johnny bolt

Reasons To Hate The Inhumans:
Caps because I’m on mobile & there’s no boldface….

1. They are X-Men rip-offs.

2. They have a monarchical society with an insanely strict caste system. (But that gets cast to the wind when Medusa & Quicksilver fall in love.)

3. They’re a race of inbreeds. (It’s a monarchy & rulers of monarchies always married their kin to keep the royal line going.)

4. Their powers are caused by an Inhuman gene. Sounds a bit familiar, right? A bit like the X-gene…

5. Their powers are activated by The Terrigen Mist, which is the stupidest thing ever. (Terrigen Mist is just how puberty and/or trauma can activate a mutant’s X-gene.)

6. They are using The Terrigen Mist to kill off the mutants & X-Men.

7. Despite going by a different name they ARE mutants. They can refuse to acknowledge this but it’s true.

8. They are basically committing genocide by killing off the mutants & X-Men.

9. They could just get along with the mutants since they are LITERALLY THE SAME.

10. They are X-Men rip-offs.

11. Recycling the Romeo & Juliet love story for Quicksilver & Medusa.

12. The Terrigen Mist and The Terrigen Crystals.

13. They recycled the Romeo & Juliet love story YET AGAIN for Crystal and Johnny Storm.

14. Black Bolt is a rip-off of Banshee, Siryn & Black Canary. But unlike all his predecessors Black Bolt can’t speak.