johnnie walker

Johnnie Walker: Did he thrust a guitar in your hand at an early age or were you picking it up?

Dhani Harrison: Never never never. I had a mini drumkit when I was a kid and I would sit around clattering. I dunno what happened to that mini drumkit, my mum gave it away. But ah, I learned piano when I was a kid. I learned piano for a while until I got to about nine and then I suddenly said, hey, why don’t I know how to play the guitar? There are all these guitars around. But he did very well in shielding me from thinking that I had to grow up and be a guitar player. And when I wanted to learn he showed me chords, but he never said, right you have to play it like this or that. The only thing he ever made me do was learn how to play a proper twelve bar blues, but everyone should know how to play a proper twelve bar blues. 

- Interview on BBC Radio 2 (2002)


Weekend Mood

For those of you who might’ve missed it, Johnnie Walker’s “The Gentleman’s Wager” is a brilliant masterpiece. Starring Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini, it portrays the follow up to a simple bet among gentlemen. An ode to a gentlemanly lifestyle that encapsulates what most can only dream of… That opening sequence?