Ten’s message to Johnny… Smrookies Johnny’s Birthday Mission. #smrookies #johnny #ten #mark

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things i relate nct with
  • Taeil:cool spring mornings, a patch of daisies, oversized sweaters, new born kittens, soft pastels, singing softly while doing chores
  • Hansol:sleeping in, big dogs, lazy mornings, sweatpants, listening to music while working, action movie marathons, messy morning hair
  • Johnny:snapbacks, longboarding, dancing like nobody's watching, late night snack runs, eating pizza, polariod pictures, big hoodies
  • Taeyong:late night drives, waking up early on your own, stretching out tired muscles, when hard work pays off, neon signs, getting a well nights rest
  • Yuta:latte art, home made dinners, traveling, comforting friends, confident smiles, adopting a new pet, sakura trees, romantic date nights
  • Kun:ghibli movies, a bouquet of roses, playful teasing, walks through the park, coffee dates, the smell of mint, hand holding
  • Doyoung:laughing over nothing, singing loudly in the car, sunflowers, reading in peace, making a good comeback, complimenting a stranger
  • Ten:play wrestling, shy laughter, doodling, fresh air, ice cream on a hot day, soft sighs, getting new clothing, nose kisses, disney movies
  • Jaehyun:bass guitar, bear hugs, big sweet dogs, nirvana, horror movie marathons, over coming a fear, late night conversations, spinning hugs
  • WinWin:shy smiles, bubble gum machines, ice cream dates, classical music, nervous flirting, first kisses, watermelon in the mornings
  • Mark:innocent love, arcade games, cotton candy, early morning cartoons, night time walks, skateboarding in the morning, shy glances, cheek kisses
  • Jeno:comfortable silences, slow dances, tight hugs, big sweatshirts, going to the fair, shoulder rubs, linking arms, soft fluffy blankets
  • Haechan:electronic music, bad puns, loud laughter, bright colors, going to raves, neck nuzzles, running in open spaces, making funny faces
  • Jaemin:cuddling for hours, tickle wars, back hugs, big stuffed animals, blowing bubbles, wind blowing through grass, petting new puppies
  • Jisung:shy hugs, spinning in circles, watching the sunrise, freshly cut fruit, quiet laughter, summer break, opening doors for strangers
NCT stans and their biases
  • Taeyong bias:Taeyong protection squad 2k16 "get over it already he apologised so sincerely, he wants his kids to not make the same mistake he's so perfect how does he exist", wants to hug him and tell him they still love him, doesn't care even if he is an asshole bc everyone has flaws ok, stares at his face for too long, eternally getting slayed by his hair, thinks things are "pretty cool haha", crying over his cute sweater paws, how is he the oldest, doesn't know how to react to his flaming eyebrows, can't decide if they think he's the most adorable lil cute munchkin or the manliest oppa with a gaze and jaw bones that can cut diamond, wants him to clean their room for them, physically falls over when he giggles or does aegyo, has a lot of heart and wants to help others and is confused why ppl don't appreciate it and then those ppl complains about how no one cares?
  • Johnny bias:thinks Johnny and them are made for each other, says FUCK YOU JOHNNY in multiple meanings of the phrase, laughs too hard at his jokes, has an obsession with his arms/hair/height, feels like Johnny is their best friend, wants to hang out with him, Wants to listen to Johnny Radio Station, LET JOHNNY DEBUT 2K16, gurgling over the beautiful airport pictures of Johnny, the more terrible the pun the better, wonders what else his piano fingers can do
  • Yuta bias:calls Yuta their prince/husband/love, forever crying because no yuta screen time, taipei imnida, a baby animal is born every time he smiles, had an orgasm when found out he plays footie like a pro, loves Yujae BroTP, trying to forget about Yakisoba hair, gets really defensive when ppl comment on his electric shock hair or "why is he wearing a skirt", had another orgasm at his voice in firetruck, has a lot of questions, fell for him really abruptly and is still not ready for it, watches his pre-debut videos of abnormal summit and cries at how proud they are of their baby, does not know how to describe their love for him bc it's too much
  • Ten bias:either rly rly pure or absolutely filthy , obsessed with his profile, can't believe this boy exists?!?!, sighs when Ten dances bc it's so smooth so fluid, considered learning Thai just to talk to him, his smile lights up their entire existence, AGGRESSIVELY SCREAMING ABOUT TEN ALL DAY ERRY DAY, has a lot of sexual frustration, doesn't know whether to laugh or cry or scream at the second hand embarrassment at his terrible (but cute) pre-debut Thai stuff, wants to protect him and corrupt him at the same time can't decide-- will probably do both, wriggles a lot
  • Hansol bias:sporadically remembering and then screaming about his hips that do not lie, sometimes screams out loud, ppl irl are v concerned, wants to write poetry about the way Hansol walks and spaces out and breaths and exists but too busy using both hands to fan themselves because he's so sexy, "so taallll and handsome as heeellll", gets defensive at the LET JOHNNY DEBUT people bc their bias is also still stuck in the SM dungeon, cries a lot
  • Taeil bias:very chill people, judges people a lot, but also forgives them right after, feels threatened by the screaming and yelling of the other stans, wonders why Taeil's hair is gatorade colored and loves it at the same time, has nothing but nice things to say about their cute stan, forever looking for signs that the kids love this nervous hyung, thinks he'd probably be actually really good in bed, can't believe he can rap and is so into it, wants other people to love him too
  • Jaehyun bias:unexpectedly sassy, so thirsty, secretly the kinkiest, lives to see jaehyun eat snacks, can't get over how he glows, prolly calls him baby jae, can't decide if he is son or DADDY but maybe both, *muffled shrieking*, so proud of their puppy, very happy people, likes cute stationary, aggressive in their love, thinks everyone in the fandom loves jaehyun and can't understand why someone wouldn't, very positive people who are hard working at things they love
  • Doyoung bias:laughs and cries at Doyoung's pain, actually doesn't think vroom vroom talk show was bad, BUNNIES, has a lot of frustrations, probably ships dojae, wants oppa to take care of them, likes people for their soul, has a lot of feelings, is a believer, very keen about discovering themselves and their relationships with other people, will fight you
  • Haechan bias:laughs at his antics and is super proud of his achievements, thinks their stan is perfect and can literally do everything, probably younger than him and wants to call him oppa, not sure how to feel about Mark, still calls him Donghyuk sometimes, thinks of the rest of NCT as their older brothers, squeals when he makes all his hyungs laugh, probably giggles when they laugh, very bright personalities
  • Kun bias:CHINESE MEMBER, thinks he looks hella cute in denim, thank god for Chinese version of Without you, is pretty chill about it, doesn't have a lot of pent up feelings about NCT-- lets them out healthily, thinks he's savage but goes "same", very possessive
  • WinWin bias:aggressively wants to bang him or aggressively wants to cuddle him but most likely both, finds his struggle with Korean literally the most adorable, can identify with said struggle, THAT FLIP THO, on the floor wheezing about his really deep and smooth voice, says too many inappropriate things too much for their age, can't decide if he is their baby or their boyfriend, probably a virgo, will do anything for their stan-- very reckless and dangerous, DONG SICHENG
  • Mark bias:so impressed at his youth and skill, lives for his English rapping, dreams about having conversations with him in English, loves his pre-debut photos where he is a perfect tiny circle, calls him "handsome", ironically thinks he is the manliest even though so young, LONG ASS RIDE, likes his charisma and are charismatic people themselves, creative and excited about people, is the type that puts their hands up and jams to music with a lot of swag by themselves