the outsiders zodiac signs

ponyboy: cancer
(sensitive and dreamy)

darry: taurus
(stubborn but has the best intentions)

sodapop: libra
(charming, funny, and very social)

two-bit: sagittarius
(reckless, hilarious, sarcastic, but cares about the gang)

steve: leo
(intimidating look, brave, very loyal and will do anything for his friends)

dallas: scorpio
(standoff-ish, gives his heart to only a few people, not emotional, but has a breaking point, almost considered a “sex god”)

johnny: pices
(dreamy, compassionate, dependent on friends, can be careless at times, emotional)

Dallas Winston Sexual Headcanons

- he was an early bloomer as far as puberty and sex and everything else goes

- secretly received his first blow job at 12 in a trailer park to a 17-year-old girl that was obsessed with him, and she was a sister to one of the members of his gang

- almost got beat to death when her 22-year-old brother found out, but he was able to outrun him

- lost his virginity at 13 to a prostitute that one of the members of his outfit bought for him in New York after he killed an opposing gang member for the first time

- likes having fast, rough sex that creates lots of friction and heat

- likes teasing with his tongue and fingers

- he once almost got taken advantage of in jail by another inmate, but was saved by an old friend he had in there

- usually groans and grunts lowly into a girl’s neck while thrusting very quickly in and out of her

- likes a girl that behaves like lady in public but is really dirty and horny just for him

- he likes receiving blow jobs with lots of tongue and a little bit of teeth

- it usually puts him over the edge when a girl looks him in the eyes when she blows him

- he is known for pushing girls’ heads down farther and making them gag

- likes eating girls out for long periods of time and filling himself up on her discharge

- he likes putting his tongue in and out and swirling it around when going down on a girl

- is into licking, tugging, and biting nipples

- likes the way his back looks all clawed up

- he’s able get girls really wet to where he can make a slurping noise

- after he makes a girl cum after oral sex, it’s his signature to look up, wipe his mouth, then smirk at her and go on kissing her

- likes sex on the hood of a car, on the ground, the wall behind a bar, and on bathroom sinks

- likes being ridden on top of, too, and doggy style

- he swears that he eats horribly and doesn’t exercise, and that the reason he’s so fit and lean is because of what he does with girls many times a night

- likes motor boating girls’ chests

- loves the musty smell leftover after sex

- likes laying and smoking a cigarette after sex, then leaving as soon as he can after

- gets a little turned on when a girl starts crying from how good he makes them feel

- usually likes girls that are curvy with wide hips and big breasts, but has laid some real small girls before

- he has a high sex drive and wants it 99% of the time


Contains smut.

You and Johnny had an amazing relationship. He was sweet, charming, and smarter than a lot of people gave him credit for. Also, it’s not like he’s hard on the eyes. Tonight he had a special evening planned. You weren’t filled in on all of the details, but you had the gist of what was going to happen. After talking it over you decided that you were both ready to advance to the next stage of your relationships. You and Johnny had done stuff before but you’d never had sex. Now that it was your one year anniversary, it was time.

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