NCT probably...
  • Jisung:*is surfing the web*
  • Jisung:*goes to a website*
  • Website:you need a parent's permission to enter.
  • Jisung:*enters without parent's permission*
  • Taeyong:*is in the middle of preparing to debut in the 19th NCT unit in a row, he's performed the 7th 100 times already*
  • Johnny:*is in the middle of crawling through a window in sm's basement, the taste of freedom on the tip of his tongue*
  • Taeyong and Johnny simultaneously looking into the camera like on the office:something isn't right....

friend: hey lmao what if gyro’s personality is the result of caesar wanting to be more like joseph and that somehow translated into the universe reboot

me: shit let me draw that and make it unnecessarily sappy while i’m at it


i drew this back in 2015 and posted it to my “”serious”” art account, which i’m revamping now - i’m still kinda into it so i guess i’ll post it here for safekeeping.

these four… /_____\

anonymous asked:

How would nct pillow talk?

What a romantic request ♥ I apologise on behalf of us for taking time to answer this incredibly cute request T^T

Taeil: I strongly believe that as a Gemini, this guy actually has two sides to him. One is his quiet, shy, nervous side; and the other is his dorky and crazy side. I believe that the first few pillow talks will be very shy and awkward. However, as time passes the pillow talks will become as intimate as they’re supposed to him. You can expect him to slither his arms around your waist and pulling you closer, with his thigh resting just an inch away from the junction between your legs.

Hansol: Lord, don’t get me started. He will be such an adorable puppy!!! But again, when he’s serious and more used to it, he will get boldly romantic. He looks like the person who would just want to drown in your eyes and smile innocently, at times dropping bombs of very bold stuff which he usually won’t say. When he will talk about his insecurities, however, I can imagine him facing the ceiling above and talking his heart out, while you are staring at him from your side. When the tear rolls down his temple, you can always go up and kiss him there. You can expect him holding on to your hands with your head on his chest as you two talk yourselves to sleep.

Johnny: Oh boy, the intense guy who’d spoon you as he talks against your hair. His lips are going to be on the top of your head,or buried in your hair. Pillow talk will be the conversation where he will open up the most. He will talk about all his insecurities and doubts, and won’t let you turn to face him as he secretly sheds a tear or two. I feel like he’s the kind of guy who will get on top of you to kiss you passionately, succeeding which will either be sleep or a sleepless night ;)

Taeyong: Taeyong isn’t very good with expressing himself in romantic situations, but I have a feeling that he’ll be EXTREMELY expressive during pillow talk. He will say all the cheesy stuff which rotate in his mind the entire day, how he wants to kiss you in front of the members when they playfully flirt with you, how he wants to kiss off the coffee froth of your lips, or just lick ‘em off. Again, when he’s turned on, he will spoon you, whisper all his fantasies and what he wants to do for the night in your ear, as he nibbles there and starts kissing along the side of your neck, his hand creeping up from your waist, through the valley between you… OK I NEED TO STOP.

So… I think he will hug your side as he buries his face in the crook of your neck. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear a sleeveless shirt or t-shirt because he will get frustrated if he can’t bite your shoulders and just tear your shirt off. Now, on the serious note, he looks like a very wise person. He will talk about things that worry him, also release all his pent-up frustrations by biting. He will address the things that worry him, and when you get bored of his serious discussions, he will get fiercely romantic and blow you away with wits and romances combined. He kinda seems like the romantic Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan to me, idk why. So yeah, I can definitely imagine real mushy stuff eliciting his beautiful, soothing smile.

Kun: He is the type of person who will say the dirtiest fantasies with the most innocent smile. When you stare at him with wide eyes or squirm a little, he will laugh at you maintaining the same innocent smile. When you pout and face away from him, he will move closer to you, and kiss your neck to let you know that if you act any cuter, you’re not getting sleep easy. He will be a very low-key mischievous person in bed, and if you end up saying something embarrassing, he will tease you about it in front of others the next day with the most innocent smile possible.

Doyoung: He will talk a lot. What he thinks of you, what he wants the future to offer, how he views you, how you inspire him and make him feel loved when the rest of the world teases the shit out of him, and WHATNOT! 
Okay okay, but apart from that he will sing you romantic songs, and talk about how he wants to be with you while recording, in backstage, and how much he thinks of you. He will whine about being teased by the members repeatedly to, and ask you if he really looks like a bunny. If you say no, he will hug you closer and drift off to sleep. If you say yes, he will show how ferociously a bunny can thump. 

He will keep on smiling greasily at you and say awkwardly mushy stuff, and when you throw him a ‘look’, he will bite on the tip of his tongue and say ‘Sorry’ in that oh-so-adorable-voice-and-accent! He will take your hand and wrap it around his body, and hold your face as he kisses you. He will kiss the tip of your nose, smiling the entire time because he knows you love it. However, if he gets turned on somehow, there will be such deepness in his yes and his face will be so solemn you’ll have a hard time understanding if it’s his smile that melts you the most or his *turned-on* solemn expression.

Jaehyun: This romantic asshole will have you beneath his hold. His one hand will be propping him up, while the other cages you just beneath his gaze. He will tell you what he wanted to do to you in the practice room, in the dinner table, while showering, and while you were cooking and doing dishes for him and his members. He will excuse the boner he got on stage with ‘I was thinking of you, y/n.’ When you try to hide your flushed face, he will take your hands, hold on to them firmly, and say, “Don’t you dare, y/n.”, his voice menacingly, low-key dangerous and loving at the same time.

Winwin: Okay… this baby will be so adorable that you will just end up kissing his entire face. He will say verrry romantic and mushy things in Chinese, or the language you don’t know out of the three, and when you stare at his face with confusion spurring your mind, he will just hide his face in the pillow and wait for you to grab and kiss him. He will talk about how he missed dancing Chinese ethnic dances, and his family. He will also talk about all the gifts and toys he got in the fansigning events, and the ones he wants to share with you.

Okayyy I hope you like it. Thanks for the request, anon ♥


Johnny Depp - Hollywood Vampires tour part 2 (part 1)

Friday, July 1st Bethlehem, PA Sands Bethlehem Event Center
Sat, July 2nd Mashantucket, CT The Grand Theater at Foxwoods Casino
Sunday, July 3 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Resort Spas and Casino Event Center
Tuesday, July 5 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest BMO Harris Pavilion
Thursday, July 7 Aurora, IL River Edge Park
Friday, July 8 Orillia, ONT Casino Rama Entertainment Center
Saturday, July 9 Niagara Falls, ONT Stage at Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino
Sunday, July 10 Brooklyn, NY Coney Island Amphitheater
Tuesday, July 12 Kettering, OH Fraze Pavilion
Wednesday, July 13 Mt. Pleasant, MI Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
Thursday, July 14 Cadott, WI Rock Fest
Sat, July 16 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
Sunday, July 17 Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala
Monday, July 18 Fargo, ND Scheels Arena
Friday, July 22 Rohnert Park, CA Weill Hall
Sat, July 23 Jacksonville, OR Britt Pavilion
Sun, July 24 Saratoga, CA The Mountain Winery
Monday, July 25 Paso Robles, CA Mid State Fair

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Can you make a headcannon about the gang at Disney World?

(( I’ve never been to Disney World just Disneyland and I’m pretty sure they don’t have the same rides???? idk I’m going to do Disneyland tho because I’ve been there I’m SORRY ))

- Two-Bit insists that before they go on any rides, he needs to meet Mickey Mouse. He spends literally 45 minutes talking to him before the gang pulls him away.

- Ponyboy persuades Johnny to go on It’s a Small World with him, and Johnny gets mad because the song is stuck in his head all day.

- Steve attempts to impress everyone on the Tea Cups by spinning really, really fast and ends up getting really, really sick.

- Dallas screams louder than anyone else on Splash Mountain.

- Soda notices Cinderella eyeing Darry, and helps him build up the courage to go talk to her. They don’t see Darry for the rest of the day.

- Ponyboy splashes water at Steve on the Pirates of the Caribbean, so Steve attempts to push him out of the boat until an employee notices and threatens to kick them off.

- Johnny thinks the Alice in Wonderland ride is creepy.

- Two-Bit and Dallas challenge each other to see who can cut in front of the most people in line without getting caught.

- Ponyboy tells Johnny all about the deaths at Disneyland and the two go on all the rides to ‘pay their respects’.

- Steve and Soda try to race everyone on Autopia and Soda ends up derailing his car and Steve rams into a little kid.

- Someone pops out and scares on Dallas on the Haunted Mansion, so he punches the person square in the face.

- Two-Bit goes missing and they find him hanging out with Mickey Mouse.

- Cinderella leads them to a great spot to watch the fireworks at night.