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on the topic of extra-session communication, it really depends on the technology that the race (be it troll, human, cherub or a new race) possesses and how said technology can communicate through a dimensional freqency, which in another note is one of the things that separates the sessions it seems. In that note, each session is a separate dimension with its own frequency, if one was to find a way to transmit data through that frequency then they will find a way to communicate.

Good point.

Then probably closer-together universes have more like frequencies, making it easier for the two to find each other. Like stations on a radio!

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i got a challenge for you, take the first three results from shitpostgenerator and actually make a good post from them, or a story (you cannot use what the generator directly says) then put the things the generator actually said at the bottom of the post.

> i was never attacked by trash
> can your giraffe save a gay egalatarian good time?
> do not look at my lizard