Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Get ready for all the fluff and Sherlock speaking French! 

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Johns pushes the front door open, letting out a loud sigh and rubbing one hand over his face. He’s tired, hungry and wants nothing more but to curl around Sherlock and let the exhaustion of the day fade away. He knows there is a high probability Sherlock isn’t even home right now, most likely out seeing Lestrade about the case they’ve been working on for the past three days. John shakes his head, smiling as he heads up the stairs. Somehow it feels strangely normal to think he’s going to spend the evening of Valentine’s Day alone at the flat.

It isn’t that they’ve never celebrated it, and John can only remember too well their first Valentine’s Day together. Sherlock had (stupidly) thought John would love something ridiculously romantic and over the top, and after the third romantic cliché, he had made sure Sherlock knew there was only one thing he needed for Valentine’s Day and that it involved a certain detective naked in bed. Ever since, they had celebrated in their own way, not always with a gift but with small gestures and affections.

Heading directly for the kitchen, John calls Sherlock’s name once, twice and only hears silence. Considering sending a text, he goes to put the kettle on and that’s when he finds the first note, right next to his mug. He frowns, immediately recognizing the language but digging into his high school memories to understand what’s written.

J’aime savoir qu’il y aura toujours une deuxième tasse de thé

à remplir lorsque je me l ève le matin.

John catches the words tea and love , but gives up on understanding anything else. Sherlock must be working on some experiment, and it’s not the first time he’s switched to some other language. He stares at the note, waiting for the water to boil, and is vaguely certain there’s also a morning there. He pours himself some tea, careful not to spill any on the note, and gets some biscuits.

The second note is on his chair, and John rolls his eyes as while he sits down. French again, and this time John realises it starts the same as the previous one.

J’aime te voir assis ici quand je joue du violon, tes yeux fermés

et ce sourire  réservé juste pour moi sur tes lèvres.

He fidgets with the notes, staring at Sherlock’s handwriting and trying to guess by the force of his will to decrypt what he wrote down. Violin isn’t hard to understand, and there’s love again. John frowns, moi is me , right? Letting out a loud sigh, John looks around the flat, suddenly wondering if there are more of these notes, and his eyes find the one pinned to the wall above the sofa immediately. He stands up, setting the one still in his hands back on the chair and rushes to the other side of the room.

J’aime le fait que tu restes un mystère.

Un puzzle que je ne résoudrai jamais.

Mystery? Puzzle?

John isn’t so sure about the meaning of these notes again, and tries to remember if Sherlock talked about any new experiments lately. There was the one with the nails, and the one with their bed sheets, but John is fairly certain both were finished already. Sherlock hasn’t mentioned a new one, and certainly not a new one involving so much French.

Love , again. Could this be…

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Ok so I’m watching TLD cuz Sherlock is freaking adorable and I’m just now realizing how many plot holes there are. I know everyone has been pointing these out, but this is just insane

  • why does everyone keep thinking it’s Sherlock’s blog? It’s very obviously from John’s POV, and this has never happened before. It doesn’t make sense
  • Why bring in H H Holmes for absolutely no reason other than to serve as Smith’s inspiration? Why do we need a serial killer to have a mentor?
  • why have both John and Sherlock talking to people who supposedly aren’t there, only to make one actually having been there? Why do we need that mirror then?
  • who the hell is John? seriously. If he needs to have a serial killer tell him to see that his friend is suffering and in pain, question him on whether he’s actually a doctor, because seriously anyone could see that he needed help. The John we’ve seen until now, in fact any medical professional, would not wait and stand guard while his friend shoots up in the bathroom.
  • why did Sherlock say Smith had the scalpel when he in fact had the scalpel???
  • why blame Sherlock for Mary’s death? I get the whole grief, anger, and need to blame someone, but like. Really. It’s so obvious that Sherlock didn’t do anything
  • how did Sherlock manage to notice that she was suicidal and alone and has a small kitchen but fails to notice that sHE ISN’T THE WOMAN FROM THE PICTURE HE REFERENCED. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER
  • why the random shot of people dressed up as aliens, right before Smith filming the commercial?
  • ok this is random, but at 1:09:58, there’s a reflection of the bed in the window, but it looks like in the reflection there’s no one in the bed.
  • why does Smith say that after he’s confessed he can break America? where did America come from??
  • also, when did mycroft’s office go from a huge room, well-lit with comfortable chairs, to what looks like a prison cell, grid on the ceiling, grey metal everywhere, tiny room
  • why did the change lady smallwoods name?
  • also – if the gun Eurus shot John with was a tranquilizer gun, why did it smoke? I do not believe tranquilizer guns smoke. this one is, as we say, the smoking gun that something is up *fingers guns*

anyone wanna add or answer or just freak out with me?

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Even if Sherlock confesses, what if John thinks that he’s just being used as an experiment. So John shrugs it off and effectively rejects him. And Sherlock believes his inadequacies was why John doesn’t want him. So Sherlock tries to save face by telling John that it was a “social experiment anyway”, in the hopes that it would avoid tension between them. For a moment, John hoped that Sherlock’s confession was real but after Sherlock’s reply, it proved his suspicion was right after all so he puts on a fake smile to hide his disappointment.

These are the words that may never enter the books.
All the times that I have stopped myself from writing “I love you” in the records of our exploits.
The drafts that must be hidden for fear of falling into the wrong hands.
If only you’ve a clue as to how many times I have rewritten those books that you detest so. How often I had to stop! When is it considered inappropriate to constantly remind the readers of how dear you are to me?

Every draft in which I have gone too far, I save in my room. Have you read them, I wonder? Do you understand the depths of which I love you, Sherlock?

When will we be freed from this hell? When will we live in a world where I can remind you each and every day we are together that you are everything to me?

There must be a world parallel to ours, where we are able to love each other without fear of punishment.

In another life, in another time, you and I are free.

The Science of Erection

Fic for the lovely @alexxphoenix42 based on her prompt.

Prompt : John gets a hard on for anything science related. Like Sherlock will say something about the toxicity of nightshade or something and John gets a scienceboner!

I hope you like it Alex :’D

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A couple of days ago I reached 5K followers!! Thank you sooooo much to everyone! I just can’t believe so many of you are interested in my little cumberblog. I really apreciate every single one of you, and you know my ask box or messaging is open if you want to talk to me about anything. I met really good friends over the years, and I would really like to meet a lot more of you.

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Our deal, by Salambo06 & johnwatso

1/?  |   Explicit   |   Epistolary - s4 Fix-it

After the events of “The Lying Detective”, John moves away from Sherlock to gain some distance and clarity, but staying away from each other was never their forte, and, one letter after another, they learn how to say what they’ve kept to themselves for too long.

A collaboration between @johnwatso and myself. Updates daily!

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Chapter 4 posted

Summary : John Watson, a low born young man from the slums of London appears in the farthest corner of country to work as a valet for the young master living in the secluded mansion. Secrets, betrayal, conspiracy. A love blossoming in the most unfortunate circumstances.

“I pray you, do not fall in love with me, For I am falser than vows made in wine”  
- William Shakespeare, As You Like It.

Fingersmith/The Handmaiden Johnlock Victorian au. Will be updated on every Tuesday and Saturday.

As always,tags under the cut. Let me know if you want me to tag or untag you.

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To Keep Quiet, by Salambo06

11 091 words  |   Explicit   |   S4- Fix-it

Four days. In the end, that’s all it takes for Sherlock to accept the fact that there is a chance John might be feeling just as desperate for more as he is.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that they need to talk. Sherlock counts it down to four conversations in total, at least. He’s certain John is just as aware of this fact as he is, but still, Sherlock finds himself unable to think of any plan of action.

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Vows Made in Wine

Rating: E (for later chapters)

Status: WIP

Summary : John Watson, a low born young man from the slums of London appears in the farthest corner of country to work as a valet for the young master living in the secluded mansion. Secrets, betrayal, conspiracy. A love blossoming in the most unfortunate circumstances.

“I pray you, do not fall in love with me, For I am falser than vows made in wine”  
- William Shakespeare, As You Like It.

A Fingersmith/The Handmaiden Johnlock Victorian au. Will be updated every Thursday.

As always,tags under the cut. Let me know if you want me to tag or untag you.

Also my first time writing an au I need some cheering up thank you i will shut up now

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Maybe it’s the way John kisses him.

The way he presses soft gentle kisses on Sherlock’s neck, until he meets those gorgeous lips.

Maybe it’s the way that John laughs whenever Sherlock is brilliant.

Maybe it’s the way John tells Sherlock he loves him every night and every day.

Maybe it’s the way they spoon in bed.

Or maybe…

Maybe it’s the way Sherlock wakes in his bed and finds no John.

There’s no kisses. John doesn’t say he’s brilliant anymore.

John hasn’t seen him in weeks.

They haven’t spooned since his stag night.

Maybe, it’s the way Sherlock misses him.