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Hi! A mysterious friend here! You must never give up! Do you know what the difference between getting a thing out and not is... NEVER! GIVING! UP! Cha! See, I'm not trying to convince you of anything... I'm just telling you... TO NEVER! GIVE! UP! That's right! NEVER! GIVE! UP! That's about it. Sorry. I can only send so much life-force through the monitor. (But never give up.)

Ha ha. You watch too much anime, Mark.

*Listening to Baby Don’t Like It*

Me: Hah, that squeaky sound is funny, I like it-

*scrolls through YouTube comments *- “They put bed squeaking in it”, “Mark wrote the song and put bed squeaking from sex in it”, “ITS ABOUT A SIDE HOE”


*I still love the song but it’s safe to say I was shook af*


[FANCAM] 171022 NCT 127 ‘Cherry Bomb’ Rehearsal @ Busan One Asia Festival