johnnie memes

Taeyong: Do you like Mark?

Haechan: The one from NCT Dream? The one from NCT 127? The one from NCT U? The one from SMrookies? The one from Highschool Rapper? The one in the foreign swagger squad? The one that featured on Henry’s song? My roommate Mark? Canadian Mark? Asian Draco Malfoy?

Taeyong:… All of the above ???

Haechan: no but Got7’s Mark seems cool

  • NCT Dream: *about to do something dangerous and stupid*
  • Mark: Wait guys, we should have adult supervision
  • Donghyuck: Mark. YOU are the adult here
  • Mark:
  • Mark: ...oh my GOD-
  • johnny: i wasn't ready to debut w/ exo
  • exo: *awe struck by johnny's beauty while looking at his photo shoot pics* boi, do you mean we weren't ready to debut w/ you?
  • Johnny: that works lol