johnnie t

Dally: Johnny man, you look really good

Johnny: r-really? T-thanks Dal

Dally: ya, you know what you’d look even better on?

Johnny: what?

Dally: My d-

Steve: A bench in a church, thank you good lord

Reaction To Seeing Their S/O In Glasses For The First Time

NCT 127

Suggestion: ‘Can you do a reaction of nct127 finding out their s/o wears glasses ??? I’ll be really nice if you do idejidj thank uuu~’

A/N: So, this is assuming you usually wear contacts and/or no glasses-
Or if you’re someone who doesn’t need glasses you can imagine that you just tried a pair on in a store-


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He’d act a bit sheepish, awkwardly rubbing the nape of his neck.
He’d feel a bit dumb for not having known that you also wear glasses…
“You wear glasses?” he’d ask dumbly, “They suit you~”
*Silently scolds himself for not knowing such an obvious fact…*


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He’d be playful since he thinks he’s really funny-
“Woah! Almost didn’t recognize you there-”
He’d compliment you on them, even asking to try them on himself.


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“I wish you had told me sooner…”
“I’m supposed to know these things!”

He’d feel kind of oblivious, having never guessed you actually wore glasses.
He’s the type to want to know absolutely everything about his S/O, so he’d feel in the dark…
“You look cute though-” he’d add.


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I feel like glasses would be something he fawns over. Liek they’d look very cute on you and he’d just adore it.
“You should wear them more often~”
*Pushes them up the bridge of your nose cutely*


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He’d be kind of bewildered initially, but I think he’d soon grow accustomed to them.
“I bought these glasses so we can match~ Couple glasses^^”


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He’d gush over how cute they were.
“I wear glasses too! I can’t believe you hid this from me-”
“…I didn’t hide it…”
“You look so cute! You should wear them more often- Oh… When you make that expression they’re sexy too-”


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*Makes cute faces to show his reaction of seeing you in them*
I don’t think he’d make a big deal out of it, but he’d really adore them, unable to comprehend how your studious look was able to make his heart swell even further with adoration.


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He wouldn’t explicitly say he didn’t know you had glasses because then he’d feel a bit dumb…
He’d fawn over you tho a lot though^^
“Are you an alien? ‘Cause you’re cuteness is out of this world-”
“That was terrible… I’m cringing!”
“I know-” *giggles*


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“Let me try them on-”
Jokes aside, he’d probably be a bit surprised, having never envisioned you in glasses. He’d come to adore them, it’s a side you don’t often show; he’s glad you’re comfortable around him to show him.

  • Johnny: i don't even <i>like</i> men
  • Ten: [breathes]
  • Johnny: well, fuck