“Why would amber heard lie about the abuse? Johnny Depp could destroy her career in a blink of an eye.”

Okay, so maybe, just maybe she wants his money (Car and apartments) and her 3 minutes of fame. 
Let’s look at it, she gets divorced he said “no spousal support for you” and within a few days she claims that she got abused. Looks fishy to me.
But that’s not all. 
She actually stays in his apartment, drives HIS car and apparently wears HIS belt.
She called the police because his people wanted to get HIS clothes out of HIS apartment when both apparently weren’t even there. 
She refuses to have time to get her disposition taken and still to this day she hasn’t said anything under oath about the abuse, WHY?
Now the Judge had enough and scheduled her disposition to August 6th?

Now Amber said that Johnny’s Side is trying to get more time because he is scared of the hearing while SHE doesn’t sign a non-disclosure agreement so she has to keep her mouth shut about his finances, because someone leaked them before.

“How Can you defend Rihanna but not Amber Heard you hypocrite!”

I defend Rihanna because she immediately went to the police pushed charges and showed them her abused face.
Chris Brown even confessed that he beat her up.

“But Maybe she didn’t press charges because she is afraid or wants to protect his career”

Well Scared? She actually sold her pictures to magazines and leaked it to the media. Victims of abuse are usually embaressed and don’t want anyone to see their bruised face. 
She sold everything or leaked it, and claimed that Johnny Depp is a monster.
So why doesn’t she press charges?
Honestly she made him look really bad in public and he could just go ahead and punch her one more time if he really abused her, but pressing charges would actually cause investigations in that case and Johnny would be in prison.
But she didn’t, all she did was ask for his money and git a TEMPORARY Restraining order, which doesn’t mean anything.
And protecting his career is the most stupid thing i have ever heard. She claims that she wanted to keep it all private to protect his career meanwhile she sells and leaks all the information to the media. 
Yes very classy!

Listen, we don’t know anything about this case but i have seen so many stuff in the past 2-3 month that i can say i refuse to believe amber.
Not because i think it is good that she has been abused and she deserved it (because nobody deserves that) but because this whole thing is not believable for me.
And it makes me mad that people go ahead and believe everything a woman says no matter if it’s true or not.

And now stop insulting Johnny and his fans as “Human Garbage” because apparently you are the ones insulting others and sending death threats, so doesn’t that make you hypocrites? Telling everyone abuse is wrong but still insulting and sending death threats (which is mental abuse) to others!

some reminders

1. dont EVERRR tell me youre a feminist when youre coming to Amber Heard’s defense by calling JD supporters trash and telling them to kill themselves

2. If she’s willing to postpone a court date for an engagement party, she aint that worried about this situation idc dont try to argue

3. youre not a feminist for supporting Amber Heard ONLY because shes a woman, youre a sexist piece of shit

4. most importantly, dont dish out what you cant take. you want to ridicule MY favorite actor for alleged domestic abuse instead of talking over the situation civilly, i’ll ridicule Amber for alleged character defamation. try me


3/? favourite Johnny Depp characters (in no particular order)

Dr. Will Caster - Transcendence (Wally Pfister, 2014)

“Why did you lose faith Evelyn? Why didn’t you believe in me?”

Hopefully, one of the things that came across is that he became a little bit brighter and more of a younger version of Will.  He became the version of Will that Evelyn wants to see, as opposed to the version that can’t button his shirt correctly.“ Johnny Depp

Let's make another video, Deppheads!

So I’ve been throwing around the idea (in my head, u kno) of making a support video for the bae that I’d send to his team.

I told myself I’d take a step back from doing stuff like this but TBH I’ve had a shit week and I need this, I NEED to do this for him.

Idk what it will be and idk if it’ll even happen, it all depends on the time I have and other such factors but let’s do this:

If you wanna be a part of whatever it may be, email an .mp4 video to depp53@outlook.com

The video can be honestly whatever you want, since idk what imma do yet. So you can say a little message of support if you want to, really whatever you want. But if you do send in a video, I want EVERYONE to say at some point ‘I am with you Johnny Depp’
Just one thing; in the video, don’t just sit there and try and explain/justify why you support him in this; don’t be all like ‘idk man like ilu and I’m like pretty sure u didn’t do it?? But like idk but I still really like you’
TBH all you need to say is 'I am with you Johnny Depp’

DO NOT SEND ME A VIDEO IF YOU ONLY SUPPORT HIM BECAUSE HE IS PRETTY AND TALENTED. I ain’t here for dat shit and if you don’t understand why I’m adamant about that then you are one of the people who should not send a video (HARSH, LANI IS IN A HARSH MOOD)

Don’t put any music into it, I’ll put some music in!

Please get it in ASAP, if I do it i’ll probably try to get it to them on or before the court date.

I understand people might not be comfortable going on camera, especially in a serious matter such as this, so if there’s not enough people I might just scrap it but idk thought I’d just throw it out there

Well this post was a hot mess from start to finish but I just need to….do something more idk