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I’m looking to cosplay young jack sparrow and I am needing some help finding, making, or even commissioning someone to make the costume.. if you can help and or interested in making this for me please send me a message. (@venturemist )

The Gang Before the Book

-The first time Darry got drunk, Pony helped sneak him back in
-Pony’s a bro
-Steve would wait outside Soda and Pony’s window
-Soda would sneak out
-They’d go to the drags
-Soda was upset when Pony was born
-He wanted a baby sister
-He changed his tune real quick when Pony’s first word was “Oda” (Soda)
-Darry bribed both Soda and Pony into walking with cookies
-Soda’s first word WAS cookie
-Cute little brat
-Pony had glasses as a kid
-Steve teased him relentlessly
-So he doesn’t wear them
-And doesn’t get along with Steve
-He and Johnny thought Dally was badass
-So they started smoking
-Darry about blew a gasket
-Pony found out he was fast as fuck when Soda started chasing him
-He was trying to tickle him
-“Soda no!”
-If Soda wasn’t there, Pony was totally okay cuddling with Two-Bit
-Two was totally okay with it too
-He was used to cuddling with his sister
-Mr. Curtis gave Pony a teddy bear to help him with his nightmares
-He still has it