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"I made you something when I was house sitting for my parents," Sherlock says handing John a DVD, "pour yourself a glass of scotch and enjoy. I'll be in the bedroom." "Ok," John nods. When he sees his lover undressing in front of a lake in a tuxedo he finishes his drink and pours himself another. "Did you like it?" Sherlock asks when John opens the door to the bedroom. "What do you think?" John asks. Sherlock turns his head to discover John is naked and hard.

yessssssssssssssssssssssss~ ♥


A poem...

I wrote this awful piece of angst to go with a Johnlocking post-Reichenbach fall reunion AU I’m following right now… and interfering with at leisure because I’m a terrible rebel!

au!Sherlock had just taken a non-fatal overdose of heroin for a “good” nights sleep as he seems to be suffering from PTSD.


Just enough to numb the pain,
and take away the hurt.
So I don’t have to think about
the darkness, that’s like dirt.

You see it’s covering me over,
invading every pore.
And though, you dug me up my love,
it’s coming back for more.

And so I lie, sleep, still as glass,
and barely make a sound.
So fragile I might break again,
if you let me hit the ground.

Yet while my body is all here,
my mind is far away.
Ensnared by many demons,
who want me for their play.

I ask that you be gentle,
and wait for me to speak.
Don’t push and stretch and pull my sweet,
lest you never hear a squeak.

And now I sleep quite fitfully,
and my mumbling sounds like words.
In foreign tongues and voices,
with agonies unheard.

So I build a wall between us,
and lock it up all tight.
But you know inside I’m crying,
as you watch me through the night.

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Sorry to make you cry peeps!

I just want everyone to go read THIS FIC

Two enemy soldiers meet in Afghanistan in 2001. In the middle of a war where lines become blurred and death is literally only a step away, the most important mission is to survive. Until hatred turns into respect, and respect turns into a love so powerful that it defies even the borders of enemy lines. This is how they kept each other alive for nine years.

It is everything I could ever want in an AU.  Amazing writing. Intelligent, intricate plot. Featuring dark!Sherlock and bamf!John. Slow burn. WHAT IS BETTER?!

And it’s written by the author who wrote ‘Heart on a String’, which is a fandom favorite. Ugh. This fic gives me so many feelings.

"I am not gay!"

Okay so I thought of this when I was trying to fall asleep earlier, and this is my first attempt at theories/meta ever, so please be gentle with me. This may be absolute nonsense, or mentioned a thousand times before. If so, I’m sorry.

Okay. So. *deep breath*

What if John’s constant “I am not gay” moments are a nod to the original ACD?

I have not yet read the books (I am on it as soon as I finish my current one) but I do not have to to know that in the times they were written, being gay was something illegal. Something you couldn’t talk about, write about. (In a positive way, that is)

So no matter how ACD envisioned Holmes and Watson, the public would see them as straight. ACD couldn’t make it obvious they weren’t, even if he wanted to, so there we go.

The notion of a relationship beyond friendship has to come from somewhere, though.

So what if John’s constant exclamations are a nod to the fact that Watson wasn’t allowed to be gay/bi/not straight back in the original days?

Having John come to terms with his sexuality/feelings would be breaking through the barrier that the Victorian times set up. Because in this day and age, and therefore BBC Sherlock, it is -commonly, widely, mostly- accepted to not be straight.

When John does (I firmly believe he will at some point), we finally have the means to turn this story into the love story with a happy ending, as it -in my eyes- was always meant to be, even if it was secondary and hidden in the originals.

I really hope this made some sort of sense to anyone besides me haha!

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Sherlock is at the end of his hunt to take down Moriarty’s outlying criminal network. John is at the end of his wits.

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Do not leave him John. He needs you!

I am really trying and believe me the last thing I want is to leave but what is the point of staying?

Yes I know I’ve already fucked up and did things I said I wasn’t going to do but sometimes the mouth is quicker than the brain, but he has to at least meet me halfway. Not keep antagonising me.