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modern outsiders headcanons

sry there are so many, i am trash for this

-two-bit nd ponyboy have seen every episode of friends…twice
-one time a girl made soda watch titanic on a date since he’d never seen it nd he complained nd rolled his eyes, but by the end soda had cried harder than her
-darry has the side eye nd “jim halpert looking at the camera” face perfected
-dally nd johnny like watching the teen titans go cartoon together
-steve actually loves horror movies nd constantly makes evie watch them with him
-steve nd soda are trying to make it big on vine
-johnny is a film fanatic nd always appreciates good directing nd cinematography
-ponyboy went through a percy jackson phase
-dallas is the only one who didn’t cry when the gang watched up (darry won’t admit he cried, but he did)
-darry also shed a few tears during inside out bc he’s feeling the pain of growing up so strongly, but he’ll never admit it
-sodapop nd johnny love scooby-doo especially the older ones
-cherry has dressed up as black widow nd daphne before for halloween
-sometimes people compare cherry to kat stratford nd she’s one hundred percent ok with that
-two-bit started panicking when hostess went out of business nd was SO relived when they made a comeback
-sodapop knows every word to worth it by fifth harmony
-johnny has watched the oscars at the curtis’s every year for as long as he can remember nd he always writes down his predictions/what or who he wants to win
-evie is a huge fan of halsey, marina nd the diamonds nd haim
-dallas knows almost every word to legend by drake nd sometimes when he’s driving alone, he’ll blast it nd maybe sing along a bit
-sodapop’s favorite disney movie is peter pan
-ponyboy is jealous of anyone who can find their name on a coca-cola bottle so once johnny handed him one can that said “share a coke with a dreamer” nd another that said “share a coke with a superstar”. it made pony’s week
-darry’s guilty pleasures are family feud nd house hunters (international)
-all the curtis boys are amy winehouse fans bc of their mother
-steve loves top gear (the british version) bc there’s lots of cool cars nd it also makes him laugh his ass off. two-bit likes watching it with him too sometimes
-darry sometimes gets too into football games when they watch them
-steve likes clueless nd knows the lines in it more than he’ll ever admit bc it’s one of evie’s favorite movies
-fight club is the only movie dallas rly, rly liked
-cherry is all abt those high-waisted skirts
-two-bit, steve nd soda all rly liked wizards of waverly place
-darry can’t stand meghan trainor (actually none of the gang can, but darry finds her most unbearable)
-ponyboy has like 48275 pictures of sunsets on his phone nd half his instagram feed is sunsets
-steve has an android bc he actually believes they’re better than iphones
-johnny loves eating at olive garden nd getting all the free breadsticks (once he nd two-but tried to sneak some out)
-darry doesn’t understand half the slang the rest of the boys use so he usually just raises his eyebrows nd nods
-steve is jealous of evie’s crushes on zayn nd tyler posey
-evie makes steve watch teen wolf with her when sylvia is unavailable
-evie nd slyvia give each other makeup tips nd look up makeup tutorials together so both of them always look absolutely amazing
-sylvia is a fan of bikini kill nd girlpool
-sodapop nd two-bit believe in aliens nd are always watching conspiracy documentaries or the x files
-ponyboy almost never gets off netflix unless he feels like reading instead
-dallas’s guilty pleasures are the movie heathers nd nicki minaj songs
-steve woke sodapop up on his seventeenth birthday by blasting dancing queen by abba nd singing along while dancing on soda’s bed
-ponyboy thinks rachel shouldn’t have gotten off the plane
-johnny’s favorite book is to kill a mockingbird nd he read the sequel the day it came out
-darry read all the hardy boys books when he was younger
-ponyboy used to love the magic treehouse books
-cherry is excited af for wonder woman in the batman vs superman movie nd also for the just wonder woman movie
-evie nd slyvia also watch project runway together
-two-bit, steve nd darry are the only ones who rly like superhero movies
-dally was jokingly going to vote for donald trump, but darry nd ponyboy talked some sense into him (thank god) nd now he’s reluctantly voting for bernie sanders along with everyone else
-sodapop also knows all the words to gimme more by britney spears
-one time when they were younger, steve nd soda did this whole routine to wannabe by the spice girls nd mrs.curtis filmed the whole thing
-two-bit nd dallas are actually huge star wars fans
-ponyboy thinks arctic monkeys are overrated
-sylvia wishes she could be on the same level as rihanna
-ponyboy nd johnny love christmas movies
-the whole gang likes to watch the office together
-when a preteen first discovering cologne/body spray, dally always put on too much axe
-darry never likes memes but when two-bit first showed him this john cena one, he almost fell out of his chair he was laughing so hard


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