitting at the backseat waiting for you as Doyoung was driving. You got to the club in about half an hour later. As soon as you stepped out of the car, loud music filled your ears. and the closer to the actual club you got, the louder the music was. Once you were in, Mark guided you to the bar area, where rest of the legal NCT members were waiting. You sat on a barstool and Mark sat next to you. You saw Johnny and Jaehyun behind the bar  posing as barmen. “Where are the others?” you asked Mark. “Yuta, Ten and WinWin are on the dancefloor and Taeil, Taeyong and Doyoung are just walking around. They will probably come and sit next to us.” And in a few minutes Taeyong came and sat next to Mark. “Johnny can i have a coctail please?” he asked Johnny. “One coming right up!” Johnny said in a friendly voice. “Do you two also want something?”Johnny asked you and Mark. “I don’t want anything.” Mark said. “I will get a coctail and one for the lovely lady next to me to.” a voice suddenly said, you were facing Mark and turned around to see a man around Taeyongs age sitting next to you. “No thanks.” you said and started to turn back to Mark, until a hand on your shoulder turned you around again. “OH come on, i am just being nice and it is not like you are with anybody.” he said slightly slurring. “No she is with me!” Mark said almost shouting. “Well, she maybe sitting next to you, but it doesn’t mean she is with you, nothing on her says that she is yours.” the drunk man said and smirked at Mark. Suddenly Mark took your hand and walked out of the club. When you got out of the club, he took his phone from his pocket and called someone to drive you home and while doing all of this he didn’t let go of your hand. He ended the call and said “Doyoung will be out in a few minutes and he will drive you home.” “Someone is jelly!” you said and tried to hold back your smile. “No i am not jealous, i am protecting you.” he said in a very serious voice. “Sure, sure.” you said in a sarcastic voice. Mark just huffed back at you. Soon Doyoung came out from the club and drove you home.


The next day was a Saturday, which ment you would go out with Mark again. And going out ment chilling with Mark at the headquaters. You drove there by bike and entered. As soon as you got inside you were greeted by enormous amount of “Heys” and “Hellos”. You found Mark slouching in a living room type of room. “Oh hello Y/N!” he said and walked up to you. He engulfed you in a hug and when he finally let go of you, you felt like your ribs were a centimeter closer than before. “It is nice to see you to Mark!” you said and smiled. “I actually got you something yesterday.” he said and smiled at you. “You went shopping after the club?” you asked him in a surprised voice.”Yes, yes i did.” he said with a goofy smile plastered on his face. He then went back to the couch and got a small box from the table in front of it. You opened it and saw a silver heart pendant with a big M engraved to it. “This is so beautiful, but i do not have a chain for it.” you said. “No problem, i thought that we can pick that out together, today maybe?” “Yes!” you chirped at him. Johnny drove you two to the mall. You went inside a small jewelry store. Looking at the chains that they had you picked out a nice silver chain and showed it to Mark. “No, i don’t like that” he said looking unimpressed. He grabbed your hand and led you to the choker section in the store. “I like these better.” he said and picked out a black ribbon one that had bow tied in front. “I am not going to pay 10 dollars for a shoelace.” you said. “Well you do not have to pay.” he said. After 5 minutes of looking at the chokers you finally agreed to a ticker black velvet one. “And i am going to pay for that.” you said and went to pay for it. Then you went back to the headquaters. Sadly the day went by quite quickly and you had to go back home.


The week passed quickly and soon enough it was Friday again. You were reading a book, when Mark called you. “Hey, Y/N! Tomorrow me and the others are going to the club again, would you like to come?” he asked you. “Are you sure? You did get really jelly after last time.” you said. “I know, but please come.” he pleaded, you could imagine the puppy dog eyes he was making. “Fine, i will come!” you said rolling your eyes. “Great and please wear the pendant and necklace.Bye!” he said. “Okay, bye!” you said and ended the call. And soon enough, Saturday rolled around.You decided to go with the same outfit you went with last time, but as promised you were wearing the pendant and necklace. You got to club and as last time loud music filled your ears. You and Mark went to sit at the bar again. This time Yuta was behind the bar. The others were scattered around the place, except for Johnny who was sitting next to Mark. You were in your thoughts until someones arm was placed on your shoulder and a voice said “Would this lovely lady like to dance?” You turned around to politely decline, but as soon as you did the man noticed your necklace and said “Oh, you must be with someone, sorry for bothering.” and walked away. You were so confused, until it clicked “Mark Lee, why did you buy me this pendant?” you turned to face him. “So everyone knows, that you are with me.” he said as a goofy smile crept up on his face. “So you pretty much bought me a dog collar?” you asked him. “Well it appears so.” he said akwardly. “You are so jelly.” you said that and laughed at him. Before he could say anything, Yuta from behind the bar said “We all know that Mark is jealous, but you two are talking way to loud, so please can i get you something?” “I could sure use a drink after this!” you said and sighed hopelessly.

Of Snakes and Lions  Ch-2

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Rated: It’s clean for now.

Pairing: JaehyunxReaderxTaeyong

Summary: Your new term at Hogwarts starts with more drama then you intended. You didn’t expect your oldest friend to have feelings for you, but you didn’t expect to have feelings for a Gryffindor jock either.

(A/N): Sorry this took longer than expected. I hope this doesn’t disappoint any of you.

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Loved You First





“i was the only one who loved you from the start”

The sharp sunlight pierced through my closed eyes, causing me to screw them shut even tighter. I covered my face and shifted in bed only to find someone lying next to me. I smiled at the blonde boy who was sleeping soundly and ran my hand over the exposed skin of his toned chest and stomach. His eyes fluttered open at my touch.

“It’s too early for this,” he groaned, running his fingers through his tousled hair, a wide smile apparent on his face.

“It’s never too early, Jaehyun,” I said giggling, sheepishly. Quickly brushing my hair up into a messy ponytail, I climbed on top of him. “Thanks for letting me stay the night.”

“You showed up at my door crying, what else would I have done?” asked Jaehyun, playing with a lock of hair that had fallen loose from my ponytail.

I flushed. Those panic attacks never go away, I thought. I actually thought I was getting better. But this one came out of the blue.

Jaehyun smiled and pulled me down for a peck on the lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, hoping to elongate this moment for as long as I could. Jaehyun wasn’t going with that though; he broke the kiss and slid me off of him.

“We have class.”

I pouted. “It’s literally the second day of university. I’m not going to end up on the streets if I miss one day.” Jaehyun shrugged and slipped into a t-shirt before heading to the bathroom.

“Come back!” I whined, wrapping the blanket over myself again.

“Go and change into your clothes or we’ll get late,” Jaehyun called from inside the bathroom. I rolled my eyes. He was like this.

“Why can’t I go in my pajamas?” When there was no reply, I huffed and left his apartment to get to mine, which was right across from his. The house was empty, meaning my roommate, Jennie, had already left for university. I dragged myself to my room and slipped into an understated outfit of a t-shirt and a pair of boyfriend jeans. It was what I wore almost every single day ever since I moved here two months ago.

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Left or Right

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(johhny ^)

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(Steve ^)

Johnny Storm x reader x Steve Rogers

Background story of how Johnny was initially jealous of Reader and Steve’s friendship when they started dating.

A/n: sorry this was a little later than expected

Genre: Angst, Friendship, Romance

Rated: Everyone

Warning: swearing, slight angst

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You and Johnny had met when you were one of the workers for the space trip he was going on. After the whole ordeal, you were recruited to SHIELD. Working as an engineer at first, then an agent.  You made sure to keep in touch with Johnny, hearing about how the cloud had altered the fours DNA and gave them powers. However, contact with Johnny had slowed from an everyday thing to about twice a week when you met Steve Rogers. Steve and you had really hit it off from the start, you giving him an air of friendship while he gave you a sense of protection. When you went on missions, if Steve didn’t go with you then he was always talking you through it. If he did go on the missions, he was always there to protect you when you needed it. He was your best friend and you were his. After a few weeks, Johnny had come to visit you and you two had a heated moment. You two had sex and after that, you two started going out. You brought Johnny over to the tower a lot, always playing games with him and watching movies on the couch. When you and Steve would rough house or wrestle or even have a friendly cuddle, Johnny would get so jealous and would sit in front of you and Steve, letting you play with his hair. He was always jealous of your friendship with Steve, so he would always have angry and jealous sex with you afterwards.  You knew Johnny was an easy person to get mad and definitely jealous but you never really understood why.  You remember rough housing with Steve one day and Johnny literally dragging you by the arm out of the room only to kiss you so hard, your lips were swollen then leave the tower. What you didn’t know, though, was that Steve was secretly in love with you. Steve never had that much luck with women and the only woman he ever really associated with was Peggy. He was awkward and he thought that you were too good for him. He knew that he wasn’t that scrawny kid from Brooklyn with lungs that could turn to dust at any given moment and was a walking bag of illnesses. He was as healthy as can be, stronger than any human, faster and somewhat very intelligent. Women drooled over him now and to be honest, it hurt. It hurt to know that nobody would give him a second glance he was still that punk during the forties but would pay to have him ravish them now. However, with you, you accepted Steve not Captain America. Steve knew that you would accept him the day he met you. With your determination and sense of protection of others, he knew you would be the greatest agent he’s seen since Natasha. When you had announced that you were with Johnny, it absolutely broke Steve’s heart. He had fallen hard for you but his shyness had cost him a woman he would die for. Steve learned to cope though and was happy as long as you were happy. Steve wasn’t that fond of Johnny but knew Johnny could give you more than what he could. But Steve was ready. He was ready for Johnny to fuck up. Because Steve would be there for you…and he would take your hand when Johnny had too much pride to.


Personal Growth and Development

original weight gain fiction by kyaada

It’s not that the 35 year old branch manager was just attractive, he was devastatingly handsome on multiple levels.  Beau’s face had all of the attributes of a Hollywood 50’s leading man, with a light sprinkle of salt to complement his striking full head of pepper, expertly shaped into a perfectly balanced fade which filled out along his heart-shaped jawline into a properly full and groomed beard.  Lush eyelashes framed piercing blue eyes, and his face had filled out over years of happy marriage.  He stood six feet tall in thick-soled shoes that matched the look of his usual tight-fitting casual dress pants and polo shirt.  Through his clothes, one could tell that he’d spent a few hours picking up heavy things and putting them back down again; however, it was apparent that he spent more time at the dinner table than at the gym. The shapely round gut that protruded in front of him was a guaranteed attention-getter, almost as much as the prideful white smile that would appear when he’d catch someone staring at his overfed belly.

The office group could always tell when their 250 pound manager was returning from lunch as the floor shook gently with each self-confident step, and there was always a respectfully muffled belch half way back to his office.  On one particular day, his gait was slightly slower and perceptibly heavier as traveled to his spacious room.  Word soon spread around the office that his wife had taken him out for an extended lunch for his birthday.  Jesse definitely wanted to beat Johnny back to Beau’s office to wish him many happy returns of the day.

Jesse was definitely one of the up-and-comers in the office, despite his new-hire status only a year prior.  He’d already been the recipient of two rather fat raises after proving his abilities early on to Beau.  Jesse’s luck had been extraordinarily good that year with successfully ending his longterm search for a girlfriend, and she was quickly undoing all of his cardio at the gym.  All of Jesse’s clothes had been fitting more tightly, and the shirts he wore did nothing but accentuate the fat pooch over his taut waistband.  His five foot eight frame had always been beefy, and now he was rounding out more in the middle.

Johnny, the office’s newest and youngest employee at 23, had been married for a mere year and a half and seemed to expand on a daily basis. His most prominent feature was his fat, perfect ass: two hefty melons of marbled beef that packed each and every pair of his pants to the point of stressing seams, but his belly had only recently been catching up for necessary balance.  Beau was once moved to smacking that solid expanse of ass after discovering that Johnny had found his box of donuts in the break room and eaten the entire contents (they were his favorite).  Just an inch taller than Jesse, Johnny was distinctly wider and carried himself with an air of assertiveness.  When he smiled, his dimples inspired shivers.

Leaving separately, but returning at nearly the same time, Jesse and Johnny went out and had found suitable birthday offerings for their boss.  Jesse presented Beau with a footlong sub and a large artisan cupcake, while Johnny had bought him a couple burgers and a large milkshake from the best-rated drive through in town.  Still quite full from his lunch, Beau sat in his comfy leather chair, leaned back, and showed just a sliver of bare, furry belly between his skin tight polo and the pinch of his belt.  “Thanks, you guys, you really know what I like!” Beau said with a broad smile on his dimpled face.  

Awhile later, Jesse and Johnny were prowling the aisles to see if they could further score points with the boss on his birthday.  Johnny had picked up a double box of Beau’s favorite donuts, and Jesse had his friend bring in a dozen of her homemade cake truffles.  Obviously not one to waste food, Beau had labored successfully in stuffing in all of his birthday presents on top of his giant lunch. Quite nearly too fat to move, somewhat uncomfortable and mostly overblown, Beau sat tightly packed into his office chair.  When the two young gentlemen knocked on Beau’s door, the looks on their faces must have been comical, since Beau started to laugh.  Beau’s gut was wide and tall, presenting itself distantly under his meaty pecs with a decided spherical shape and creating a usably deep shelf upon which he was resting a hand.  There was a big gap now between his open belt and the uplifted hem of his skin-taut polo.  In one hand, he held what was left in the large milkshake cup, sucking on the straw with half-closed, sleepy eyes.

Beau burped as Johnny sat the box of pink-frosted donuts on his desk and groaned with indisputable ecstasy as Jesse presented the variety pack of cake truffles.  “Boys, you sure know the way to your boss’ heart!” Beau exclaimed, patting his chest and breathing shallowly with his engorged midsection.  Johnny had to turn towards the windows and quickly shift a hard-on that had reached full mast while he looked over his swollen boss.  Jesse had walked around Beau’s desk and placed an affirming hand on top of the long-bearded stud’s massively bloated belly.

“I dunno, Beau.  Looks like we missed your heart completely and your belly caught all of the love,” Jesse told him, carefully rubbing the top of the solid stomach.

“Oh yeah, a belly rub definitely fits the bill right now,” Beau assured him, looking up at Jesse through a blissful haze, “you can keep doing that if you want.”  

“No problem.  You definitely need a good rub after throwing down all of that food.”  

Johnny, still boned-up in front, walked over to the other side of Beau’s chair just as his boss emitted a monster belch.  “Johnny, why don’t you close the door.”  Beau’s eyes bounced as they left wet spots where they sat on Johnny’s ass as he walked away.  “God, please tell your wife to feed you more pasta.  That butt of yours is practically perfect.”

Beau turned his head towards Jesse’s beginner paunch, which hovered close to his mouth as he continued to rub his birthday boy belly. “And then there’s you, Jesse.  That girlfriend of yours must be a damn good cook because you’ve been getting fat.”

“Yep.  Twenty pounds so far,” Jesse confirmed, patting his little belly.  

“Are you going to try your donuts, Beau?” Johnny asked, sitting on the corner of the big desk, watching Jesse knead his boss’s big gut like a bakery-sized ball of dough.  “They’re fresh and so ready to be eaten.”

“God, I dunno…  There’s so much lunch in my belly right now that I might just pop like a tick if I gobble any more.  You know that my wife took me to the Mexican buffet place for lunch, right?”

“No wonder your belly looked like you swallowed a basketball.  That place is awesome.  Price is excellent and the food is always hot and tasty.”

“Here you go,” Johnny said, shoving a donut in Beau’s reluctant mouth.  

“Not yet,” he said at first, and then muffled “no” again as Johnny shoved the donut back in for another big bite.  Clearing away some escaped frosting out of Beau’s beard, Johnny continued the friendly carb attack.  Jesse had grabbed the tortured hem of Beau’s polo and pulled it all the way up over the top of the tall, stuffed abdomen.  “Stuff that beard, Johnny, the belly is taking the benefits well.”  Jesse crouched down to survey the extensively distended paunch, reaching over and temporarily plugging the wide belly button hole with his finger.  Donut after donut, and then cake truffle alternating with donut, Johnny crammed Beau full of sweets.  

Barely able to swallow, Beau pushed Johnny’s hand away.  “I think I’m gonna bust,” Beau said, still struggling to push down the most recent bite.  “I need to stand up for a minute.”

As soon as the boys helped him forward in the chair and exerted considerable physical effort to Beau upright, the button on his overstuffed trousers popped off somewhere under his desk.  The boss’ belly was so big and gorged from top to bottom that his skin had gotten as shiny as it was tight.  Beau stood there with his arms across the shoulders of his two best employees, letting them smack his enormous, hard gut with enthusiastic hands.  Beau’s pants had unzipped themselves and offered a view of the throbbing boner that dominated his underwear.  

“Oh man, I swear– the first one of you that gets me off is going to get a $50 a day lunch expense account for a year!”

Johnny swung down on his knees and into action, freeing the girthy length of cock from his boss’ lowcut underwear and engulfing most of the shaft like a pro.  Jesse smirked in jealousy, still propping up his extra fat boss with one arm and massaging his overfed gut with the other. Beau bust a nut quickly after having been ready to cum since his fourth plate at the Mexican buffet much earlier that day.  Johnny swallowed the generous load, wiping his soft pink lips with the back of his hand.

That night, Beau had fun explaining his popped pants to his wife, who decided to go out shopping the next day for a few pairs that were at least the next size up.  She also wanted to meet the loyal guys at the office who treated her prize hubby so well on his birthday.  These two intrepid souls had spoiled him with so much food and desserts that he was pushed to a size she’d only achieved with him once before when they’d been on vacation in Hawaii.  She insisted on having them over for dinner sometime.

Over the next few weeks, Johnny benefited enormously from the overly generous $50 a day lunch budget.  After having swallowed just one big load, the young stud was now entitled to swallow load after load of anything his heart desired.  He quickly found that it was difficult to stuff that dollar amount of food into his growing belly in one lunch hour, even if he took as much extra time as he dared.   The stuffings made keeping his pants buttoned a near impossibility, and the material in his shirts kept looking thinner and thinner.  More often than not, he’d easily convince Jesse to join him for a ridiculously decadent mid-day gorging, and both of them would be practically sweating by the time they wobbled back into the office.  With regular stretching, Jesse’s stomach capacity became a thing of wonder.  They always seemed to have a bit left in the daily budget for them to pick up something filling for Beau, who would always have already devoured his first lunch before the bloated boys would burst into his office with supplemental sustenance.  

Beau gained twenty pounds in a month, enjoying being the big daddy bear type as he facilitated the passionate fattening of his cubs.  He would make regular morning stops by their desks after they’d had their morning donuts and coffee, to enjoy a pat on a warm doughy belly, surveying the curvature and heft to detect any sustained growth.  In the early afternoon, Beau would return to reap the benefits of the generous expense account to thump a rounded stuffed spot below a raised rib line.  On the days when Jesse and Johnny would be especially swollen, Beau would take a few more moments and bop a belch out, sniff the air, and guess the last thing they’d eaten.

Beau’s wife made good on her promise to have Jesse, Johnny, and their respective partners over for dinner, making sure to include an protracted pasta course.  To be sure that she would be available to be a proper hostess, Beau’s wife had the meal catered, asking the caterer to prepare enough food for a party of twelve.  It was a most memorable affair with the girls excusing themselves half-way through the meal so that they could go drink martinis and trade recipes, while the three weighty men remained at the table gorging themselves until they were unable to move.  None of them wanted to stop eating, as the variety and flavors of the food kept their interest going well into the tight-skinned, button-busting stage.  Their belches were somehow hypnotic to each other, pushing them on fill every nook and cranny of their greedy digestive systems.  The girls returned and seemed surprised to find the three of them still parked at the dinner table, albeit with their chairs pulled farther out and their spherical guts bumping the edge of the table.  “So… much… delicious…” Beau sputtered out between shallow breaths to his wife.  “Honey… you’ve… outdone… yourself!”  Her appreciative hand fluttered along the length of Beau’s charcoal-black fur trail down on the middle of his bowed-out belly, lovingly patting the most solid part.  “And you, Beau, have quite overdone it,” she assured him, looking around the table where Jesse and Johnny were pushing out their bellies for a devoted rubbing, “all of you boys look like you’ve gotten your fill.”

Jesse was so cute with his mischievous smile, spiky short hair, lifted pullover shirt and exposed belly button.  “He was so skinny when we met,” confided his most-pleased girlfriend, “and now, well, I love how he’s filling out.”  She kept running her warm hand back and forth across the bottom quarter of his bared paunch, pecking kisses on his cheek like a chicken.  

Johnny couldn’t help but show his dimples as he leaned back, relaxed, and attempted to digest some of the ten pounds of food in his stomach.  Beau looked his way in time to catch Johnny’s wife playfully poking his very round belly.  “Are you testing him to see if he ate enough pasta?” She laughed a little and hugged her growing guy.  “Oh, I bet he did.  He’s had quite a craving for it lately.”

The girls rubbed their guys awhile longer, then went back in the living room to research pasta recipes on their phones.  Beau took the opportunity to push Johnny and Jesse into his man cave where the keg of beer had been chilling in the special fridge for a couple of days.  Beau came up behind Johnny and pushed his hard stuffed gut into the small of the 23 year-old’s back, grabbing Johnny’s love handles and squeezing around his overpacked belly.  Even with letting out the world’s biggest belch, Beau couldn’t get close enough to rub his hard cock against Johnny’s deluxe butter butt.  “Fuck, you’re getting fat, John-John.  Get on that scale over there and let’s get your ass weighed!”  Obediently, Johnny headed over to the scale, with Beau and a curious Jesse in tow.  Soon, they had their numbers.  Beau was registering 285 pounds, Jesse tipped the scale at 220 and Johnny, with that hefty butt, weighed in at 240.  As they started guzzling frosty mugs of brew, they really began taking stock of their prosperous situation.

Jesse was a little surprised that he’d gained 25 pounds since Beau’s infamous birthday party in his office, but his ball belly didn’t lie.  Johnny poked Jesse right in the belly button and told him that he’d helped by sharing his windfall of a daily expense account.  “It’s a good thing, John-John,” Jesse acknowledged, clinking his near-empty beer mug against Johnny’s, “after all, think about how fat you’d be now if you’d eaten all of that food yourself!”  Johnny tipped his mug and drained it as Beau bumped into the side of him and grabbed his overbloated stomach.  Beau kneaded Johnny’s firm food baby until a belch made its way up and out the top.  “Yeah,” Beau said, “think about how fat you’d be now if you weren’t sharing… so, how much weight have you gained, pudgebutt?”

Johnny refilled his mug again and chugged it with noticeable difficulty.  “Just five more than Jesse.  Thirty.”

“Well, okay, then.  Tell you what.  I’m giving Jesse $50 a day because he’s shown some good initiative and I’m raising yours to $100 a day to help that darling wife of yours buy groceries.”  Beau patted Johnny’s ass as he bent over to fill up his giant mug again.  “And don’t forget the pasta!”

A couple weeks passed with Jesse and Johnny experiencing an observable spike in their respective weights.  Johnny’s wife had treated her fast-expanding hubby to a fresh take-and-bake pizza each night after a pasta dinner she’d created from their recipe pool.  There was plenty of money in the belly budget, so she’d treat him to a pint of Haagen-Dazs of his choice after he was packed round with pizza.  Her love life was amazing– as an indulging Johnny was hard as hell.  After Johnny slurped down the last spoonful of high calorie ice cream, he’d have to lay on his back with his thoroughly ripe belly up so she could take full advantage of his aroused state.

Jesse found himself getting a teased a bit at the gym.  It had become too much work to get on the treadmill, so he’d given cardio up in favor of spending all of his workout time in the free weight area.  Wade, one of his workout partners, always took a few moments away from the nearest mirror to check out Jesse’s form.  Wade was one of those immaculately groomed guys who prided himself in eating a squeaky clean diet and following a strict routine.  Jesse didn’t pay too much attention to his weight, except in the morning when he’d be buttoning his pants, so he often wondered what a guy like Wade would be thinking when he looked him over the way he did.  One night, Wade warned him that he might poop out his sizable food baby if he squatted too deep, and then waited for Jesse to get on the incline bench so he could push around on his fat belly like a cat kneading a pillow.  Jesse was somewhat amused, as Wade had never actually said anything like that before to him, let alone touch him physically in that way.  Jesse let out a big fart, thinking that it would get Wade to stop, but the staunch gym dude thought that was most amusing.  Wade clung to him as his spotter the rest of the evening at the various stations, sneaking a belly poke or pat at every opportunity, and he would say things like “that tank top has sure gotten tight on you” and “how much can you eat now?”  To help illustrate the answers to some of these questions, Jesse decided to invite him out for lunch at Beau’s favorite Mexican buffet.

Becoming an epic eating adventure, the trip to the land of unending enchiladas was enhanced with the appearance of both Johnny and Beau.  Jesse’s 6’2” friend, Wade, was shortly quite out of his mind, not knowing where to put his eyes so that he wouldn’t be thought of as rude.  Wade’s lean muscular body stood out in stark contrast to the other three’s overly well-fed forms; in fact, his clothing was even slightly loose on him. The group of three ate ceaselessly for a good two hours, while Wade picked through what he thought would fit the parameters of his strict diet, thoroughly enjoying the show of the others gorging on anything in huge quantities.  Beau had won a pancake eating contest at a local charity that morning, so he was in incredibly titanic shape when he leaned back and put both hands on his beach ball-sized belly.  Rubbing in slow circles on each side of his gut and letting out a lengthy, satisfied belch, Beau said, “God, this place is good.  Wade, I hope you got enough to eat.  I know I could stuff this big ol’ gut until it fucking exploded.”

Wade watched Beau rub his enormous round belly, almost drooling, not even really stopping to think before he spoke, “Why stop? They’re still serving.”  

“Heh heh, yeah, they are, Wade.”  Beau said, smiling broadly, looking to either side of him and sizing up Jesse and Johnny’s all-you-can-eat progress.  Both of them were in particularly vintage shirts that should have been retired pounds ago, and their overly distended bellies were accentuated in sublime detail.  Beau spread his thick thighs apart so he could roll his gut between them enough so that his arm could reach Jesse.  Putting his hand along the side of Jesse’s swollen gut, he pushed it towards Wade and then wobbled it back and forth.  “How about this juicy porker?  Think he’s full enough?”  Beau rolled over to his left and did the same with Johnny’s even bigger, tighter paunch, concentrating on how wide the dome was on top.  “How about this blimp?  Think his one-pack is packed to the tippy top?”

Wade sucked back the accumulating saliva and wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth.  “No on both accounts.  I have a feeling that both of them would benefit greatly from another round.”

“So do I, Wade. These guts aren’t nearly full enough.  Why don’t you go get them something to make ‘em grow an inch– or two.”

In no time at all, Wade had filled plates for all three of them and thoughtfully placed them before their gluttonous forms.  Beau’s blue eyes twinkled with delight as he watched Wade’s tented crotch circle the table delivering the heaped plates, then began to shovel the thoroughly optimistic mass of food down his gullet.  

“Bet you didn’t you know you’d get to play ‘Pop the Pig’ today, did ya, Wade?” Beau said, his cheeks bulging with food.

Wade smiled devilishly.  “Well, all I was thinking I’d see today was how much Jesse here could pack away into that fattened belly of his,” he said, leaning over and giving Jesse’s impressively swollen ball belly a test push as the stuffer took a short break from a long enchilada.  Jesse let out a grunt as Wade kept trying to make a palm-sized dent in his upsized belly.  “But this has been way past my expectations.”  

Johnny pushed his half-finished plate away and carefully arched his back so that his shoulders rested on the top of the chair.  Wade’s attention was captured immediately by the motion and Johnny’s languid act of reclining seemed to take place in slow motion.  His belly had become a perfect semi-circle from his popped-open pants to his thickened pecs, and Johnny’s striped polo shirt had lifted mid-paunch to display a couple of fresh stretch marks aside his shallower belly button.  Beau chuckled under his breath, leaned forward again as far as he could and gave the broad gut a firm smack.  The packed sphere barely moved, and Johnny belted out a startled grunt as the hand struck his taut sausage skin.  

“Johnny be good and stuffed to the brim,” Beau said, “stick the tiniest of pins in that belly to hear the loudest of pops!”

“Nah, he’s gotta finish his lunch.”  Wade picked up Johnny’s plate, got behind him, and started forcing the last of the soft tacos into his mouth.  John-John was far too dazed to put up much of a fight, and he winced as he felt an occasional sharp pain in his abdomen.  “It’s always best to finish off a guy with an old-fashioned hand-stuffing.”  

Jesse quickly finished the last of his plateful when Wade began force-feeding John-John, and slipped a protective hand on the front of his very full belly as he sat across from the scene.  Beau enjoyed the final bite of his extra-plump chile relleno and found that he’d added enough Mexican to his pancake glut to have been stuffed into place.  Wade had forced everything into Johnny’s mouth, bulging out his chubby cheeks until they appeared to be nearing explosion.  Keeping his hand over John-John’s mouth, Wade whispered things in his ear.  Trusting Johnny to faithfully swallow the last, Wade removed his hand and wiped his hands clean with his napkin.  

Walking slowly around the table, Wade surveyed the effects of his “final solution” presented in the form of belly-topping platefuls.  Johnny continued to swell with the powerdome on top of his stomach area rising up even higher, peaking in a triangle shape right in front of his rib cage.  Boned-up Beau had anxiously polished off a big bottle of beer while he watched Wade’s hand-stuffing session, and was red-faced with his utterly stuffed gut.  Wade put his hands on his thighs and squatted down to admire Beau’s mountain of gut.  Turning to his right, Wade savored the sight of his buddy Jesse’s maxed-out bulge. He put his hand on top of the firm mound and pushed in and out until Jesse let out a heartfelt grunt.  

Wade got out his phone and snapped several photos, telling each to “say donut!” for the lens.  

“Speaking of donuts, there are a few left back at the office,” Beau noted.  

Handy to Beau’s side, Wade leaned over and patted Beau’s hot air balloon of a gut.  “You’ve eaten more food here at lunch than I probably eat in a week! You think you can stuff ‘em in, fat boy? I mean, will they even fit?”  He tried to push in on the bearded stud’s extra firm XXXL sphere of table muscle, but it was packed too tight.

Jesse piped up from the bloated peanut gallery, “Careful there, Wade, even Johnny and I haven’t seen Beau’s gut that huge before.  He must really be ready to blow!”

Wade looked down at Beau’s wedding band and then back at his gutsphere. “A guy your size must be a labor of love for a wife to keep full, and she must like you big and fat.  I mean, you must be getting pretty close to, what, 300 pounds?”

Beau looked up at Wade, batting his long eyelashes subconsciously through his food coma.  “As a matter of fact, sir, I am indeed edging along towards the 3-dash-dash on the scale at home.  Fuck me– I can’t stop eating!  Maybe I should hire you as my personal trainer– you look like you know what you’re doing in the gym.”

After a few more minutes of trying to digest their gigantic lunches, the three grunted their way to standing and began their slow swagger to the door.  All of them had turgid torpedoes about to launch from their centers, turning heads as they wobbled, belched, and occasionally farted.  Wade followed behind in their wake like he were herding them out the door, himself walking funny because of his thoroughly hard cock.  Outside, the three overfed porkers each let out a satisfied sigh, relaxed their abdominal muscles in unison, and seemingly coordinated the launch into space of their completely stressed pants buttons.

Surprised and slightly embarrassed, Jesse and Johnny just stood there for a moment by Beau’s SUV with their guts swelling out into widening open spaces facilitated by auto-plunging zippers. As the waistbands of their underwear slid farther under the bottoms of their heavy full bellies, the hems of their too-taut shirts slipped in the opposite direction.  Beau pointed at his fattened employees and began to roll a belly laugh that continued to shake his enormously bloated gut until he popped two buttons from his outdone dress shirt.  After that scale of a wardrobe failure, Beau decided that they were in no condition to return to work.  He phoned in to his administrative assistant and said that they were taking the afternoon off.  Dropping Jesse and Johnny back off at their cars, Beau then headed home where he said he’d meet Kade at his home gym for a training consultation.  

With his wife out of town visiting her sister, Beau knew that they would have some privacy to do a few measurements. Wade’s vehicle was already in his driveway as he pulled up.  Beau invited him to enter behind him through the garage, as he didn’t want his big bare belly out for the neighbors to see.  “I had to meet you, Wade.  Jesse said that he thought you might be a little bit of a chubby chaser.”

“Well, it’s so much effort to do all of that chasing; I’d rather burn those calories lifting in the gym.” Wade told Beau, rubbing himself behind the expanded man’s plump ass and cupping the massive overhang in his hand. “I prefer my fatties stuffed full and unable to move.  That way, they’re always where I left ‘em and can find ‘em easily to cram more food down their gullets.”

“Fuck yeah– I came a little in my underwear when you were powerpacking John-John’s fat little face at the end of lunch.  I’ve always wanted to do to him myself.”

“You should.  He loved it.  He’s going to be bigger than you someday– and with that big pasta butt of his, oh…” Wade rubbed his hard crotch against Beau’s wide ass and massaged his big gut with both hands, unable to stop squeezing belches out of the most swollen part. “When I was feeding him those tacos at the end, I told him that his wife was doing a very good job, but to let me know if he ever needed help keeping his belly full enough.”

“I’ve got beer in the man cave,” Beau told him.

“Of course you do, you don’t get a gut like that drinking green tea.” Wade said, ripping off his spent dress shirt and pushing him forward.    

The next hour was a blur.  A completely nude Beau dented a comfy couch, arching back as far as his spine would allow, with his lustrously taut gut bloated out and covering his throbbing cock. Wade’s hard-muscled body hovered in front of Beau, a picture of powerful balance, as he poured beer by the pitcherful into a funnel plugged into Beau’s moist lips.  Wade would bounce the head of his big swollen cock in and out of Beau’s wide “o” shaped belly button, and then would press his shaft against the immensely bloated sphere and rub it all the way up and then all the way back down again.  The rhythmic motions worked out regular belches from the overripe fuzzy gut, but Wade had to slow down a bit when he noticed that Beau’s beard was getting a bit soaked from overflow.  

Wade pulled back and surveyed Beau’s giant gut ball that protruded distantly in front of him. Setting the nearly empty third pitcher down on the table and disconnecting the funnel from Beau’s mouth, he smacked around on the king-sized tank.  Beau’s gut had swollen so big that his entire chest angled up noticeably with his beard sitting on his upper chest.  Beau was so inflated that his even his arms stuck out at his sides.  Wade got down in front of his couch-stranded fatty and thrust his tongue into the tight belly button.  Grabbing onto each side of the titanic gut, Wade lifted the entire heft up and down like he was bouncing a beach ball.  Beau moaned with pleasure as the overstuffed belly repeatedly compressed his fat oozing cock, and the sloshing of the sphere’s contents resulted in several long, ear-splitting, multi-toned and thoroughly-relieving belches.  Wade reached under Beau’s big belly and worked his cock until it exploded in his hand, shooting spurts of cream all over the muscled stud.  Wade came soon after, stroking his lengthy shaft right in front of Beau’s distended gut, plugging the head of his cock firmly into the bearded bear’s sweaty belly button and blowing his load.

Wade grabbed Beau’s juicy pecs and massaged them, gently pinching and tugging on his nipples.  Drawing his face closer to Beau’s, Wade licked around the fat hunk’s beer-flavored lips, opening his mouth for a long, deep kiss.  

“I just wanna pump you in both ends until you explode in the middle,” Wade whispered all over Beau’s ear.

Finding the beer bong that Beau that purchased for the boys, Wade filled it up to the top and helped Beau hold it at the proper angle so that he could suck on the wide tube while he eased Beau’s ample legs into the air.  Wade gently pushed his refreshed hard-on into Beau’s warm slippery tunnel, watching as stretch marks appeared on Beau’s enormously swollen gut.  Wade’s powerful thrusting motions sloshed the contents of the painfully overfull belly, and the waves caused a room-filling belch as Beau drained the beer bong.  Rubbing the big belly until they both came again, the two slumped exhausted side by side on the couch for what seemed like forever.

Grabbing a bar towel, Wade cleaned up the hot, sticky mess, paying particular attention to rubbing out all of the juice from Beau’s furry tank.  

“Okay… I’m… hiring… you…” Beau said, struggling to breathe with his overloaded belly.  

A playful smile curled onto Wade’s lips as he agreed to accept Beau’s more-than-generous offer.

That night continued on into what became a sublimely decadent routine.  Beau changed  a few things around so that Jesse and Johnny could work from home, pleased with the fact that Johnny’s wife worked during the day and Jesse’s girlfriend had been offered a job in the next town over.  There was so much eating– completely unrestrained gluttony– that Beau’s “Belly Boys” grew like prize hogs gorging at an unlimited trough. Beau had given them both $150 a day to spend on food and whatever else they could wrap their lips around to make them fatter.  Wade was on hand to help them over plateaus and do a little sport-stuffing when Beau thought they were getting too lazy to gorge.  

Jesse still went to the gym, having an entirely different perspective on his workouts with Wade.  Although Jesse had yet to experience Wade’s insatiable sexual appetite, he did appreciate being fed and having his full belly rubbed. Within six months, Jesse had plumped up to a ponderous 280 pounds with a 55” belly that could swell to 60”.  His girlfriend would be blown away every time she’d commute back for a weekend visit, overjoyed that she could stuff more of her home cooked meals into him each and every time.

Gorged on pots of pasta and plenty of cheesecake, Johnny ballooned to 330 pounds.  The extra weight was nicely distributed between his ample ball-shaped belly and his ultra-chunky butt.  He was the hot topic of discussion before he and his wife even arrived at his extended family’s Thanksgiving meal.  His wife was squeezed out by two potbellied uncles, who simply couldn’t believe how much weight their nephew had packed on since the prior year.  Between them and the rest of the family, Johnny’s plate was never allowed to completely empty.  “Are you full yet?” they would ask, and then plunk down more when he’d shake his head. Running out of food, they placed a pumpkin pie on top of Johnny’s distended gut, and snapped pics with the dazed, overfed glutton.  To wind up the photo session, his wife grabbed the can of whipped cream, the pie, and a big soup spoon as she pushed her hubby to their room.

The past six months had probably been the most rewarding for Beau, both personally and professionally, receiving an excellent performance review from his superiors and a corresponding raise, and getting a new roommate at home.  His wife had agreed to move Wade in as Beau’s personal trainer to help him manage his weight, and later watched her pleasantly chubby hubby blow up to 360 pounds.  

As time went on, there were yet more developments at Beau’s full house.  The big bear’s insatiable appetite and eating habits had rubbed off on the rigidly disciplined Kade.

It had started with something as innocent as Wade absentmindedly licking icing off of his fingers while he was powerstuffing Beau on a Saturday night. “Try one of these donuts,” Beau had said, smirking wickedly as he watched Wade’s expression melt into upward spirals of pleasure. Wade’s inherent passion seemed to be instantly redirected into a newfound love of food.  Occasionally, Beau would come home from work to find Wade shamelessly lazing about in one of his tight white tank tops, his softening belly bulging with a family-sized pizza, a few crumbs of crust caught in his growing beard.  Wade filled out at a steady rate, like he were a cannoli being piped full of tasty cream from a bulging pastry bag.

Beau just couldn’t ignore Wade’s changing physique.  In fact, he was becoming so obsessed with it that his own burgeoning weight had slowed a little.  Beau would pick out one of Kade’s old compression shirts and take him to McDonald’s where he’d challenge him to McDoubles eating contests.  Beau would poke Wade’s belly after each burger, suggesting that he eat faster.  Once Wade was quite pregnant with burgers and had to concede or explode, Beau would gorge on the remainder, making the stuffed sausage of a personal trainer walk up to the counter and purchase yet more burgers.  Full and horny, the boys would adjourn to the man cave upon their return home.  Guzzling beer until their overly-swollen bellies sloshed, they’d bump guts and belch in each other’s faces.  

They became satisfied and proud of their improved lives.  Beau’s wife came to terms with having to share her very large, very sexy husband with Wade, and after awhile, filled his plate as full as her hubby’s.  In fact, to celebrate Beau reaching 400 pounds, she sent him, Wade, Jesse, and Johnny to Mexico for two weeks at the highest-rated all-inclusive resort.  After all, what kind of trouble could they get into?

Original back cover illustration by Jaime Hernandez from Love & Rockets #49, published by Fantagraphics, November 1995. The portrait is one of Jaime’s favorite actors, Lee J. Cobb, star of TV’s The Virginian and featured in films including On the Waterfront (“Johnny Friendly”), The Exorcist, and The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit