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     {➹} – SETS OF EMERALDS and dual shades of blue were trained on the expansive screen in front of them, watching multiple images flash along it far too fast to comprehend, but that didn’t stop the three mobians from trying for a few minutes before giving the task up as a bad job altogether. Breaking his gaze away from the display, Sonic ran both palms down his face with a soft groan, causing both Johnny and Porker to look in his direction after exchanging concerned looks.  

     "Everything alright?“ It was a dumb question if Johnny had ever heard one, but he had to ask it. He was worried, as was Porker, about the hedgehog and not in the least because the speedster seemed to be more anxious than either had ever seen him before. Unfortunately, it was understandable since the hedgehog had come to them both earlier that day and quickly recapped the secret mission he and Knuckles had gone on a few weeks ago, one that yielded a potential goldmine of advantages for their side. It was for that reason that neither Johnny or Porker had berated the hero about not notifying them; there were other matters to attend to. Ones that Porker had gotten started on the moment the hedgehog had handed over his communicator, chock-full of Robotnik’s files.

     There was a pause before the hedgehog responded to the rabbit’s question, giving his best nonchalant shrug as he leaned against the console, facing his allies. "All things considered? Could be worse.”  

     It was, strictly speaking, the truth. He was apprehensive — and suffering a mild headache — sure, but overall he felt relieved he had finally mustered up the courage to share his findings with the rest of his team, or he would once the rest of them arrived. He should have done it earlier, he knew, but fear had kept him at bay; fear of what the others would think when they saw concrete proof of what he had been through and the one cryptic mystery that he still didn’t know the answer to. It was stupid to think they’d look at him any differently, but the trepidation lingered.


     Glancing to the display again, and seeing no hint of a progress bar, the hero regarded the pig operating the computer. “How much longer?”

     “Just a few minutes. Once everything’s finished uploading we’ll be able to search through it all using keywords, dates and anything else along those lines,” Porker explained, typing diligently as he continued in a softer tone. “Hopefully we’ll learn something that will let us plan the next step.”

     "I’d be surprised if we didn’t,” Johnny chimed in, personally intrigued by the new development. “Once the rest show up, we’ll have a look and see what they think.”

     Fortunately, the remainder of the group starting arriving just a few minutes later, even The Chaotix — who the hedgehog had only half expected to answer his call ( a ridiculous notion if Charmy and Mighty’s greetings said anything ). Still by the end of the half hour, the appointed time, they were missing one – well, two – members.

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can you do one with johnny, jaehyun and yuta where the three of them fuck the shit outta me at the same time and overstimulate me and choke me and degrade me and basically just fuck me up like the little slut i am? p.s: i love your writing!

sign me tf up for this ksksjsksks also thank you sm💜

You laid on the bed, legs spread wide for Johnny, Yuta, and Jaehyun. They admired your beautiful body as their hands worked their cocks. Your heart was beating fast out of anticipation. You couldn’t wait to be filled up by them. They made their way over to you. Jaehyun positioned himself at your entrance, and slapped his cock on your clit. Jolts of pleasure ran through you, making your back arch. He slid his cock into you, stretching you wide. A loud moan escaped your lips and Johnny took the opportunity and put his cock into your mouth. You moaned into him as Jaehyun rammed into you. Yuta stood by the side of the bed taking in the view. Wanting to pleasure him as well, you extended out your arm taking him into your hands, pumping his cock. All three of them were moaning and grunting. You had them at your disposition, this boosted your confidence and made you more wet. Jaehyun picked up his pace as he brought his hands to your throat, slightly choking you. Yutas hands came down to your clit and his fingers began to rub with pressure. Johnny slid his cock deeper down your throat making you gag as his hands worked on your tits. The sounds coming out of you were erotic. A burning sensation began to take over your core. Your pussy throbbed around Jaehyuns dick as you came. Moans muffled by Johnnys cock. Jaehyun pulled out of you and motioned Yuta over. They switched positions. Yuta slid in without missing a beat and fucked you harder. Your sensitive pussy begin to pulse as Jaehyun slapped your clit. Tears pooled at the side of your eyes from pleasure. Johnny pulled out of your mouth and lifted you off the bed, getting behind you. He laid underneath you and shoved his cock into you along with Yuta. You screamed out in pain and pleasure as Jaehyun grabbed your jaw. He looked at you with his honey eyes, telling you what a good slut you were, before slipping his cock into your mouth. Johnny pressed kisses into your neck and Yutas grip on your thighs became stronger. Definitely leaving a mark. The men worked at your body ferociously as your second orgasm approached. Cumming a second time took a toll on you, but they weren’t done just yet. They kept on going until their highs hit. The overstimulation had fucked you out of your mind. Yuta and Johnny left your pussy as Jaheyun left your mouth. You laid on the bed breathing heavily. They stood over your pussy as they pumped their cocks, releasing their cum onto you one after another. You were covered in cum and sweat, just as they wanted. With one last slap of their cocks on your pussy, they called you their cum slut, leaving you wanting more♦️

Things we know about the lost Herondale timeline 

Spoilers if you haven’t read The Wicked Ones

1828: (The Lost Herondale) Catarina saved Tobias Herondale’s son (which will become the lost Herondale line)

1936: (Learn About Loss) One of the descendants of Tobias Herondale’s son became involved with high Fae and produced descendants with fae lineage and whoever that fae was, she was very important (enough to have the fae searching for the lost Herondales)

1940: (A Deeper Love) Basically proof that the faerie woman was important

1989: The line continues down to Rosemary Herondale*

~1997: Kit was born (and by Lady Midnight he would be 15)

*Rosemary was described as “younger than Crow” in the Wicked Ones and Crow looked “barely into his twenties”. But they also know how to change their appearances. So how old exactly is Rosemary Herondale in 1989? Because the time gap (which is at most ~11-12 years) sure is not large enough for Rosemary to be a grandmother if she was really as young as she looked. So that leaves four explanations (that I can think of):

1) Rosemary was much older than she looked which means she could be old enough to be Johnny Rook’s mother. Kit’s mother’s identity was still unresolved.

2) Rosemary was as young as she looked and Johnny could be her sibling or something (I mean, it’s not like it’s impossible to have two children). Again, Kit’s mother’s identity was still unresolved.

3) Rosemary was as young as she looked, and she was actually Kit’s mother but that would leave Johnny’s Herondale lineage unexplained (Or even Shadowhunter lineage, because it’s not the first time the Shadowhunters fail at keeping family records straight. I mean just look at Jace’s many last names throughout TMI and that hugely misleading family tree in Clockwork Princess. He could honestly be anyone)

4) A combination of Rosemary being Kit’s mother and Johnny being her sibling, but that would mean Jem and Tessa either didn’t know and just assume Johnny was his father (because he would also be a Herondale), or they deliberately let Kit believe Johnny was his father when Johnny was his uncle or something. And then it becomes the question of who Kit’s father was…

Feel free to supply more information (or scenarios) if I missed any :)

NCT 127: Using ribbons on their S/O (Mature)



I love this man with my entire heart. I live for moon taeil and moon taeil only. I feel like he would only do something like this with the person he is really serious with. His personality is literal gold dust and he would probably use a ribbon to feel even more intimate. He seems like the type to believe that sex isn’t just sex but rather an act of intimacy and commitment.

Taeil wouldn’t have any preferences on the colour. He’d probably let you choose and be happy with whatever that is. Taeil would tie the silk ribbon around his and one of your wrists to bind your hands together so that during the full time you were having sex, he’d be holding your tied hands together above your head and the other would be roaming your body.

The whole extra intimacy of intertwined fingers would make it a million times more intense. He really wants to feel and make you feel special. A lot of people don’t appreciate soft sex; his kisses, his whispers, his whole body, everything would be felt on a new and deeper level.



Pink. A cute but sexy baby pink ribbon made from silk. Nothing would turn him on more than seeing you in this colour; we all know how much he would adore his partner looking cute.

I don’t think he’d like the ribbon being used on him, but would not be against the idea of you using it on him every once in a blue moon. Mostly, he is having his fun with the ribbons on you. Johnny would particularly love it when you’d be blindfolded with one ribbon and your hands tied together behind you back with another. He’d go crazy when you ride him like this. He really wants to get his camera out and take pictures, he’d ask you first though.

And this fashionista, Johnny would make you wear it as a fashion accessory sometimes and would get a little hard if anyone compliments you for it, no one would know your little secret.



I had trouble deciding what colours he would like but them after looking at loads of Taeyong’s fashion photos I kinda realized that he won’t just stick to one colour.

Taeyong would probably spend a lot of money on a Versace or Chanel scarf rather than a ribbon. One that’s colourful with a really nice and expensive looking pattern. Yes, he bought this ribbon but he bought it for you to use on him. He’d end up with a drawer full of expensive scarves and ties ready for you. Tie him up with it, blindfold him, gag him. He goes crazy every time you bring them out to play with him.

We all know how much of a fashion king he is, too. The opposite of Johnny, he would probably be the one using it as an fashion accessory as well and would have to be careful not letting any of the other members use them. They’re for you two only.



We all know how much of a NAMJA!! (man) Yuta is. But he also has his soft side, too, this baby owns my heart. So when it gets down to the naughty times, he would only use the ribbons if he’s feeling dominant.

If it’s soft sex, he wouldn’t use anything, wanting to be intimate using his body only. But on the other hand, he can get super kinky. He’s really into the hardcore toys and doesn’t see the point in these ribbons, but does it for you. Yuta is the type to tie your hands to the headboard and tease the hell out of you. And that’s exactly what he’d do when the black chiffon ribbons were out. He likes the roughness of them.

One time you really wanted to use them on him and because it was your birthday he let you blindfold him. He hated the fact that he couldn’t see you when he orgasmed and you learned that the hard way afterwards. You never attempted to restrict him again. Whenever he does let you use it on him, you just tie a little bow around his neck.



Kim Dongyoung will be the death of me. His ribbons would be an emerald colour. He just loves how they make you look so exotic. And he’d like… have so many.

I think he is definitely the type of person to go all out when he’s in the mood. The soft silk would be gentle and smooth on your skin but their function would be the complete opposite. And like I said, he’d go all out. Doyoung would blindfold you, have each of your wrists tied to the bed posts, there’d be one tied prettily around each of your calves and if you’re too whiney, he’s not afraid to gag you with one.

A major tease, would edge you for hours and get himself off in front of you - taunting you the whole time, leaving you begging and screaming through the ribbon and your tears staining the one depriving you of sight. Then he’d just up and leave for a while not willing to listen to your cries which are muffled by the ribbon. He’ll finish you off when he returns but only if he’s not tired.



I think he’s similar to Taeil, always looking for a deeper sense to intimacy. Jaehyun would either use the ribbons to decorate your body or tie your hands together so they clasp tightly.

He’d love to take pictures when they’re tied around your body, I feel like he’d go for the light pastel colours. Maybe white and candyfloss pink. But when your hands are wrapped together, he put everything he has into the sex. We all know he’s the kind of guy who would enjoy giving slow and lazy sex, but he makes it ten times more sensual like this. He’d definitely feel it and so would you.

Jaehyun would probably want your hands tied together like this out of he bedroom too. Like, y'all would be sitting on the couch watching a film with the ribbon joining you together. Maybe when you cooking dinner, too, but that may be a bit chaotic.



Sicheng would be quite innocent and shy to approach you about it. He’s been thinking about using bondage for a while but is too nervous to ask you.

You sent him a little gift to his workplace on your anniversary and of course it was wrapped in a huge red ribbon. Opening the gift, he slips the ribbon in his pocket for later. Sicheng would feel all giddy inside until he gets home and a whole new persona takes over him.

You would already be waiting for him and he wastes no time in getting straight to it. Drowns you in kisses until you make it to the bedroom and before you even realize, he has tied your two wrists together to the bed post above your head. Sicheng enjoys it so much like this because he can devour you so much easier.



He’d never initiate it. We all know how he loves attention and craves other people to express their love for him. Jungwoo would see these ribbons as a way for you to show how much you love him since no one else would see you like this.

You would definitely be doing all of the work. He might buy you the ribbons sometimes and you’d start a little collection. But that’s all he’d do. And he would not let you use them on him either. Jungwoo wants you to make yourself look even prettier with them. Exposed skin? Nice. Lingerie? Cool. Your bare body decorated with ribbons? Nothing else would get him as hard.

At first, you had no idea what to do with them but along with experience and hours of tutorials, you learn how to wrap your body perfectly and it never fails to get him invested.



Mark isn’t completely vanilla, but he isn’t that confident in exploring too far. He knows his boundaries and would expect you to respect them to.

He hadn’t really mentioned anything about ribbons before, and to be honest, was a little excited when you brought it up one time during sex. He was definitely nervous because it was something new and different, but he trusts you not to go to far. Mark let you have your way and learned from it.

Whenever you guys would use the ribbon, it would always be the same one you used the first time. And if he did his homework, he’d learn how to bind your wrists together and would definitely use it again in the future. The ribbon would always come out if he’s jealous. He’d also love tying your hair back with it before you went down on him.



It’s not too often that they would come out, but it’s in his bratty nature to want to brat tame. There’s one white silk ribbon and one black. The white ribbon would only come out when you were a good girl and you could decide what to do with it - it’s up to you whether it was used on you or him.

But the black one. Oh… this ribbon would be out almost every time you would get whiney. The black silk ribbon is the perfect solution to punish and control you.

Haechan knows you want to touch him when you get bratty, what’s better than depriving you of what you want the most? Your hands are almost always tied up with the ribbon. Whether it’s behind your back or to the headboard, it made you crazy until you begged to let him touch you. But even then, he would only untie the hands behind your back after you went down on him.

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Hi. I saw some of the the 97-99 line questions but I don't believe I saw them for above(age wise). So 94-96 romantic lovemaking styles?

Taeil: Spooning. His hands hold your throat as he thrusts inside of you. He’ll gently move your leg up so he can go even deeper.

Johnny: You leaning your back against his chest while he’s inside of you. Sweaty and soft. The back of his hand caresses the side of your body as you move. 

Taeyong: You on top. He’s staring up at you with his big eyes. You reach down and touch his chest as you ride him. He places his hand over yours to hold it.

Yuta: Uses his words. Every time he thrusts inside of you while he’s on top, he’ll whisper sweet things to you, his mouth close to your ear so he knows you heard it. 

Kun: Takes his time to undress you. Makes eye contact the entire time. Takes you from behind, his body controlling how much cock he’ll give you.

Doyoung: Hands pinned above your head, his lips kissing every place on your body he can reach. Has to slow himself down if he gets too excited. 

Ten: Loves to pull out while he’s been giving it to you good. Goes right to eating you out, only looking up to see how your legs shake from his doing. 

97- 99 line |

fantastic beasts but like,,,,,,,, without the plot,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just two hours of my boy newt taking care of all the creatures in his suitcase- and maybe a sideplot about picket’s struggle to fit in with the rest of the bowtruckle,,,, no johnny depp no deeper plot no awkward romantic pairings just good old newt scamander and his magical creatures

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OH, dude, are you still taking prompts? I didn't know! (plus i'm kinda shy at this stuff and didn't want to overwhelm you in case you had too many requests already). Maybe you could do something with Max and Johnny and that ice-skating prompt, that was part of the post "Things NOT to imagine your OTP doing" you reblogged not too long ago?

(ah yes the prompt)

Max had a problem and this time didn’t involve spirits. He stared at his sister Zoey, who was beaming down at him. “C’mon Mr. Hardcore Parkour.” She moved without effort around him. “You can’t learn unless you try.”

He grunted, getting up on his feet once again, the same way Zoey showed him the first dozen times he fell. He was pretty sure he broke his butt, but the cold numbed whatever pain his rear would’ve been feeling half an hour ago.Which was good, because there were Doctopi lurking nearby and he didn’t want to have to explain that to any passing spectrals.  “I am trying.” He took a deep breath. The cold air felt sharp on his tongue. “Can we stop? I’m pretty sure Dad wanted us home before sunset.”

She shrugged. “Okay bro, but at this rate you’ll never be ready for your chilly date.” She teased before quickly skating to the edge of the pond before he could yell at her how much of a date it was not. By the time he shuffled his way to land, Zoey had pulled off her skating boots and changed out with grounded, none bladed ones. “About time slowbro.”

He huffed and made her help him to the nearest bench before slipping his own feet blades off in exchange for the warm, none balance threatening boots. He winced standing. “I think we’re gonna be late for dinner.”

Zoey sighed, taking her brother’s arm across her shoulders and pulled on him. “Not with that attitude.”

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