johnny akiba


Probably the best present ever. 

Brad got me into the Best Friends, he’s been watching them for a couple years, but I never really got very into them until we started dating again (My first LP of theirs was RE2! I was instantly hooked). It was so adorable how he always talked about them, like they were celebrities to him. He mentioned a lot how he would just die if he ever met them. 

When they opened their P.O. Box, I knew instantly I had to surprise my boy. I sent them a custom card and kept the surprise pretty well under wraps. I had been really eager recently to see the new mailbag video, and Brad was confused (and a little suspicious) as to why.

Tonight when the video was released, I watched it eagerly hoping my card had finally arrived (luckily Brad was away so he couldn’t get to it first ;3) and I just sent him a link to the video and the time my card showed up. 

(If y'all wanna see it, check it out here. My card is at 7:02)

When he got back and watched the vid, I was just so excited to hear his reaction. He freaked out, called me on skype, and freaked out some more. He was just so incredibly happy, and just seeing that made me so happy. He kept thanking me and spazzing. It was the best, and even though it didn’t cost very much at all, I could tell it was one of the best presents in the world to him. It made me just so ecstatic so see him just so incredibly goofily happy. He just kept saying “I love you so much” over and over and couldn’t wipe the grin off his face. He was just so utterly adorable, I was just so happy to see him smile so much.

Even though it was meant to be a present to him, It was just as much a present to me.

Persona 5 Seiyuu (JP Voice Actors)
Jun Fukuyama
The Protagonist

Also known for: Lelouch Lamperouge, Johnny “Akiba” Sasaki, Roy, and Teruteru Hanamura.

Nana Mizuki
Anne Takamaki
Also known for: Hinata Hyuuga, Colette Brunel, Paz Ortega, and Wrath

Mamoru Miyano
Ryuji Sakamoto
Also known for: Light Yagami, Masaomi Kida, Riku, Rintarou Okabe, Flynn Scifo, and Ignis Stupeo Scientia

Ikue Otani
Also known for: Pikachu, Tony Tony Chopper, Tiki, Konohamaru, and Zatch Bell