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I dont know what cuter, how much Dally cares about Johnny or how much Johnny looks up to Dally.

imagine Johnny and Ponyboy talking about you.

“What are you so worried about, just ask her out!” Johnny says.

Pony stops what he’s doing and looks at Johnny.

“Johnny-Cake, thats the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said.”

“Come on, man.”

“She’s the most beautiful girl in the world. Her eyes sparkle whenever she talks about something she likes, her smile is contagious, and she makes you feel like you’re the only other person in the room when you’re talking, ya know?”

“Pony,” Johnny says with his eyes natrrowed. “If you don’t ask this girl out, I’m going to for myself.”


get to know me – [5/8] male characters – johnny cade
I used to talk about killing myself all the time, man. But I don’t wanna die now. It ain’t long enough. Sixteen years ain’t gonna be long enough. Hell, I wouldn’t care so much if there hadn’t been so many things I haven’t done yet. So many damn things I ain’t seen.