johnny bryan

  • Do you ever just see a band member, actor, youtuber or anyone famous in general and just think "Man. I fucking love you so much." but not in a 'I want to marry you or date you' kinda way, but more like a 'you're literally everything to me, and your existence really does mean a lot to me and I'd give anything just to be your friend or sibling or someone relatively close to you without any sort of romantic feelings or relationship'. Or is that just me?
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Damon Fizzy

Pierce The Veil

This Wild Life


Dakota Wint



Never Shout Never

As It Is




All Time Low

Breathe Carolina

Christian Novelli

Or any other bands/youtubers that fit this “scene” if you will

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Johnnie guilbert

The boy who lost his father who was depressed who hated himself became one of the most bravest strongest most looked up to boy in his time he will always be my hero because he taught me no matter how much you hurt how bad life gets there is hope in the end this boy is Johnnie guilbert.❤️