I can’t believe that people are putting Johnny Depp in the same category as Chris Brown, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and Casey Affleck. His case is completely fucking different compared to them.
I mean let’s have a look :
-Chris Brown :He actually brutally hit Rihanna. Police confirmed it, we saw it, he admitted it and was convicted for it.He also has a long history of aggression and violence.
-Roman Polanski :Everyone knows that he raped that little girl. He admitted it.
-Woody Allen :His pedophile way goes long way to the past. It’s public knowledge that he’s a creep.
-Casey Affleck :One woman accused him of sexual harassment and later another woman said the same. 2 accusers usually means that the accusation is true.
And then we have Johnny Depp, a man with zero history of violence against women,suddenly accused by a woman with a violent past herself.Johnny Depp had tons of evidence to prove his innocence in court but guess what, Amber Heard suddenly dropped the RO request and days later they settled. She settled. Some say that because Affleck settled both cases that means he’s guilty (he probably is) but no one talks about Amber chosing to settle. No one talks about Amber Heard’s DV arrest. No one talks about reports that she had been violent towards him and of course no one talks about his evidence against her.
If you can’t see the difference between Johnny Depp and the others, you are blind.