johnny bravo look a like


I’m so not sorry for this : )



The Girly Cheerleader Zenny


Zenny The Rainbow Unicorn

HERE COMES ZENNY BRAVO,in all his magnificent narcissism and over-board flirting.

And I’m not stopping here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

howdy this is my new au

it’s an au where they’re cowboys, it’s really good + original

Yellow Diamond headcanons yo
  • Y.D that type that’s a bad bitch but she still mom af
  • Her gem placement is in her eye 
  • She’s the “I’mma a cut you but I gotta get my kid’s to soccer first” type
  • Scary Suburban mom yellow diamond is my thing okay
  • Her hair is either gonna look like a Johnny Bravo wannabe cut or a classic mom bob haircut
  • “You’re gems look like shit White Diamond. Look at their hair, now look at my gems hair, perfectly triangular”
  • Y.D that mom that gives all her children the same haircut
  • The dorito hairstyle is the equivalence to the bowl cut 
  • Diamondot yo
  • *In public* totally ignores Peridot except for a few glances and maybe an assignment for her *outside of public* “You’re beautiful Peridot, perfectly triangular in every way”
  • Y.D lowkey getting super upset when she gets the call from Peridot on earth then going to earth but can’t show it ‘cause she gotta be a bad bitch and act cold and uncaring in a threatening way as she picks up Peridot
  • Total hardcore queen Y.D now
  • She’s that quiet and cold queen that doesn’t show many emotions
  • You fuck up even once and she destroys you
  • When she upset she doesn’t show it but you can feel it in the air and that’s when you know your gem gonna get crushed
  • Y.D having the ability to read minds or look through your past just by staring at you
  • Using that ability to just fuck you up
  • “Oh Pearl, you really cared about her didn’t you? She picked a human instead of you but I can understand why, you’re just a worthless, weak, defective pearl
  • “Amethyst, oh dear poor Amethyst, it must be so hard being the stranger. Even your team thinks your useless, you see as they’re happy together. without you.”
one piece chapter 828: a summary

-next time on “81 kids and counting”
-pudding is so cute 
-pedro needs to step down just a bit 
-just a bit
-tbh i think luffy’s team is part of the pudding fan club now 
-i think pudding said something about big mom being in it for the wedding cake
-me too honestly
-she’s so cute
-protect her
-i love sanji
-i love pudding
-hell yeah i love cryptic warning messages on bathroom walls
-”MAYBE HE’S TAKING A DUMP” wins the best line in the chapter idk
-why do i feel like sanji’s older brothers both look like johnny bravo 
-these johnny bravos mean BUSINESS though 
-the “talk shit get hit” vibe with them is strong
-cant wait for the whole power rangers team to assemble soon

I can’t deal with the tour the low-quality videos of new songs and Michael singing and Luke’s tight shirts that make him look like Johnny Bravo and this is only the first show


I bet you all forgot that I could ink in Photoshop. That’s okay, I forgot too, HA.

Another mid-break art-dump for you fab lot, because I miss all of you. Having freshly finished this updated version of the Killer Birch Tree (which has appeared here more than once, as some of you may remember), I wanted to share with you the… journey of this tree. This carnivorous tree came into being in 2011 or thereabouts with the inception of a hilariously poorly titled project named “Funky Town”. Funky Town was a game-concept project that I started up in 2011 for fun. I was just coming out of the hellhole of depression around that time, which left a huge impression on my work stylistically (some 2010 goodness for those who missed that colourful part of my life), and carried over to this project.

Funky Town revolved around a legally blind protagonist named Joe (who looked a lot like Johnny Bravo) who was out on a quest to find his kidnapped seeing-eye-sorta-dog-thing, Fred (who was a lady). The game’s mechanics were to revolve around the combined dis- / abilities of Joe and Fred, and was to be visualised in a SNES / Genesis limited palette and pixelated rendering. The cast eventually expanded to include Mad “Maddy” Madison - a psychotic car wanted for vehicular manslaughter, and his driver - Bobby the Gangster, who had an underground operation involving a criminal grip on carbonated drinks and M&Ms. Maddy and Bobby can be seen in this photoset. Flora and fauna included carnivorous trees, Hammer Birds, Trash Dogs, Bird Cats, Screw Flies, and highly emotional buildings. The whole thing was very Toon Town / Earthworm Jim-like. While I haven’t invested much in terms of energy into the project since 2011, I’m making an effort to revive it as I feel there were some very strong designs and ideas that resulted from the initial brainstorming. Maybe I’ll pursue it in a bigger way, as in beyond just giving polish to the designs, sometime down the line.

That’s it for now - I’ll see you all soon! I hope you’re all having a lovely 2015.