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I’ve seen study moods among the studyblr community and I think they’re super cute, so I decided to make some of my own. If anyone has already done any of these, I apologize! I did not mean to steal your idea. Nevertheless, I hope you try these out the next time you need inspiration to study. All study moods include 3 song suggestions and pictures. 

The Hogwarts Experience:

Night time. (preferably winter).  Big, brown desk filled with open textbooks and notes. Library, or a cozy room in your house. Candlelight, or lamps. Possibly near a fireplace. A cozy blanket to keep you warm. Subjects such as History, Science, or reading a book for a class. Harry Potter soundtrack playing in the background. A big cup of hot coffee. 

Song Suggestions: 

  1. Hedwig’s Theme: Harry Potter Theme Song 
  2. Lily’s Theme: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 
  3. The Resurrection Stone: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 

The All Nighter:

1am-6am. Night before a big exam, or on finals week. All your materials layed out on the floor. Energy drinks and coffee. Sweats and a huge t-shirt. Upbeat music playing to keep you awake. Lots of review, flashcards, practice tests. Possibly some friends with you. 

Song Suggestions:

The Early Bird:

Early in the morning. A clean, white desk next to a window with sunlight pouring in. Studying just one subject, or reading a book. Eating breakfast and listening to soft, calm music. Birds chirping. Fall time. A cozy blanket thrown over your legs.

Song Suggestions:

The Comfy Kid:

Laying in bed after a shower. Very light studying. Reading a book, or watching video notes. Lots of snacks and pillows. Calm music. Warning: probably going to fall asleep. During sunrise or sunset. Maybe in bed with a significant other, or pet. Coffee.

Song Suggestions:

The Workaholic:

A whole day committed to studying. No distractions. In a library. Classical music plying through your headphones. Writing essays and dong lab write ups. Coffee and snacks. Laptop, books, textbooks, and lots of notes. Alone all day. 

Song Suggestions: 

Headcanon: One of Lúcio’s biggest musical influences is Caravan Palace; he heard a lot of their songs as a child, and liked them a lot. Some of his first pieces were remixes of their music.

- Submitted by johnny–guitar.

anonymous asked:

Johnnyboy playlist pls? Thx

Thank you so much for requesting, darling xx


1960s’ Music:

1. Sleep Walk by Santo & Johnny

2. One Cup Of Coffee by Glen Glenn

3. Sweet Little Sixteen by Chuck Berry

4. Cold, Cold Woman by Benny Joy

5. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby by Carl Perkins

Post 1960s’ Music:

1. Robbers by The 1975

2. Meet Me In The Hallway by Harry Styles

3. Asleep by The Smiths

4. Way Down We Go by Kaleo

5. Where The Streets Have No Name by U2

Hope you’ll like it 💕

sarazzprime  asked:

Favorite Song: Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers

First off… Yes

Back in Black - AC/DC I feel like this is the song you could listen to while you take over the whole world in high heels, you kno???

Sleepwalk - Johnny and Santo One of my most favourites and a 10/10 slow jam for relaxing bath time or falling in love

Through the Valley - Shawn James An unlikely power jam that may cause a really odd kind of wanderlust, also a current obsession of mine (gives me SPN vibes big time)

Tell me how good/bad I did! I promise I won’t be offended if you hate them!

*Send me the name of your favourite song and I’ll listen to it and recommend you 3 songs I think you’ll like*