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I just watched the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, and you can say whatever you want about the action, and Barbosas daughter, and Jack, but the hands down best part was when Will and Elizabeth were finally reunited and you can’t convince me otherwise.

So I have this headcanon that Theo is actually an alumnus of the crew’s school, so the school is always calling him back to work on murals and whatnot and Nathanaël, being the licensed Art Kid, gets dragged in too, so they get to be good friends after spending hours painting these dumb murals. They’ll talk about girls and art and really anything, and even though Theo’s dirt poor he still gives Nat his spare art supplies, and Nat will let him hang at his house if the power to Theo’s studio gets cut off again, and Theo will let Nat crash at the Studio if Nat’s dad and stepmom are fighting again, and sometimes they’ll go to the Louvre and draw together. idk these weird specific platonic relationships warm my ace heart

Harry Potter rated by appearances of Johnny Depp

Books 1-7: No appearance. 11/10
Movies 1-8: No appearance. 6/10
The Cursed Child: No appearance. 0/10 for everything else.
Fantastic Beasts: A small appearance. -100/10.