Johnny Saves you // For Anon

*Johnny’s POV*

Dal’, Pony, and I were out walking around town. It was a hot summer day and everyone was outside, who would want to stay in on a day like this? Kids were out on their porches takin’ a smoke, some playin’ football in the field, but we just wanted to walk.

We walked in to town, Dally being his obnoxious self, and Pony and I were talkin’. 

“Hey look at that little broad” Dal’ grinned  pointing to a (y/h/c) haired girl with a shy step in her walk. Dally smirked and walked up to ‘er. Knowing Dally, he wouldn’t give up till he got it, which frightened me a little, cause she looked scared.

“hey doll” He ran up behind her and said in her hair, Pony and I exchanged glances. That cute girl looked terrified.

“Please leave me alone” She whimpered. 

“Come on darlin’” Dallas grinned. wrapping his hands around her waist. She must’ve known him because she was smart enough not to do anything.

Out of nowhere I got this burst of confidence and just spit it out. “Dally stop it” I regretted my decision instantly, but she looked cute, and I kind of wanted her. I was never the type to harass girls. I know it was bad, after them socs got me I have been a lot more sensitive towards people, because I know how scary it can be. The only ever time I ever stood up for a girl was Cherry though.

“Back of Johnny” He looked up like he was about to rip my head off.

“No, stop, she is scared don’t you see that” I demanded. Pony backing me up.

“You little ass” He stormed away as Pony chased after him to make sure hr didn’t do more harm. The girl approached me and all I could think was ‘I ain’t ever talked to a such a pretty girl before’ 

“Hey thanks for savin’ me, I ain’t real good for defending myself” She giggled shyly, oh that laugh, I could hear it forever. She had the most beautiful (y/e/c) eyes I’d ever seen. 

“No problem, Dal’ is always harrasin’ girls, and it hurts to watch, ya dig?” I didn’t stutter which made me shyly look at the ground.

“Yeah, it sucks to be harassed” She laughed. “I’m y/n, and you?” Her soft voice spoke.

“I’m Johnny, how ‘bout we go get somethin’ to eat?” I just asked her, I didn’t even think. There somethin’ ‘bout her that just makes you lose your trail of thought and go for it.

“I would love to” She smiled.

Summary of The Outsiders Part 1
  • Dallas:Let's go to the movies what could possibly go wrong
  • Dallas:woah hot redhead
  • Cherry:frick you
  • Ponyboy:woah hot redhead
  • Two-Bit:woah hot brunette
  • Two-Bit:We'll walk you home what could possibly go wrong
  • Bob:no you won't
  • Two-Bit:yes we will
  • Johnny:oh crap oh crap oh crap
  • Cherry:Dallas Winston is hot
  • Ponyboy::(
  • Cherry:yeah we'll get in the car with the drunk guys what could possibly go wrong
  • Ponyboy:*gets home two hours late*
  • Darry:Your home two hours late
  • Ponyboy:lol oops what can you do
  • Darry:dude you could have been put for foster care
  • Ponyboy:oops lol haha
  • Darry:*pushes Ponyboy*
  • Ponyboy:*bursts into tears*
  • Ponyboy:Johnny we're running away
  • Johnny:uh why
  • Ponyboy:Darry pushed me my life is so hard omg
  • Johnny:*eyeroll*
  • Johnny:yeah ummm why don't we just chill here for a while so you can calm the frick down
  • Bob:you spoke to my girlfriend so I'm gonna frickin murder you
  • Johnny:frick you bob
  • Johnny:*stabs*
  • Johnny:oops