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What’s happening @TridentBKC this month!?

This month of August 2015, Trident BKC in collaboration with Nicholas Ord, the Brand Amabassdor of Diageo, introduces Golden Age cocktails that celebrate a bygone era of romantic expedition.

Nicholas Ord is the Reserve Brand Ambassador for Diageo’s Luxury portfolio. India is one of the top markets for two of the best-selling labels, ‘Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve’ & ‘Johnnie Walker Platinum Label’. Nicolas has worked with all major brands and spirit portfolios during his stay in Dubai. Presently, he operates in Mumbai, Pune, Goa. 

“The Golden Age of Travel” has been inspired from the romantic years of expedition. Eight timeless cocktails have been introduced for the same, in which each drink holds an entire story. 

@TheNaisha experienced four of these delectable mixes.

Titanic, Blue Riband, Transatlantic and Airmail.

Psssst! Coming up, some really, really drinkable images.

#1 Blue Riband

Historically, that’s an unofficial accolade awarded to the fastest passenger liner crossing the Atlantic.

The name was honored by blending Ciroc vodka with coconut liqueur and Curacao, topped with coconut foam to recreate the spray of ocean waves. 

It tasted like a better version of pinacolada! If you like Pinacolada, this is what you should be having! Moreover, if you like good #cocktails you should be @TridentBKC now!

#2 Titanic

Ofcourse, everyone’s heard of Titanic! The most famous ship, with a movie made on it.

This cocktail was a mix of Ciroc vodka, Campari and Creme de Cassis with grapefruit juice, lime and a blackberry foam finish.

The layers of the drink i.e. the foam and the lower liquid layer represent the Titanic sailing in clear seas. Imagine the sea, and the horizon. The drink similarly sets the foam and the liquid layers apart, looking like very picturesque,

#3 Airmail

Airmail is a mail transport service branded and sold on the basis of being airborne. Airmail items world-wide are often marked Par avion , literally: “by airplane”.

This airy drink was a mix of Captain Morgan rum, lime and honey, shaken together before being given a gentle splash of sparkling wine to enable you to lift off. 

One of the best combinations of sparkling wine that I’ve had in a while. This one was a sparkly, dreamy one!

Here, check out this video on mixing! :)

#4 Transatlantic

The literal meaning is ‘ concerning countries on both sides of the Atlantic’ which is a fusion of two opposites. The explosion in global travel brought on a new fusion of international cuisine, and hence this drink too emerged keeping the same in mind.

In this drink, there is fusion of spices from India, green tea from China, Acacia honey and Scotland’s own Johnnie Walker Red Label.

This is a very interesting combination, which should be tried if you love the above ingredients and are big on exploration!

And well, if you’re still thirsty for more, there’s always the bar:

And, this wonderful team of bartenders, who are really good at what they do!