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passionate kisses with:

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  • the intense kisser
  • don’t expect anything but heated, breathy make-out sessions with taeyong
  • i see him really starting off shallow and chaste
  • but losing his composure as he struggles to hold you
  • his kisses would start off innocent, maybe a grin against your lips
  • or sheepish smile as his lips meet yours
  • but as he continues to kiss you, his lips would meet yours in more emotional strides
  • he’d grab your waist tightly, symbolic for him trying to control himself
  • i see him really losing himself, not comprehending how intense he is kissing you only focused on how much he’s sweating and how much more he wants to feel you 
  • he isn’t good at holding himself back so lip bites would be a thing
  • tongue never asking for entrance
  • both hands gripping your waist so tightly you’re sure it’ll bruise 
  • he’d have you pinned against the wall, always 
  • there’s no where else he feels more in control
  • seeing you flinch under his touches only turns him on tbh
  • his hands don’t know what they’re doing half of the time, only knowing that they need to touch you 
  • soft moans - a lot of his end 
  • “damn…” is all he really can say
  • he seems like an intoxicated lover meaning he’d loose himself in your touches and lips pretty quickly
  • shaky breaths when he pulls back
  • whenever you gasp, he’d only move faster, deeper against your lips
  • in nct, you’d have the most heart wrenchingly magical kisses with taeyong that will leave your head spinning
  • overall make-out session with taeyong will leave you dizzy 

one thing I love about old superhero comics is that, no matter what they’re wearing, you can ALWAYS see their body’s exact shape under their clothes

spandex?  PVC?  yeah that stuff doesn’t stretch, turns out it just morphs into boob pockets and body paint

leather jumpsuit?  gonna show every single muscle in your thigh

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Hey! Can I req about how would dating mark be like? Thankyou&sorry english is not my first language. I reaaaalllly enjoy your scenarios too! Keep up the good work, fighting!😄💚

A/N: Your English is perfect! I hope you enjoy this one too~ 
It’s in a bit of a different format, I basically did 5 things I think of when in a relationship with Mark.

  • Spontaneous - Mark would do a lot of things spontaneously such as inviting himself over unannounced, buying two tickets to see a movie on a Monday night, whining affectionately, etc…
  • Support - Mark has serious goals and ambitions, he has a lot of worries and concerns, confiding in you often when feeling upset. You’d serve as a pillar of stability in his life, someone always supporting him and there for him. Likewise, Mark would serve as a pillar of stability in your life as well. He’s very understanding and sensible, serving as a sturdy shoulder to cry on while offering you advice.
  • Giggling - There would be a lot of giggling with Mark, either giggling at one another or together. Mark would find your clumsy and innocent ways charming, giggling at you as you tripped over the shoes in the doorway or your expression morphed into one of bewilderment. Afterward, he’d always assure you it was cute, tugging on your hand gently. You’d also giggle together, listening to his bad puns or the way Johnny mimicked him.
  • Best Friends - While the romantic feelings for one another are no doubt there, I think dating Mark would be like dating a best friend. You two would do more than just go on dates [like most couples do], you’d spend time together informally consisting of little things such as ranting to him as you applied your mascara, his frame sprawled over your bed messily, to buying gag-gifts for one another. Most couples are afraid to do anything their partner could interpret as unflattering, but Mark would enjoy a connection much deeper than just a girl and a boy.
  • Unique Dates - Mark would take you to a lot of unique date locations. They’d always be fun, an exciting experience you’d never done before, whether an underground art gallery or a quaint bakery on the outskirts of the city, you’d both always have a terrific time, making the best of your time together.

Mark’s very lenient and understanding, his actions sometimes coming off as passive or indifferent. He’d never demand to see who you were texting or command you change your attire. However, don’t take his leniency for granted or abuse it. Mark understands jealousy and angst very well. He can’t help growing irritated when you ignore him or lie to him.
When upset, Mark becomes quiet, giving you the cold shoulder. If pressed when upset he’s also the type to snap, his scolding a bit harsh.
Although fights wouldn’t happen often, they’re still an important test of relationships. He’d always be sure to apologize for his outburst though, growing anxious as the atmosphere tensed.

He’s a rather clingy boy, but doesn’t want to come-off as ‘smothering’ so he keeps it to himself until he truly feels no shame. He doesn’t shy away from skin-ship either, not even conscious of when he tucks the irksome strand of hair behind your ear or touches your knee under the table gently in comfort.

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