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Johnnie JungleGuts / Guru Rugu Split Meditation KCHUNG Tape!

Johnnie JungleGuts and Guru Rugu are excited to announce the release of their split KCHUNG Cassette, available February 2013! Edition of 50!

The first 10 copies will be available for purchase at the L.A. Art Book Fair 2013, at the KChung Radio table! The remaining 40 will be available at various locations later in Feb or March 2013.

Side A – Johnnie JungleGuts 
1. Panther Meditation 

Side B – Guru Rugu 
1. Queer Posture Meditation 
2. [bad]



Now online! Turbani Rugduke Guru Urchch church service @ the LA Art Book Fair, with Pastors Kate Durbin and Guru Rugu!

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