johnny depp meanwhile received minimal directing

While most of us vaguely remember Tim Burton’s Willy Wonka remake as nothing more than a cinematic fart, that doesn’t mean the people behind the scenes didn’t put a shitload of tedious work into making it.

6 Famous Movies That Were Shockingly Hard to Make

#5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Trained Actual Squirrels

There’s a scene that you’ve probably long forgotten in which Wonka Depp reveals that he’s trained a bunch of squirrels to put nuts on a conveyor belt. You might think this was the work of a bunch of people in a CGI sweatshop rendering it on workstations, but those were real squirrels, and training them to do this took fucking months. … While it’s easy to believe that Willy Wonka would be crazy enough to try to train real squirrels to do his work, the only person crazier than Willy Wonka is Tim Burton, who actually did it.

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