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Reaction To Their S/O Doing Their Make-Up

NCT 127

A/N: So, there’s probably one of these out already, but I’ve been watching a lot of makeup videos these days so-
Maybe you just want to practice some techniques or mess around together, you can choose-


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When you’d ask to test some products out on him he’d give you a silent look, as if to ask if you were serious.
“Babe, you’ll look so cute!”
“What are those?”
“Just some liquid lipsticks and-”
“You can’t test them on yourself?”
“It’s more fun to use them on you tho-”
*Sighs, but agrees to keep you happy and spend time together*
I don’t think he’d take too much actual interest in the makeup, just sitting like a doll, letting you do as you pleased. He’d take his time in examining your face, memorizing each outline and expression closely.
“Did you hear me?”
“I said take a look-”
“…It’s blue… When would you ever wear this?”


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“Are you making one of those ‘I Do My Boyfriend’s Makeup’ videos?”
“No- How do you even know those videos exist?”
“You can do mine if I can do yours after-”
“…Fine… You know, I’m actually going to make you look nice, but I know you’ll just make me look like a clown-”
“Yeah, I won’t have to do too much-”

He’d be a bit annoying- Always asking obvious questions in which he already knew the answer to just to pester you with his humor. 
“Didn’t you see my episodes of Lipstick Prince? I’m a great makeup artist!”


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At first, I think he’d deny you access, crossing his arms into an ‘X’ in front of himself. He’d undeniably smile as you press further, tugging on his shirt with a smidgen of a pout.
“I don’t trust you!”
“I’ll remember that next time you ask to blindfold me-”
“Okay! You can, but just don’t do anything crazy-”

I think he might be slightly fascinated by it. He’d be memorized by having you closely study his face, but he might pick up a genuine interest in the makeup. He knows you enjoy it and wants to know more about it too, so I think he’d ask a lot of questions about stuff like differences in brushes, etc…
“You’re going to bake my face???”
“Yeah, it’s a technique with-”
*Quizzical look of the century*
“I’m not actually going to ‘bake’ your face…”
“Oooh, this is so shiny-”
“It’s highlighter, it’s for later; be patient.”


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When you initially asked he’d be quite surprised, obviously.
He’d be a bit inquisitive too, suspicious of your intentions, yet he’d be unable to hide his grin as he teasingly prods.
“I just want to practice with these new cream shadows!”
“You aren’t planning anything?”
“No! Trust me, please-”
“Okay, but after I want to do yours-”
“I just took a shower tho-”
“Everything has a price, sweetie-”

When actually getting into the makeup, I think he’d become a doll for you. He’d almost forget about the brush tickling his cheek and instead just stare at you, his eyes tracing along your lashes, down your cheeks, and to the shape of your lips. His gaze would be so blatant, you wouldn’t be able to help but blush slightly.
“Close your eyes-”
*Closes just one*


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Similarly to Yuta, I think he’d be super cautious about it, thinking you had some tricks up your sleeve.
“Only if you promise to take it off too-”
“Yeah, of course~”

With time he’d lose his suspicions, taking note of your cute expression as you concentrated. He’d probably find the session therapeutic, the soft fur of the brush sweeping along his cheeks gently, memories of Lipstick Prince resurfacing.
“Damn, I look like you-”
“Couple makeup!”

He probably wouldn’t admit it, but he’d be down for more sessions together, treating the session as a bonding experience.


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He wouldn’t have much resistance. He’d be curious about it and grin to himself as he thinks of all the fun the two of you could have.
Even if you tried to go in with a mission he’d probably ruin it; he just has a way of crumbling your will with his smile and deep murmurs as he chuckles.
“Stop laughing!”
*Covers mouth with hand*
“You’ll smear the gloss! What are you doing?! Don’t try to kiss me! It’s sticky- Sit down!”

In the end I think he’d be very curious about the result, examining himself closely to appreciate your talent.


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He’d refuse you, putting his hands up in defense as he backs away. It wouldn’t be until you clung to him, tossing empty threats at him between pleads, that he would limply give in.
While you do his makeup I don’t think there’d be much of a reaction, just him watching you the whole time.
“Stop staring at me- It makes me uncomfortable-”
“Fuck, you’re so cute when you do that!”

Once you showed him the result I think his jaw would drop, he’d be memorized, snapping a few pictures and murmuring a few questions in awe.


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When you’d ask he’d kind of be like ‘Uhhhh…’ He wouldn’t want to, but wouldn’t want you to know because he wouldn’t want to let you down or have you be sad… If you offered a bribe tho I think he’d agree to it.
“I’ll take it off for you and give you a facial after!”
“A massage too-”
“Okay, a massage too!”

He wouldn’t have thought so himself, but he’d actually be very interested in all the stuff you have, picking up and examining things as you clip his hair back. He’d ask a lot of questions too, genuinely curious what this vile of what looked like blood is… It’s tint. He often has his makeup done, but never does he have the shimmery shadows, winged liners, or highlighters, or the chance to really ask much about them.
“Oh, this ones a nice shade-”
“Yeah, I love that one; it’s super pigmented~”
“I’d like it more if it was matte tho… but it’s pretty-”
*Cue you giggling to yourself*

He’d be the cutest little manikin, following each direction you give, surprising even himself as he thought it’d be something he’d dislike.


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“What do you think the answer is?”

One way or another you’d have him sitting on the sofa, combing his brows neatly. However, similarly to Jaehyun, I think he’d turn a mission into mischief. He’d giggle and move around, ruining your art, ultimately doing nothing but wasting your products. To him it’d just be a fun bonding time, lots of talking and laughing, not caring if his face was a mess.
“I want this on my brows-”
“No- That’s liquid lipstick!”
“Excuse me; who’s the client here?”


another view of the Flynndown from Pale Moon Big Night Out.