Edmonton Expo Haul n_n

So me and my bf went to the Edmonton Expo this weekend. It was so great! This was my first experience with something like that and omg I loved it. Seeing everyone in their costumes and meeting a lot of great artists was amazing. We went a little crazy and bought lots of prints so here’s our haul hehe.

Artist: Gillian Newland (

Artist: Jason Palmer (

Artist: Hugh Rookwood (

Artist: Johnni Kok (

I fell in love with the Sailor Moon set, it’s amazing. And we were super lucky and managed to get every print signed by the artist. n_n

We also met Summer Glau and Amy Acker and got their autographs….

AND GOT A PICTURE WITH SUMMER GLAU!!!!! I was so flustered, she’s so nice and beautiful hasdgkajcbakjc. And she said my name is beautiful eeeeeeeeee

Okay long post is over, just wanted to share our amazing day. n_n


So back in late 2013, I drew up Kill Team Princess.   I hope you enjoy the more sci-fi inspired: Magical Dropzone Kingdom.

Kill Team Princess:

I was asked on a regular basis if I would be drawing other princesses and well, I had no interest to adding to those six. Now I’ve taken a shot at everyone that Disney has coronated and for good measure, Elsa and Anna, were done too.

Tumblr caps off at 10 images, so I’ve split them up by traditional 2D animated movies and the CG shows.

I’m also on Facebook:


Gogs & Gears gets a Series 2!  This time going with the Sailor Scouts as the theme.  I had a ton of fun coming up with the outfits for these five ladies and the reaction to them at ATOA was really positive.  I hope these put a smile on your face today.  Have a good one!