johnny depp pirates of the carribean


Disney has this new technology where they work with motion capture, body doubles, CGI, and practical effects to make ‘older’ actors appear in their youth. Previously there was Jeff Bridges on Tron: Legacy which was entirely CGI and looked cartoonish. RDJ’s in Captain America: Civil War was the best, looking seamlessly like a younger him. Carrie Fisher’s cameo in Rogue One was such a reveal it because while many should’ve seen it coming because it was visually her it blew us away. Johnny’s was easily the highlight of the film as it was a fuller scene and it’s importance was so enticing for its own story. Needless to say this tech is at the forefront of Hollywood legends’ appeal and I can’t wait to see who jumps in Disney’s time machine next.

y'all watch potc for willabeth but i watch purely for captain jack sparrow oops

Getting ready for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie by drawing our favorite pirate Captain Jack Sparrow!

Ookay so we all remember that in Dead Men Tell No Tales Barbossa goes to the witch and the witch says something like: she cursed his enemies for him.

Then when Barbossa is talking to Salasar around the time when we get to know about the story of young Jack, Barbossa says something like: Jack is my enemy.

So Jack was probably out of luck because of Barbossa. That was why his plans seamed to backfire and because of that he was mostly drunk. Then as he started to get nearer to Poseidon’s Trident his good luck seam to find him again, because he was nearer to break the course.

By the way I just loved it how he always protected Henry and Carina.


You are sitting with Johnny and a girl comes near you two to flirt with him but he’s not interested and he makes it obvious because he already likes you.

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